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Multiplex Book 1Han 30 bonus comics character bios and an all new exclusive 12 page preuel story set on the opening night of Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith. Didn't make laugh as much as CtrlAltDel but anyone who works with the general population can sympathize These younguns working in the theaters are geeky cute and pathetic enough to make me want You can also tell in this first book how McAlpin is slowly growing in confidence and style

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Eries' first 102 strips Showcasing a uniue blend of comedy and drama with real world film commentary and criticism this compilation also includes t. Rating 35 stars after some internal struggleMy Thoughts Because I feel like I've become friends or at least acuaintances with Gordon McAlpin through Twitter and through the crowd funding project that enabled him to bring Multiplex to print form I had the urge to just paste a 5 star rating onto this But that wouldn't be an honest assessment of the book and I'm sure Gordon would rather have an honest review than a kiss assflattering oneSo why 35 Because I've grown so accustomed to where McAlpin's webcomic is currently at that looking back at the earliest strips is a bit jarring There's a little bit of rough edge to a portion of this book McAlpin hits his story telling stride towards the end of this volume and really comes into his own in the strips that I presume will someday form Book Two If I were reviewing the webcomic in full I'd give it 4 stars for sure possibly 45 But honesty compels me to recognize that at this early point in the series 2005 McAlpin was still finding his way into his story pacing his characters and his artAnd I do honestly enjoy the characters I see parts of myself in several of them I mean hey I am still a pop culture geek and occasionally a bit of a snob and a bit of a hopeless romantic as well and even so I see uite a few of the twenty somethings I know in the characters as well I've enjoyed over the last few years of the webcomic watching them grow watching the cast expand and diversify and watching Gordon's art improve and change to fit the type of story he's telling

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Multiplex Book 1 Read & Download Ò 104 Ï The cinema loving and customer weary staff of the local movie theater star in thispremiere collection of the webcomic Multiplex which features the series' first 102 strips Showcasing a uniue blend of comedy and drama with real world film commentary and criticism this compilation also includes thanThe cinema loving and customer weary staff of the local movie theater star in thispremiere collection of the webcomic Multiplex which features the s. 25So I want to preface this by saying I'm not much of a comicsweb comics guy Typically it's just not my medium of choice Also I think McAlpin's brand of humor just isn't my style either though I do appreciate some of his satire So if I rate this kind of low it my be of a reflection of personal preference than any criticism of the uality of McAlpin's work Other people are going to like this than I and that's fine Things that I do like though I like the character dynamics I think there's some real depth there Jason for instance comes off initially as a grumpy movie snob at first but as Devi notes in the the second anthology once you get to know him you start to see that he isn't just one dimensional Kurt's costumes are funny and aren't just a gag; they show off a genuine side of Kurt namely his love of props and movie effectsI also like Gordon's commentary throughout the anthology I think it adds value to the reading experience and offers some interesting insights into the process into McAlpin's thoughts and intentions for the strip and into little details that I otherwise wouldn't have noticedAnd I like the art From what I gather it sounds like he may have received a fair bit of criticism; that the art is low uality that he's just cutting and pasting from one panel to the next etc Over the course of the anthology and on into the second one I think you can see his style develop and improve which is further highlighted by his commentary He makes a clear choicecommitment to work with this particular art style and over time it seemed to me like he really took ownership of the art developed and improved in it and decisively incorporated it into his work to achieve his goals for the strip I admire thatThat said I do like the satire and for that matter the film commentary is also interesting but as I said before the general style of humor isn't to my taste I'm not a huge fan of off color humor and innuendo; as far as humor goes it often feels like low hanging fruit Cheap Easy Often not very funny and lacking in substance McAlpin's comedic sensibilities are clearly much broader than that but there's a periodic buzz of these kinds of jokes running through the series Some people won't mind that That doesn't really interest me though To be clear this is only one facet of McAlpin's humor and it certainly doesn't command the general comedic ethos here As I said I like the satire and there's plenty of that But this is one aspect of the humor I don't really go for I'm a bit 'meh' on situational comedy too There are aspects of the humor I like and others I don't It is what it isGoing beyond that though there are times when I wonder if McAlpin's characters aren't getting railroaded Sometimes it seems like character development takes a backseat to McAlpin pushing a joke or satirizing an idea and suddenly the characters well lose their character A much prevalent aspect in McAlpin's humor has to do with stereotypes some of it has to with the demographic cohort late teens and early college agers having drama some of it has to do with race some of it has to do with the characters themselves their own personalities uirks foibles And again it makes me wonder if say despite what Devi or some other character might say Jason might just be a one dimensional jerk I'm inclined to think he's not but when I'm halfway through vol2 and Jason and Kurt are pulling the same stunts that they were in the beginningI don't know I think clearly McAlpin wants to create an interesting cast and draw them into a broader story arc This isn't just a series of static one off comics trying to make a daily punchline uota But sometimes it seems like character development may get sidelined from time to time for the sake of a particular joke or external commentary I wonder if it might have been different if I had been reading the comics as they were being published Perhaps this isn't as big of an issue for a strip a day format And maybe this is just an aspect of Gordon's humor and it's just a preference thing Reading through the anthology though alongside Gordon's commentary makes the intention for narrative progression and character development clear And I wonder if some of these jokes might end up working at cross purposes this that If Jason continues to act like a grumpy film snob was their ever anything to him like Devi said or is he just the same guy he was at the beginning I think the answer is yes there is too him but sometimes McAlpin's humor satire commentary stereotyping may be creating obstacles for character growthFor all that though I finished the first anthology and started reading the second Recently I've been much less tolerant of continuing to read things that I think are bad or aren't enjoyable And clearly I've stuck with this one I expect I'll finish vol2 and will probably go on to vol3 after that I have some criticisms sure But at the same time a thing can have value or merit and I still might not like it I think that's an important distinction to make especially when expressing opinions about creative works like this And I also think it's important to be willing to read things that you may not be particularly drawn to or agree with I think we all need to listen to be open to looking at things beyond ourselves beyond our preferences and prejudices and try to see things from the other perspective And then to be critical of ourselves in this process to ask Do I not like this because it's actually low uality because I disagree with it or is this just my personal opinionpreferenceTo that end I think this is one area where McAlpin succeeds uite well He has a wide range of characters who have varying preferences values beliefs and McAlpin lets them express those ideas On the topic of film alone McAlpin's characters often disagree with each other and they talk about it They argue and debate And ultimately McAlpin allows them to have that voice even when he himself probably doesn't always agree with them And I think that's admirableSo yeah while I don't rate this very high myself I think there are certainly things here to recommend it This is no where near the conversation of a book like Jaran which I read last year; I had some serious issues with the story would not recommend it and have not plans to continue the series Some people will enjoy Multiplex a lot based on other ratingsreviews uite a few people do Some people will agree with McAlpin's ideas and choices Some people will enjoy his art than others And that's fine Is it weird to recommend a 2 star I mean 25 Maybe Whether this is for you or not though I'll leave you to decide for yourself I'ma go finish vol2