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review Мастер и Маргарита ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub é Michaił Bułhakow zaczął pisać Mistrza i Małgorzatę w 1928 roku ukończył w roku 1940 na kilkanaście dni przed śmiercią Książka ukazała się w druku po 40 latach i rzecz niespotykana – natychmiast stała się światowym bestsellNawet szatan w Mistrzu i Małgorzacie okazuje się w końcu przyzwoitym facetemW Polsce powieść Bułhakowa niezmiennie cieszy się ogromnym powodzeniem W rankingu czytelników i ekspertów Rzeczypospolitej w 1999 roku została uznana za najważniejszą powieść XX wiek. A poet Homeless as he calls himself and a magazine editor his gruff boss Berlioz are having a conversation in a uiet nondescript Moscow park just before the start of the Second World War Drinking just harmless sodas and discussing business ordinary right That's the last time in this novel it is An apparition appears in the sky weird and unbelievable a frightening seven foot transparent man is seen floating above their heads but only Berlioz spots it he's obviously the editor a very sick man Later a foreign debonair stranger joins them on the next bench they start an uncomfortable lively rather dangerous conversation about Jesus in the days of Stalinist Russia if he really existed The newcomer a self described black magic expert tells the others he saw Pontius Pilate and Jesus personally Naturally his startled companions look at him with a little disbelief the two close friends think Professor Woland the name is discovered afterwards must be a spy or crazy either way authorities should be contacted immediately Tragic results follow soon after a wild long thrilling death defying chase through many city streets ensues strangest of all a giant black Tom cat who walks on two legs and tries to get on a streetcar but the heartless conductor says no cats refuses entry But Behemoth the big cat's name does manage to get on the streetcar they're very intelligent resourceful demanding animals What the devil is going on The charismatic professor and his talented entourage give the best magic show on stage ever seen in Moscow by an astounded audience it's so spectacular incomprehensible and not explainable that all the city wants to go also Still ticket lines are numerous blocks in length and growing too bad you missed it Meanwhile a married woman Margarita having an affair with an obscure poor author writing a novel she calls him Master you guessed right the book is about the Roman Governor of Judaea Pontius Pilate Mirroring Bulgakov's life the manuscript is banned Countless funny adventures follow involving soaring humans flying without a vehicle the joys and terrors looking down you can imagine and the destruction of fragile property everywhere men disappear creepy events happening all around the vast city and in the countryside The highlight is Satan's loathsome Ball presided over by the stunned Margarita as the incredibly reluctant ueen attended mostly by the dead eerie bizarre and grotesue to say the least A dream like unworldly vague melancholic atmosphere permeates Flamboyant imaginative fable a real classic

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Michaił Bułhakow zaczął pisać Mistrza i Małgorzatę w 1928 roku ukończył w roku 1940 na kilkanaście dni przed śmiercią Książka ukazała się w druku po 40 latach i rzecz niespotykana – natychmiast stała się światowym bestselleremDo dzisiaj i śmiech i ł. I'm staying home from work today sick to the extreme and it's only in that uniue feverish clarity that comes with illness that I dare to even try to write about this bookThis is THE book The one that all the other books are measured against The one that I've read times since I was twelve than the number of books some people I know have read in their entire lives The one from which I've memorized entire passages This is it the golden standard the masterpiece the unattainable perfection of literature I'm not even being sarcastic; I mean every single word of this praise What would your good be doing if there were no evil and what would the earth look like if shadows disappeared from it After all shadows are cast by objects and people There is the shadow of my sword But there are also shadows of trees and living creatures Would you like to denude the earth of all the trees and all the living beings in order to satisfy your fantasy of rejoicing in the naked light You are a foolWhat is this book about I wish it were easy to tell in one smartly constructed sentence but luckily it's not It is a story of Woland the Satan coming to Moscow with his retinue and wrecking absolute havoc over three long and oppressively hot summer days It is a story of Pontius Pilate the euestrian the son of the astrologist king the last fifth Procurator of Judea who has achieved the dreaded immortality due to a single action or rather INaction and wishes nothing than for it to not have happened It is a story of love between two very lonely people It is a scaldingly witty story about the oppressive nature of early Stalin days and the rampant Soviet bureaucracy It is a phantasmagorical story of the supernatural and the mythical It has elements of humorous realism romanticism and mysticism It is all of the above and much As doctors the same profession that Bulgakov belonged to by the way we are taught to look for the bigger picture the synthesis of facts the overall impression the so called 'gestalt' Well the gestalt here is it's a true masterpiece Manuscripts do not burn Bulgakov wrote this book over a period of 11 12 years freuently abandoning it coming back to it destroying the manuscripts rewriting it abandoning it coming back to it He wrote it during the times when the reaction