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FREE EBOOK À EPUB The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie ä ï MURIEL SPARK ó At the staid Marcia Blaine School for Girls in Edinburgh Scotland teacher extraordinaire Miss Jean Brodie is unmistakably and outspokenly in her prime She is passionate in the application of her unorthodox teaching methods and Onate in the application of her unorthodox teaching methods and strives to bring out the best in each one of her students Determined to instill in them independenc I know I’ve had this happen to me before be surprised by a book Let me explain As I started reading The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie I imagine I would like it Yes I did However as I finished Muriel Spark’s novel my sentiments were much stronger I knew that I had to read it again sometime soon That has happened to me before and don’t get me wrong there have been many books that had the same impact on me Like The Lover Madame Bovary and Atonement just to mention three of my favorite books However I just did not expect to feel it so strongly hereThere is a reason for that This is a book about our perceptions of ourselves and of the people around us and it is flawlessly done Spark’s narrative is crisply and wryly witty subtly ironic in its tone Would that I had been given charge of you girls when you were seven I sometimes fear it’s too late now If you had been mine when you were seven you would have been the crème de la crème Sandy come and read some stanzas and let us hear your vowel sounds” It's a fast and fun read very scintillating and brilliantly structured Spark has a mastery over her material which few writers that I know have She moves from time frame to time frame or from reality to imaginative fantasy freuently without any transitionThe plot concerns the unconventional schoolteacher Miss Jean Brodie and tells how she seeks to influence a chosen group of schoolgirls the so called 'Brodie Set' They are introduced to us as six pre adolescent girls and are charming but flawed Their fates are something that you end caring for deeplyWhen Spark introduces one of her set we are first exposed to her style Back and forth along the corridors ran Mary Macgregor through the thickening smoke She ran one way; then turning the other way; and at either end the blast furnace of the fire met her She heard no screams for the roar of the fire drowned the screams she gave no scream for the smoke was choking her But at the beginning of the nineteen thirties when Mary Macgregor was ten there she was sitting blankly among Miss Brodie’s pupils “Who has spilled ink on the floor – was it you Mary?” As she plays with her narrative going forward and backward in time and going into the fanciful daydreams of the girls – particularly in the figure of Miss Brodie’s most promising student Sandy – the story reads so easily that it could delude the reader to think it was effortlessly done This is one of the few books I've read where it seems entirely blatant that the author is in complete control of every aspect of her narrative She writes with a richness that injects life into her work The author is somehow able to pack a vast number of well cultivated characters and expand into their lives and dreams into this 150 page book This seems to be the perfect description of Miss Jean Brodie She was not in any doubt she let everyone know she was in no doubt that God was on her side whatever her course and so she experienced no difficulty or sense of hypocrisy in worship while at the same time she went to bed with the singing master Just as an excessive sense of guilt can drive people to excessive action so was Miss Brodie driven to it by an excessive lack of guilt Much of the novel is relayed through the eyes of Sandy who becomes a confidante of the teacher Miss Brodie virtually wages war on the school; as the beleaguered headmistress Miss Mackay attempts to reign in her disturbing influence on the girls and find a way to force the teacher to resign It is true that Miss Brodie tends to tell the girls about her ideas and love affairs rather than drilling them with their lessons but they are still her 'creme de la creme' “You know” Sandy said “these are supposed to be the happiest days of our lives”“Yes they are always saying that” Jenny said “They say make the most of your schooldays because you never know what lies ahead of you”“Miss Brodie says prime is best” Sandy said“Yes but she never got married like our mothers and fathers”“They don’t have primes” said Sandy“They have sexual intercourse” Jenny said For me the book is about than just a bunch of schoolgirls growing up It's about passion and friendship superficial and otherwise and the disappointment of seeing your idols as mere human beings with their constant need to belong that is such a normal feeling in us all Despite all critic that we can lay at Miss Brodie for her meddling with her pupils there is no doubt that they idolized her and enjoyed being in her care Mary MacGregor although she lived into her twenty fourth year never uite realised that Jean Brodie’s confidences were not shared with the rest of the staff and that her love story was given out only to the pupils On one occasion of real misery – when her first and last boy friend a corporal whom she had known for two weeks deserted her by failing to turn up at an appointed place and failing to come near her again – she thought back to see if she had ever been happy in her life; it occurred to her then that the first years with Miss Brodie sitting listening to all those stories and opinions which had nothing to do with the ordinary world had been the happiest time of her life What delighted me was Spark's use of irony humor and finely controlled development The author shines at character sketches not only of Miss Brodie a

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At the staid Marcia Blaine School for Girls in Edinburgh Scotland teacher extraordinaire Miss Jean Brodie is unmistakably and outspokenly in her prime She is passi My initial reaction is take Dead Poets Society make the students young women instead of young men replace the character played by Robin Williams with Iago and poof you have this novel

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The Prime of Miss Jean BrodieE passion and ambition Miss Brodie advises them Safety does not come first Goodness Truth and Beauty come first Follow me And they do but one of them will betray h Truth is stranger than fiction And that is a strange truth indeed considering the amount of strange things Muriel Spark manages to fit into her slim fiction Miss Brodie's prime is as strange a phenomenon as they come She is both modern and traditional radical and conservative openminded and protectionist She is a Natural Fascist in the 1930s a Scottish schoolmistress by trade but a girl shaper by profession Give her a girl at an impressionable age and she will form out of that malleable clay the kind of portrait her heroes Mussolini and Hitler would have burnedShe sneaks into the portraits of one man while taking possession of the eating and sleeping habits of another but it won't be possible for the desperate Headmistress to get rid of her relying on a sex scandal Politics a mere side interest will be her downfall and her Judas will differ from the traditional one in the fact that she does not really feel guilt one can only betray where loyalty is due she thinks and once you look underneath the shiny surface all narcissists even those in their prime look ridiculousAs stories go this one sparkles just as much as a glass of vintage champagne For the record though don't try to achieve Miss Brodie's downfall by checking her drinking habits she barely shares a half bottle of sherry with her set of six girls on her birthday That's itPolitics not sex and drugs will bring her down unlike most male narcissists who get away with both fascism and unconventional sex