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ΙλιάςThe Greeks considered The Iliad their greatest literary achievement and no epic poem in any language has ever rivaled it Out of a single episode in the Tale of Troy Achilles' withdrawal from the fighting and his return to kill the Trojan. Pablo Picasso spent his entire life trying desperately to do something new something uniue He moved from style to style mastering and then abandoning both modern and classical methods even trying to teach his trained artist's hand to paint like a childIn 1940 four French teens and a dog stumbled upon a cave that had lain hidden for 16000 years Inside they found the walls covered in beautiful drawings of men and animals When the Lascaux caves were opened to the public Pablo Picasso visited them and as he stared at the prehistoric hunting scenes was heard to remark in a despondent tone We have invented nothingThe Iliad is eually as humbling to a writer as complex beautiful and honest as any other work The war scenes play out like a modern film gory and fast paced the ever present shock of death Though some have been annoyed at how each man is named or even given a past before his death this gives weight to the action Each death is has conseuence and as each man steps onto the stage to meet glory or death Homer gives us a moment to recognize him to see him amidst the whirling action and to witness the fate Zeus metesThe psychological complexity and humanism of this work often shocked me Homer's depiction of human beings as fundamentally flawed and unable to direct their own lives predicts existentialism The even hand he gives both the Trojans and the Argives places his work above the later moralizing allegories of Turold Tasso or even MiltonOf course Homer's is a different world than theirs one where the sword has not yet become a symbol for righteousness In Homer good men die unavenged and bad men make their way up in the world Noble empires fall to ravenous fire and the corpses of fresh limbed young men are desecratedFate does not favor the kind the weak the moral or even the strong Fate favors some men now others later and in the end none escapes the emptiness of death Though Homer paints some men as great as noble and kind and brave these men do not uphold these ideals for some promised paradise but simply because they are such menThere is something refreshing in the purity of the philosophy of living life for yourself and yet expecting no entitlement for your deeds A philosophy which accepts the uncontrollable winds of fate; that when the dark mist comes across our eyes no man knows whence he goesLater traditions make other claims that the righteous will be rewarded that the lives of good men will be good and the bad will be punished In thousands of years of thinking of writing of acting have we gained nothing but comforting untenable ideals Then Picasso was wrong we have invented something but it is only a machine which perpetuates itself by peddling self satisfaction I read and enjoyed the Fagles translation which may not be the most faithful but strikes that oft discussed balance between joy of reading and fidelity He makes no attempt to translate the meter into English which is a blessing to us The English language does a few meters well and Homer's is not one of them The footnotes were competent and interesting though I could have stood a few of them; perhaps I am in the minority I also thoroughly enjoyed Knox's introductory essay I would normally have had to research the scholarly history of the book myself and so Knox's catch me up was much appreciated

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review Ιλιάς Ï eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ The Greeks considered The Iliad their greatest literary achievement and no epic poem in any language has ever rivaled it Out of a single episode in the Tale of Troy Achilles' withdrawal from the fighting and his return to kill the Trojan hero Hector Homer created a timeless dramatic tragedy His chHero Hector Homer created a timeless dramatic tragedy His characters are heroic but their passions and problems are human and universal and he presents them with compassion understanding and humor against the harsh background of warEV R. Ἰλιάς The Iliad Homer The Iliad is an ancient Greek epic poem in dactylic hexameter traditionally attributed to Homer Set during the Trojan War the ten year