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characters The Lottery and Other Stories ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Å The Lottery one of the most terrifying stories written in this century created a sensation when it was first published in The New Yorker Power and haunting and nights of unrest were typical reader responses This collection the only one to apEnty four eually unusual stories Together they demonstrate Jackson's remarkable range from the hilarious to the truly horrible and power as a storyteller. My 1949 Avon paperback it originally sold for 35 cents seems to be pushing Shirley Jackson as HP Lovecraft with ovaries The cover proclaims 'A study in nightmares by the most haunting writer of this generation' It's even subtitled 'Adventures of the Demon Lover' Anyone who's ever read that story knows the lover in that tale is scoundrel than demon Whatever it takes to sell books I supposeJackson's characters do than throw stones at one another Their cutting thoughtless remarks have the power to wound and leave scars Cruelty runs rampant as women snub and snipe at other women and men bury themselves in their newpapersThe author proves to be a keen observer of human nature picking up on all the little details that bring her mini masterpieces to lifeFrom The VillagerShe went into Whelan's and sat at the counter putting her copy of the Villager down on the counter next to her pocketbook and The Charterhouse of Parma which she had read enthusiastically up to page fifty and only carried now for effect Am I the only one who's done this Waving around a copy of a book that I was not particularly fond of but wanted to show off in public so as to appear to be an intellectual Surely I can't be Shirley must have done it tooSo there you have it Horror stories No Wonderful stories about sad and lonely people who seldom get their heart's desires Oh yes

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The Lottery one of the most terrifying stories written in this century created a sensation when it was first published in The New Yorker Power and haunti. After reading all these seemingly disconnected tales of hush hush Terror evidently some pattern arises This chain of stories is where I found the masterpiece existing at the very core of the novelNever before has subtlety been used so effectively In a masterpiece of the macabre a few corpses ghosts demons should make cameos surely Nah ah NOT true hereShirley Jackson is also the author of The Haunting of Hill House a haunted house tale that suggests rather than shows like all the good ole horror movies I don't uite know how to approach a review about something I fell head over heels with move over Barker and therefore S King The tiny details is what enthralls readers of Jackson all the moments of dread that announce themselves only when one's in that sort of type of gothic moodI suppose the title The Lottery is much than just the final story in this collection which is also the best known most popular of the bunch It also implies that to all these people though some threads unite them most protagonists are female have slight to severe OCD live in New York City or the country there are tales with children and mothers in them with slight transference of evil between them; people turning against each other in a lesser degree of violence than in the culminating climax of the title story an almost poetic announcement of the apocalypse written in code even though there are sure fire connections Mr Harris is the name of almost every single male character found scattered in the stories what occurs to these people tragedy or sudden revulsion or deep depression or severe psychosis is almost as if by a mystical collective lottery one everyone plays in because everyone is alive You play it because you live Fate chooses you If you get picked then it's your turn to experience something that makes the skin crawl

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The Lottery and Other StoriesNg and nights of unrest were typical reader responses This collection the only one to appear during Shirley Jackson's lifetime unites The Lottery with tw. I am not persuaded any of these ualify as horror Good enough stories readable lukewarm writing not much BEWARE of SPOILERS AHEADThere's this story about some weird guy telling a young neurotical kid with an even younger sister gruesome tales about his own hypothetical sister The mother chases him away There's a story about a woman running around looking for her fiance and asking a bunch of random geezers about him It's painstakingly described how she's over 30 and how it's disadvantageing her to no end and how difficult it is to look presentable at this ripe old age eyeroll We get a view of her 2 pocketbooks dilemma 2 dress dilemma all kinds of dillemas of this kind We even get a view of her fantasy of how she would talk to the police trying to explain to them that she has a right to a fiance because she's not just this shabby bodyface at her ripe old age of 30 eyeroll but that there's also something beneath the surface that makes her worthy of this great honour eyerollThere's another story about a dancer become secretary who tries to buy secondhand furniture and pretends for a bit she's the one selling it to another customer The Lottery of course So the winner gets stoned by their neighbours young kids included once per year Another story is about a girl talking to a grownup about the approaching end of the world the said grownup gets his panties in a twist about it Yet another story is about Laurie telling stories about Charlie I hope I'm not mistaken about the names L goes to a kindergarten and comes home regaling everyone with stories about a wilder kid in there C These stories 'become an institution' with the family who start calling anything wild or unfortunate or nasty 'a Charlie' Then after ages they learn that there's no Charlie and that it was likelymaybe L doing all the acting up and then referring to himself in the 3d person and another name Taudry Maybe I liked this one for its weirdness but then again it's not too unusual a situation And not a horror definitely Kids and grownups have been known to do far horrible stuff than misbehaving in a kindergarten and then trying to make up an alter egoAnother one is about marines and a whole flock of females of a family who think marines are dirty or deranged or are gonna jump them all on sight or something And yes it's boring Another story is about an Afroamerican kid invited to dinner to a White family and the mother of the family being very obtuse about his life circumstances She's very determined to have her foot in her mouse for the duration of the story And she succeeds in that with flying colours Actually all over there are lots of women portrayed in here who are shown how they are over 30 and how it's difficult to be over 30 compared to being over 20 All these women live either for men or for kids or for something just behind the horizon They don't do things just for themselves And it's all damn tiresome and it might have been a social horror or writing horror or bored out of my mind horror but not horror horror I hope the author was trying to achive some kind of social satire or irony and was illustrating all this shit for the purpose of showing the reader just how bothersome these attitudes can get Or else these stories would be worthless altogetherAnd bothersome this whole stuff is Seriously men meeting such women how did they not manage to run really fast away so as not to immediately become the center of someone else's universe Is it even pleasant for anyone when the people's worlds are so very much skewed I wouldn't want to be in any society where any social group is obliged to revolve around the interest of any other social group I think both would be incredibly boring Mind it these stories might have been ground breaking in their time including the miracle of a woman no A WOMAN putting her pen to paper and getting some results recognisable as writing but at this time today these are of a jaw breaking from yawning kind Mildly interesting Only mildly