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Cameron's retelling of the battle will bring it alive with all of its human drama and tragedy as never befo. How does a writer possibly follow the scale and originality of a book like Killer of Men Well follow me through this review and I’ll explain howThe first book of the Long War told of how Arimnestos became a Killer of Men Through hard labour unexpected fights slavery piracy and brutal war the young Plataean became a great hero and killer whose name alone made Greeks and Persians uake But while those events changed Arimnestos the man they did not change his path For at the end of them he returned to his home and to his forge gave up all the trappings of heroism and war and became a simple blacksmith once Marathon while a continuation of the tale is a whole different story Marathon is the story of how events changed the life and the path of Arimnestos of PlataeaOur hero has settled in his ancient home He is a man of name and property His former comrades live and work nearby but they still itch for war and glory Not so Arimnestos He is content But events will never conspire to leave him in peace No Soon our friend finds himself heading to Athens where he is dragged into legal difficulties and heads out to secure the forgiveness of Gods to clear himself of any shame or improprietyAnd so begins his next stage of the Long War Rushing hither and thither in ships saving cities fighting hopeless sea battles making new friends and re acuainting himself with old enemies Arimnestos soon leaves behind the life of a uiet smith and becomes the great Miltiades’ favourite war dog once But things are about to change For what started as the Ionian revolt in the previous book is about to explode As the Great King of Persia’s most vicious satrap begins to move against Greece to chastise them for their involvement the Greeks find themselves hard pressed and pushed backA survivor of one of the worst disasters of the war Arimnestos returns home only to find old enemies still at work there He is wed and tries once to carve out a life in Plataea but the world will not let him rest Athens is under threat and Plataea owes Athens its support Elected as the military leader for Plataea Arimnestos joins old friends and new and even a few enemies in a great bid to defy Persia – the greatest single power in the world Persia is coming for Athens And the focus of their meeting point will be the fields of MarathonWhat happens in this book will finally make it clear to Arimnestos that he can no settle into life as a village smith than a duck could hunt an eagle War is in his blood and the troubles of the world will leave him with nothing but the need to exercise his great abilitiesEnough of ruining the plot for youThere is a terrible danger for any writer in tackling a famous battle I’ve done it myself with Alesia Ben Kane has done so time and again in his works Few people can do a great battle justice And let’s face it Marathon is one of the greats In fact I’d bet money that if any layperson in the street were asked to name a Greek battle the few who could would name MarathonAnd while this story is about far than Marathon that great battle is the climax And it is treated in a MASTERFUL way Cameron has hit the sweet spot in this series where he can carry in his story the hubris glory and almost mythical bravery of ancient Greek warfare There are elements of the Iliad in here it is that authentic But despite that he is able to also make the reader aware of the base level of that war throughout giving a realistic grounding to the scenes The hero may be godlike and leaping from wall to wall with shining spearpoint a hero in every way But the ground beneath him suelches with blood and filth and shattered bone and crying boys and widows It is a gift as a writer to be able to carry off such a combination It is what makes his battle scenes both glorious and horrific in eual measureThe final scenes in this book will leave you exhaustedArimnestos the Killer of Men has led you through one of the darkest hours in Greek history in this second volume Where will he go next

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Marathon Freedom or DeathThe Battle of Marathon in 490 BC was one of history's great turning points the first time the Greeks manage. nothing to see here just another five star read from Christian Cameron

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Marathon Freedom or Death characters » 107 ´ The Battle of Marathon in 490 BC was one of history's great turning points the first time the Greeks managed to defeat the Persians in a pitched battle it enabled the rise of classical Greek civilization Christian Cameron's retelling of the battle will bring it alive with all of its human dramaD to defeat the Persians in a pitched battle it enabled the rise of classical Greek civilization Christian. Interesting concept of Greco Persian War following history as far as possible in the decisive Battle on the Marathon Plain and immediate aftermath Not really outstanding but a rousing actionadventure as told by the protagonist Arimnestos of Plataea as an old man looking back 40 years or as told to a group his familyHousehold Other Plataeans He doesn't just reminisce and dwell on his triumphs; we see interaction with his audience at least his remarks are given odd as some of them are The novel opens with a recap of events in vol 1 the first nights of his rambling story I appreciated this as I had not read it but I can see where others who are following the series in order were probably bored Then this novel plunges into nonstop action Marathon was only a few pages toward the end; this title seemed like a ploy to sell books but we are led up to the final conflict although it took a long time to get there Miltiades a pirate is introduced early on and assumes importance Other famous names from antiuity such as Aristides and the playwright Aeschylus fight in the war In the first part of the story Arimnestos grows as a experienced fighter at Lade and Miletus and in Part II becomes a very effective leader of his Plataean contingent at Marathon and in the last skirmish in the olive grove factors into the Greek success I enjoyed the sea warfare Arimnestos for much for the book seemed too full of himself and I didn't like him much But he began to change after his apology to someone; he became engaging He even begins to admit he has made some mistakes The other characters seemed two dimensional Author's style is rather casual and flippant at times; it left me cold I don't know whether the other books in the series are the same if Arimnestos tells his story to a group as in this book I'd imagine so The thing that lowered my rating was the author's concept of Arimnestos