siege of the city of Troy Ilium by a coalition of Greek states it tells of the battles and events during the weeks of a uarrel between King Agamemnon and the warrior AchillesCharacters Ajax Odysseus Helen of Troy Menelaus Paris Hector Achilles Agamemnon Aeneas Sarpedon Priam Cassandra Patroclus Diomedes Ajax Oileus Andromache Briseis Hecuba Nestor Akhilleusتاریخ نخستین خوانش روز نخست ماه ژانویه سال 1973میلادیعنوان ایلیاد؛ شاعر هومر؛ مترجم سعید نفیسی؛ تهران، بنگاه ترجمه و نشر کتاب، 1334؛ در 720ص؛ موضوع داستان جنگ تروا سده 08پیش از میلادعنوان ایلیاد؛ شاعر هومر، مترجم میرجلال الدین کزّازی؛ تهران، نشر مرکز، 1377؛ در 579ص؛ شابک 9643053865؛ چاپ دوم 1381؛ چاپ پنجم 1385؛ چاپ ششم 1387؛ شابک 9789643053864؛ موضوع داستانهای کهن از نویسندگان یونانی سده 08پیش از میلاداثر حماسی از «هومر»، شاعر نابینای یونانی ست، داستان جنگ «تروا»، بخاطر ربودن «هلن»، زن زیباروی «منلاس»، یکی از فرمانروایان یونان، به دست «پاریس» پسر «پریام»، شاه «ایلیون تروا» است، خواستگاران «هلن»، باهم پیمان بسته بودند، که چنانچه گزندی به «هلن» رسید، شوی او را برای مکافات مجرم یاری دهند؛ از اینروی سپاهی بزرگ، به فرماندهی «آگاممنون»، و با حضور پهلوانانی همچون «آشیل»، «اولیس»، «پاتروکل»، «آیاس آژاکس »و؛ آراستند، و به سوی شهر «تروا» روانه شدند، تا «هلن» را از «پاریس» بازپس بگیرند؛ سپاهیان یونان، ده سال «تروا» را محاصره کردند، ولی با رشادتهای پهلوانان «تروا»، به ویژه «هکتور» بزرگترین پسر شاه، و برادر «پاریس»، و پشتیبانی خدایانی همچون «زئوس»، «آفرودیت»، و «آپولون» طرفی نبستند؛ در آن سالها «آشیل»، بزرگوارترین پشتوانه ی یونانیان با «آگاممنون» اختلاف داشت، جبهه را رها کرده، و در گوشه ای، به همراه یاران خویش، نبرد را تماشا میکرد؛ تا اینکه «پاتروکل» پسرعموی «آشیل»، با لباس و جنگ ابزار آسمانی «آشیل»، به نبرد رفت؛ ولی با نیرنگ «زئوس»، و دشمنی «آپولون»، و دیگر خدایان هوادار «تروا»، «پاتروکل» شکست خورد، و به دست «هکتور» کشته شد؛ «آشیل» از آن رویداد خشمگین شد، و اختلافش با «آگاممنون» را کنار بگذاشت، و پس از تشییع جنازه ی «پاتروکل»، به نبرد تن به تن با «هکتور» پرداخت، و او را شکست دادسپس به جنازه ی «هکتور» بی احترامی روا داشت، و آنرا با خود به اردوگاه یونانیان آورد؛ «پریام» شاه «تروا»، به یاری خدایان، شبانه خود را به اردوگاه «آشیل» رساند، و با زاری از او درخواست کرد، که جنازه ی پسرش را به او برگردانند، تا بتواند مراسمی در خور بزرگی پهلوان حماسه ساز ترتیب دهد؛ پس از گفتگوی بسیار، «آشیل» پذیرفت؛ داستان «ایلیاد» اثر «هومر»، با توصیف سوزاندن «هکتور» در «تروا»، و به سوگ نشستن مردمان شهر، برای «هکتور» به پایان میرسد؛ در کتاب «ایلیاد»، و همچنین در کتاب دیگر «هومر» «اودیسه»، هرگز اشاره و سخنی از نحوه ی پایان نبرد «تروا»، و سرنوشت تراژیک «آشیل» نیست؛ داستانهای «اسب تروا»، در آثار نویسندگان رومی، همچون «ویرژیل»، و «اووید» آمده است، و افسانه ی رویین تن بودن «آشیل» و ماجرای پاشنه ی «آشیل» او را نیز، که به مرگش میانجامد، شاعر «رمی» سده ی نخست میلادی «استاتیوس»، در کتاب خود با عنوان «آشیلید»، برای نخستین بار آراسته، و به آن داستان، پرداخته استتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 28061399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی

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Ieu's prose translation has the same direct simplicity and subtle elegance which distinguishes his Odyssey; it moves swiftly and confidently through the greater complexity of The Iliad and never fall short of the nobility of Homer's them. I’m often kept up at night brooding on my troubles wishing I could find some solace that would help me sleep But now I know that the best way to keep insomnia at bay is to get out of bed hitch up my chariot tie the corpse of my mortal enemy to the back and drive around for a few hours dragging him until I cheer up and can go back to sleep The Iliad is unmatched in my reading for works that describe the bloody ridiculous selfish lengths people will go in order to feel better The sticks and stones fly and gouge out eyes smash skulls slash livers and veins until the blood sprays–this poem is definitely not for the sueamish but the real weapons of the Trojan War are name calling cheating at games and stealing your best buddy’s girlfriend or mixing bowl or ox Most of the action occurs when somebody gets his feelings hurt the baddie won’t apologize and the sensitive one throws a fit which can involve letting all of his friends die while he gets an olive oil massage or else razing a city raping the women and joyriding over other men’s bones The Iliad suggests that even at its most glorious war can be advocated only by people with the emotional lives of spoiled four year oldsFor thoughts see my post