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free read How to Kill a Rock Star ð PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ Written in her wonderfully honest edgy passionate and often hilarious voice Tiffanie DeBartolo tells the story of Eliza Caelum a young music journalist and Paul Hudson a talented songwriter and lead singer of the band Bananafish Eliza's reverence for rock iOff ending Praise for Tiffanie DeBartolo's God Shaped Hole From highs to heartbreak DeBartolo conjures an affair to remember People Honest raw and engaging Booklist This generation's Love Story Kirkus Reviews God Shaped Hole was a Book Sense Top 10 Paperback Selecti. 2 stars 3 stars 5 stars I still don’t knowI wish I had the energy and brains to flush out a detailed review but I’m sorry to say I don’t I’m just so goddamned exhausted after reading this inspirational yet depressing book so goddamned frustrated with these strangely fascinating characters and so goddamned upset that even the breathtaking writing can’t mask my disappointment with the last 50% of the book All I have left to say is that this book had the complete possibility of becoming a 6 star read for me – just the writing alone is worthy of 5 stars I know I’ve highlighted at least a uote or two on every page Plus the shit that comes out of Paul’s mouth is the kind that makes you clutch your heart and hold your breath because it’s so profound and out of the world intelligent So for the first 50% I was pretty much lulled into a false sense of security and comfort with this author’s words and the uietly intense storyand then my heart cracked at the 56% mark Suffice it to say my pancreas was on fire and everything after this part played out like an unwanted and unnecessary love triangle My sympathies were with Loring the entire time and I hate Eliza for making the stupid decision that instigated all this goddamned drama and for using Loring the way she did here especially when he had genuine feelings for her Oh and that ending Gonna pretend it ended like this view spoilerPaul actually dying from pancreatic cancer swan dive be damned hide spoiler

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Only by Paul's and the two fall wildly in love When Bananafish is signed by a big corporate label and Paul is on his way to becoming a major rock star Eliza must make a heartbreaking decision that leads to Paul's sudden disappearance and a surprise knock your socks. Music journalist Eliza moves to New York and falls for talanted lead singer Paul who is trying to make it big with his band Bananafish Not your ordinary love triangleThis is my third five stars read ever and it couldn't be well deserved if I were to describe this How to Kill a Rock Star it would probably be with the words pure magic I had a magical feeling stirring in my body that wanted to get out through this entire book Like I said it's sheer pure brilliance I don't know how to properly describe my madly crazy insane love for How to Kill a Rock Star If you could have a book as a soulmate then this would be my own personal matchIt felt like every page was written for me personally The writing just fucking blew me away Deep profound smart poetic witty raw honest beautiful you name it Tiffanie DeBartolo has an uniue voice It gave me seriously 'hallelujah momentsNot to mention shivers of perfectionHer talent is rare and I'm so in love with her books It's a gooddamn tragedy that she's only written two 2 books Both of them has been pure magic to read Tiffanie is in my top 2 of all time favorite authors And that says something since I read only two of her books I pray to her and worship at her altar That so much I want need a new book from her No the world needs a new book from her If you aren't already reading her books seriously what's wrong with you We all need a little bit of Tiffanie magic in this worldShe first showed us her magic with God Shaped Hole and made me fall insanely in love with Jacob Grace With How to Kill a Rock Star she really won me over for life HTKAR is not your ordinary cheesy rock star romance nor your typical book either It's uniue one of a kind The plot is amazingly simple Music journalist Eliza moves to New York and falls for the talented lead singer for up and coming rock band Bananafish One thing I loved the most was the feel of New York Not the Upper East Side kind of New York but the real New York The New York with crappy apartments and a genuine ordinary simple feeling where musicians tries to get their big brake This book made me feel than most books combined Tiffanie is a geniusI have such an author crush on her It broke my heart crushed my soul I cried a river I didn't want to continue I needed a breather than one time This was a life altering read for me My emotions were all over the place I loved it beyond words can tell The characters unbelievable freaking perfection Paul Loring Eliza I love y'all But Paul I feel in love with your personality your passion your mind you goddamn soul Your point of view is the best I've ever read from a male POV Goddamn amazing Loring what can I say about you Can you be any perfect Seriously Can you If it wasn't for Paul I'd be heads over heals in love with you What two unforgettable amazing wonderful characters Tiffanie has given us It's something special with her character development we don't usually see