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In Plain Sight free read ☆ 106 È Spring has finally come to Saddlestring Wyoming and game warden Joe Pickett is relieved the long harsh winter is over However a dark cloud threatens to spoil the milder weather Local ranch owner and matriarch Opal Scarlett has vanished under suspicious circumstances Two of her sons Hank and Arlen are battling for coEmpire and their bitter fight threatens to tear the whole town apart Everyone is so caught up in the brothers' battle that they seem to have forgotten that Opal is still missing Joe is convinced though that one of the brothers murdered their mother Determined to uncover the truth he is attacked and nearly beaten to death by Hank Scarlett's new right hand man o. And now for something completely different a western mysteryIt has been three years since I last read one of CJ Box's Joe Pickett mysteries so it was time for me to check in once again on the Saddlestring Wyoming game warden and his family This is the sixth book in the series and here's a caveat for potential readers Don't read this book until you've read the previous five; you will be lost Joe is still the game warden in Twelve Sleep County but that's one of the few constants in this story The old sheriff of the county Joe's nemesis is gone There is a new sheriff in town and he has uickly become another Pickett nemesis mainly because he seems incapable of caring about or upholding the lawJoe's old supervisor who had helped shield him from some of the bureaucratic minutiae and infighting that he hates is gone There's a new head of his department who has taken over the direct supervision of his Twelve Sleep game warden with an eye to getting the goods on him so he can finally push him outHis friend and ally Nate Romanowski is out of the picture at least at the beginning of the book Various law enforcement agencies are looking for him especially the FBI Joe doesn't know his whereabouts and hasn't heard from him but before Nate absconded Joe had promised to feed his hawks and he still honors that promiseJoe's wife Marybeth has started a successful accounting business which is a good thing because Joe's job doesn't pay much Their two daughters are growing up and Marybeth is saving for their college education In Plain Sight finds Twelve Sleep County in turmoil because the matriarch of the most powerful family in the county the Scarletts has gone missing Opal Scarlett had spent her life setting her sons against each other and now the two older of them are at war over who will control the vast family ranch holdings The prevailing opinion regarding Opal's disappearance is that one or the other of her sons has killed her and disposed of the body but the local sheriff doesn't seem to be too eager to investigateMeanwhile a ghost from Pickett's past which is why you need to read those earlier books is stalking the family A series of violent acts involving the killing of wild animals Joe is sworn to protect and leaving the carcasses on or near their house is distressing to the family Joe searches his memory to try to think who would do such a thing but he doesn't have a clueBox does a good job of describing the Wyoming landscape and the isolation of the inhabitants His Joe Pickett is a multifaceted character He first presents as a rather bumbling ineffective upholder of the law but there is there than meets the eye and as one of the other characters opines it is dangerous to underestimate himThe plot moved along at a good pace which kept me turning the pages There's not a lot of nuance in the characters; they are either good or evil On the whole I found this to be an interesting reunion with the Picketts and the ending of the book left me wondering what's going to happen next so I don't think it will be another three years before I pick up the next one

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N the ranch a recently arrived stranger who looks eerily familiar A series of threatening messages and attempts to sabotage Joe's career follow At first he thinks the attacks are connected with his investigation of Opal's disappearance but he soon learns that someone else is after him someone with a very personal grudge who wants to make Joe pay and pay dearly. In Plain Sight Wow wow another Amazing book by CJ Box I’m so glad he has written lots of books because this reader is HOOKEDJoe Pickett is about to have the past come back and haunt him and his family This one is not for the faint of heart If you have not read this author and you love the great outdoors intrigue and solving a murder sometimes multiple murders well here’s an author who will satisfy all that

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In Plain SightSpring has finally come to Saddlestring Wyoming and game warden Joe Pickett is relieved the long harsh winter is over However a dark cloud threatens to spoil the milder weather Local ranch owner and matriarch Opal Scarlett has vanished under suspicious circumstances Two of her sons Hank and Arlen are battling for control of their mother's multi million dollar. I don't like reading series out of order and this is number 6 but sometimes the book in the hand is worth two that you have to pay for if it prevents me from buying something I'm not going to like This came from book club and has been on the shelf for ages and was another picked because no one would care if it took a dunking Having read a lot of British fiction recently I was ready for something different so liked the idea of something set in beautiful rural USA but this was not an enjoyable read for meJoe Pickett is a game warden in a small Wyoming town He's had a lot of run ins with various authorities for his cowboy way of handling problems His new boss is micro managing him and the sheriff hates him When the feud between two sons from a prominent local family erupts a sinister stranger on a uest for vengeance plays them off against each other to get to JoeI may have liked this better for knowing the characters as lots of previous incidents are referenced but the enormous amount of animal cruelty and casual violence was really off putting Joe was a disappointing hero he keeps recognising clues but is too dim to see the truth instead just sulking about how hard done by he is The mystery became a bit of an afterthought and the ending was pretty abrupt I do have the next book but doubt I'll bother with it