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Long Road HomeNo matter how far and how fast you run the truth is never far behind CIA counter terrorism expert Manual Ramirez has spent the last three years looking for the woman he loves who disappeared without a trace while on a post graduate trip to France Then as suddenly as she disappeared Jules Trehan turns up in a small town Colorado hos. Not a bad little romantic suspense by the author Sharon Long who many may recognize by her pen name of Maya Banks This book was very heavy on the suspense though and not so much on the romance In fact things didn't start cooking romantically until about 23 of the way into the book And while the few romantic scenes were tender yet hot I wouldn't label them 'erotic' A little explicit but not erotic and definitely nothing kinky The hero Manny was very loving forgiving and protective of Jules the heroine I figured he must have loved her very much because she was a suspected terrorist and yet he still wanted to protect her and help her He was one very devoted heroI felt bad for Jules Three years ago she was recruited at a young age by a terrorist organization blackmailed into joining and brutalized by one of it's leaders She had no one to turn to for help and ended up forced to do things she abhored and hated herself for it Till one day her childhood friend Manny came back into her life and vowed that he would never let her go again Manny works for the CIA and thinks he can help Jules out of the predicament she's in But Jules doesn't know who to trust or what she can believe and the very man she's trying to protect refuses to leave her side Jules is told if she pulls off one job for her organization she can leave and have the life she's always wanted Can that possibly be true Or is it too late to have a future And what about Manny Could he possibly still love her after he knows the full extent of what she's doneThere's some nice little surprising plot twists and turns in this one which suspense fans will love For me I could have used a little romance and background into Jules and Manny's relationship when they were growing up together as neighbors Apparently 10 yr old Manny found 2 yr old Jules abandoned on the streets and brought her to a neighbor family who he was very close to They adopted her and raised her and despite the eight year age difference Jules and Manny were very close Supposedly they were close enough that Manny wanted to marry Jules which came as a shock to Jules and to me when Manny told her about it when they reunited I just didn't get the sense that they were 'in love' before they reconnected I assumed that Jules loved Manny as a sibling or friend So a little bit detail about their early years would have worked for meAll in all not a bad read especially if you like your romantic suspense heavier on the suspense The hero was wonderful the heroine brave the plot was original there was plenty of action and there was a little surprise at the end It entertained me and kept me turning the pages 4 stars

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Pital bed injured in an explosion that killed her parents Manny is shocked by the change in the woman he once knew Kidnapped by a shadowy organization Jules has been forced to become the very thing he’s pledged his life to defeat a terrorist assassin Knowing her testimony will finally bring down the organization Manny races to get. Uhwow Manny's in shock when he found out that his parents are gone and his long lost woman are injured along with them Jules was gone missing three years ago and Manny's frantically searching for her until he found her Different and somehow darker Jules in danger and she knows that She needs to get away from Manny before they hurt him But apparently Manny won't let her leave again not without him One of my favorite Maya Banks The suspense the romance I don't understand why people find this story boring and worth less than three stars I mean Come on I was instantly in love with Manny He's tender and sweet unlike Maya Banks trademark's Hero He'd die to protect Jules and I find that very adorable Gosh he's adorable Jules on the other hands I didn't really like her I mean I did understand the reason why she did all of those things but still I found her kind of stupid But then I still love this book so much Nailed it again Maya Banks


FREE READ Á Long Road Home ´ No matter how far and how fast you run the truth is never far behind CIA counter terrorism expert Manual Ramirez has spent the last three years looking for the woman he loves who disappeared without a trace while on a post graduate trip to France Then as suddenly as she disappeared Jules Trehan turns up in a small town ColoHer to Washington DC in one piece Just when there’s a glimmer of hope of overcoming her past Jules must pull off one last job or Manny’s life will be forfeit It’s a mission she must completeeven if it means betraying the only man she has ever loved  Warning this title contains the following Explicit sex adult language violenc. Trehan is on the run from a man she knows only as Northstar and from a terrorist organization she was forcefully recruited into when she was on a post graduate trip to France what was meant to be a vacation turned into her worst nightmare Manual Ramirez is a CIA counter terrorism expert and has been searching for Jules since she disappeared three years prior only leaving him with a vague message and not knowing one way or another whether she was safe using all the resources he has on hand he finally locates her but is surprised by the person she has become and the links she has to the terrorist organization known as New French Revolution NFR Trained as an assassin Jules had to perform some unthinkable acts whilst employed by the organization and struggles to forgive herself for what she has done; she spends a lot of time trying to protect Manny and accepts one last job to try and free herself from the clutches of the organization but it is a job that could ultimately mean her demise Long Road Home is heavy on the suspense there were a number of twists and turns that kept me captivated and wanting to know – I was surprised by who the villains were and was thankful of the outcome I truly felt for Jules and the predicament she was in I liked her as a character she had courage and determination but I wish she had of trusted someone from the very beginning and so when she knew of Manny’s connections and capabilities I adored Manny he had always been protective of Jules and became even so when he found her again after being separated for so long he was torn over whether she could be trusted but he never faltered in his protection love and care Long Road Home has all the things I enjoy in a Romantic Suspense mystery betrayal action and of course a healthy dose of romance – I loved Jules and Manny together Tony was a wonderful side character and was the perfect partner to Manny the sort of person you would definitely want covering your back It is a fast paced and engaging plot the action is ongoing from the very beginning and didn’t let up I enjoy Maya Banks writing; she has a way of pulling me in I was engrossed in Long Road Home This novel was previously released under Ms Banks pen name Sharon Long