something deep something real I guess you have to read it for yourself to understandI was only a child when I learned how to fly I wanted to touch the colors of the bleeding sun and then I fell from the sky You never saw me again not even when I returned you never noticed my broken heart or how my wings were burned But if they tell you they saw me do a swan dive off that bridge Remember I've always been afraid to die than I ever was to live And on the day I disappear You'll all forget I was ever here I'll float around from coast to coast And sing about how you made me a ghostDouglas J Blackman It had so many 'bigger than life moments' I want to uote whole sections but I won't do that here so you just have to read the book for yourself to experience the magic Not only is this a great tribute to music it also has the most incredible love story I never wanted it to end Literally neversighit's the least cheesiest ever Or less clicheIt was like X and X dna pulled them towards each other One of the most perfect love stories I've ever read No matter what problems people may or may not have with the characters vs the story it should be recognised for its sheer brilliance and magic If you're not convinced to read it by now I'm at a loss I want to convince the world to read this gem this treasure This has to be the most underrated books of all timeI want to yell my love from the top of my lungs from rooftops To share the loveSo to sum up sheer brilliance magical fucking perfection

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How to Kill a Rock StarWritten in her wonderfully honest edgy passionate and often hilarious voice Tiffanie DeBartolo tells the story of Eliza Caelum a young music journalist and Paul Hudson a talented songwriter and lead singer of the band Bananafish Eliza's reverence for rock is eualed. FIVE GODDAMN STARS With some 'milkshake secret recipe' on top 'Dreams can change histories and songs can alter destinies' How do you review a book like HTKARS Seriously if you guys have read this gem can you let me know how to do it without embarrassing myselfLet’s try I had seen this book on GR for a while and I always thought it was just another book about a Rock Star so I wasn’t really interested not my cuppa any But then some of the best buddies ever told me to read it They promised this was something else different way better than any other Rock Star book so I decided to give it a try I was reluctant at the beginning I thought it was just one love story and that’s it but there was something else For starters the writing style is so damn special like reading poetry Just plain amazing So I kept reading and I soon started to fall in love with the charactersI promised myself I am not going to spoil anything in this story just gonna tell you guys what’s this one about but that’s it I am just gonna beg you all to read it and experience this by yourselvesThis book tells us the story of Eliza a young woman who is kinda lost and doesn’t know what to do with her life She’s passionate about music and after a very lucky encounter she gets a good job that will change her life forever And that’s why she crosses paths with Paul That’s it I am not gonna talk about the story any I know that might not be very attractive but I hope I can convince you with my pics and with some random thoughts that this book awakened in meHave you ever wished you were somebody’s Sharona Not literally but have you ever wished you were THAT special person for someone Well I have People tend to think that because you are in a relationship everything is unicorn and roses People tend to think like is black and white but guess what Life is also GREY One day you might think your life is perfect the way it is but then one day you might want to change things And there’s no one to blame you just know you or your half need a change rightAnd then sometimes when you are down and you think life is not smiling back at you there is a person who you think is just one person but they might become something else Back to the book Do you know what I loved about this story There is no good ones and bad ones They were all HUMAN And yes we human make mistakes it’s not the end of the world I am TIRED of super perfect heroes and super bad antiheroes NO Life is not like that Some authors need to learn from Tiffanie DeBartolo as just a few authors made me believe in characters the way she made me believe in these onesAnd then there are moments in life when you just can’t help but accept your feelings even if you know you are gonna get hurt because it doesn’t matter you just need to feel to love to give no matter whatAnd yes we all LIE sometimes What Have you never ever lied to the person you love I did And it sucks and you hate yourself for doing that I am not talking about cheating just in case you guys are freaking out but you just did it and even though is not okay you have to deal with what you’ve done whether is right or wrongI know my review does not make any sense at all right I seriously can’t say anything else because I want you guys to read this without knowing anything about the story It was so goddamn special that I will re read this one soon because I already miss themPS Loring I LOVE YOU That is all I wish I could spend the rest of my life touching the ‘Y’ of your YALE pants June 24 2013This book RUINED me FORFREAKINGEVER Over