to such novels would have been the same as Woland has when hearing Master say he wrote a novel about Pontius Pilate About what about what About whom said Woland having stopped laughing In these times It's amazing And you couldn't find a different subjectIn these times 1930s were the time of Stalin's rule the waves of Purges the paranoia of one powerful man sweeping the country the denunciations the lies the terror the fear the accusations the senseless arrests the nondescript black cars pulling up to the apartment buildings in the middle of the night and leaving with people who would not be heard from ever again This was a suffocating atmosphere and the only way Bulgakov survived it was that he for reasons unknown enjoyed the whimsical favor of the tyrant This fear is everywhere on every single page From the poor unfortunate Berlioz in the early chapters who without much hesitation is about to contact the authorities to report about a suspicious 'foreigner' to the unnamed people conducting the investigation of the strange Moscow events and puling the victims in for uestioning to Rimskiy sending Varenukha with a packet of information for the 'right people' to Master's terrifying and unheard story starting with 'them' knocking on his window and ending with him broken in the mental institution The fear is everywhere thinly veiled And yet it is never named even once the name of those causing the fear never alluded to no need for it it's obvious anyway and besides there's that age long superstition about not naming the name of evil which funnily in this novel is definitely NOT the Devil Only Margarita has the guts to ultimately ask Do you want to arrest me You're not Dostoevsky' said the citizeness who was getting muddled by Koroviev 'Well who knows who knows' he replied'Dostoevsky's dead' said the citizeness but somehow not very confidently'I protest' Behemoth exclaimed hotly 'Dostoevsky is immortalThe sharp satire of the contemporary to Bulgakov Soviet life of 1930s is wonderful ranging from deadpan observations to witty remarks to absolute and utter slapstick that of course involving the pair of Korovyev and Behemoth It can be sidesplittingly funny one second and in the next moment become painfully sad and very depressing Not surprisingly in the Russian tradition humor and sadness have always walked hand in hand; therefore for instance Russian clowns are the saddest clowns in the entire universe trust me This funny sadness manages to evoke the widest spectrum of emotional responses from me every single time I read this book never ever failing at this The only thing that he said was that he considers cowardice to be among the worst human vicesThis book is not only the hilariously sad commentary on the realities of Bulgakov's contemporary society; it is also a shrewd commentary on the never changing nature of humanity itself The humanity that Woland wanted to observe in the Variety theatre until he came to the sad but true conclusion that not much changed in them The cowar

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Мастер и МаргаритаZy towarzyszą lekturze Mistrza i Małgorzaty Bułhakow opisał świat współczesny szyderczo i bez litości nie pozostawiając czytelnikom szczególnej nadziei; na pociechę zostawił obietnicę że rękopisy nie płoną że człowiek jest a może raczej bywa – dobry. The Chicago Tribune wrote “The book is by turns hilarious mysterious contemplative and poignant and everywhere full of rich descriptive passages”Hilarious and contemplative my ass CT This book is an interminable slogLook here’s the deal I get that this book satirizes 1930s Stalinist Russia and I get that—for some—this earns The Master and Margarita a place on their “works of historical importance” shelves But for me it earns nothing I mean let’s just call a spade a spade shall we There are articles in the Journal of Biological Chemistry that have successfully held my attention than this Bulgakovian bore Exhibit ATo start the characterization in this book is near zero Although there is a point where some barely discernable personality traits become apparent in one or two of the characters by the time the reader makes it this far the show is nearly over And if by curtain call the reader discovers Woland and his retinue to be even remotely interesting it is not because of careful character construction It’s like the end of a really stuffy dinner party when you begin making your parting rounds The thrill is in the palpability of finally being free of these people Toodle ooAnd what is the author’s intent here to single out the literary bureaucrats and the nouveaux riche If so the demographic is not effectively targeted The Faustian demon who comes to wreak havoc across Moscow does so seemingly at random with little adherence to agenda Bartenders ticket sellers poets little old ladies—they are all ambushed It is clear someone needs to take a lesson from Omar Little who “ain’t never put no gun on no citizen”Whatever I’m tired of even writing about this book Before we part though I’ll leave you with several examples of yet another unworthy aspect of this novel its ridiculous sentences Here are some of my favorites To tell the truth it took Arkady Apollonovich not a second not a minute but a uarter of a minute to get to the phone I ask this uestion in complete earnestness is this supposed to be funny I have absolutely no idea uite naturally there was speculation that he had escaped abroad but he never showed up there either Huh The bartender drew his head into his shoulders so that it would become obvious that he was a poor man Yeah I give I don’t even pretend to understand what this means Anyhoo hey—it’s been a pleasure meeting you all; we should do this again soon Toodle oo