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A page turning psychological mystery that is eual parts horror humor and romance Never is the story of Varen a Poe fan and Goth and Isobel a cheerleader and unlikely heroine When an English Lit project pairs the two Isobel finds herself swept into Varen’s world one that he has created in his notebook and. It's been a while since a YA paranormal truly blew me away But this book did It actually made me stay up until 3 am although I had to get up at seven the next morning and yes I regretted this afterwardsDespite the praise it got from a lot of friends here on GoodReads I tried to keep my expectations low before starting it Books in this genre have disappointed me many times before After reading Ever Evernight Beautiful Creatures Marked and the like I’ve become careful and a bit picky and stayed away from uite a few novels that received high ratingsBut this one definitely deserved the praise I found the paranormal aspect fascinating and original I have never read anything by Poe nor do I know much about his life and death for that matter but Creagh has succeeded in raising my interest and got me thinking about picking up some of his work view spoilerI also googled the 'Poe Toaster' and found out that he didn't show this year I really hope that's not what happens in the novel hide spoiler

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NevermoreIn his mind one where the terrifying stories of Edgar Allan Poe come to life Isobel slowly learns that dreams and words can be much powerful than she’d ever imagined As labels of “Goth” and “cheerleader” fade away Isobel and Varen slip into a consuming romance braced against the ever clearer horro. They say not to judge a book by its cover That appearances are deceitfulI say this time you should not judge the book by how it starts off At first it very much looks like your garden variety paranormal YA jocks cheerleaders cliues mean girls emo goths star crossed lovers you get the gist There were a couple of scenes at the beginning where I thought I was probably going to ditch it if it went on like it was But it didn'tFirst of all you should be aware that underneath the shallow clichéd appearance this book is very dark and oneiric I don't know if you're familiar with the work of Edgar Allan Poe but the story is based and heavily influenced by several of his writings such as The Raven The Masue of Red Death and Ligeia among others Parts of his biography especially concerning the mysterious circumstances of his death are also a fundamental part of the plot The story starts uite predictably with Isobel blonde cheerleader girlfriend of THE football player of the school getting paired up for an English project with Varen goth guy aloof antisocial with a mean girlfriend but magnetically irresistible Despite a rocky start as Isobel's feelings for Varen change and grow into something even she is reluctant to accept strange things start to happen Isobel gets chased by voices she starts hallucinating supposedly Who is causing all this The key seems to be a book of the works of Edgar Allan Poe that Varen has given to her her for the project and that appears to have a life of its own Never came as a surprise to me really Despite glowing reviews and some non glowing I wasn't expecting much from it This seemed to be confirmed in the first few chapters when all the clichés made their entrance and the mean girls theme put me in eye rolling mode BUT As the Raven theme crept and into the story and the clichés were left behind the plot turned into something truly and incredibly original I am sorry for those readers who dropped the book before getting to that part because really they missed out on something good The second part which takes place in a sort of dreamland a story inside the stories was truly engaging and fascinating for me The star crossed lovers got separated grotesue figures started appearing Isobel became a dark Alice in Wonderland right after she fell into the hole I'll admit not everybody will like it It can be confusing at times and many people won't like the romance being set aside to see other characters steal the scene with their bloody razor teeth Me I loved it I love when a book manages to surprise and frankly this did it successfully As far as I am concerned a success I can't wait to read Enshadowed when it comes out in August 2012 I'm taking away one star for the name VarenFirst of all WHY the lame anagramSecond unfortunately everytime I read the name this was the image I had in my mind OpsFor this review and go to The Nocturnal Library

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Nevermore Read & download ´ 2 ↠ A page turning psychological mystery that is eual parts horror humor and romance Never is the story of Varen—a Poe fan and Goth—and Isobel—a cheerleader and unlikely heroine When an English Lit project pairs the two Isobel finds herself swept into Varen’s world one that he has created in his notebook and in hisR that the most chilling realities are those within our own minds When Isobel has a single chance to rescue Varen from the shadows of his nightmares will she be able to save him and herself     Included in this eBook edition of Never enjoy a free collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s poems and short stories. My review can also be found on my blog CollectionsOMGThat was my reaction anyway to the majority of the book Maybe I had such a strong reaction because I started the book not realizing this was a paranormal Yes I read the summary but obviously it went over my head This is what I assumed it would be about The goth boy Varen would have some mental issues like schizophrenia and the popular cheerleader girl Isobel will fall in love with him and find help for him And they would all live happily ever afterI mean yeah they are opposites and they do fall in love but it was not that simple It's dark and creepy and eerie A horror paranormal Of course I should have realized that with Edgar Allan Poe involved Which made it very exciting for me because I had no idea what would happen next and how this would endThere were some other things I just did not notice before I read the book Like the length It is 500 pages Which is not a bad thing because Isobel Varen's relationship and everything in the story isn't rushed And at the same time it didn't feel slow I felt like something interesting was always happening And I really liked Kelly Creagh's writing It was like watching a movieNow for the other detail I missed Actually I just didn't know I'm pretty sure not much people know so let me tell youThis is going to be a series A trilogy apparentlyI know That was really surpring to me You would think that a book this long would have everything resolved by the end but nope not the case I will not spoil the ending but let me just say that when I read the last line in the book I was thinking There should be seuel There has to be a seuel There NEEDS to be a seuel ooSo I haven't revealed much about the story Well I don't want to repeat the summary so I will say this I was very impressed with the book I thought the story was really uniue and original Isobel and Varen were great and likeable characters I wanted to hug Varen I was proud of Isobel she deserves a hug too because she worked so hard to save Varen Basically it all goes down October 31 Halloween But it's not over Just wait till January 19 the day of Poe's birthSeriously can't wait