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Free download í Heaven is for Real Ù PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ When Colton Burpo made it through an emergency appendectomy his family was overjoyed at his miraculous survival What they weren't expecting though was the story that emerged in the months that followed a story as beautiful as it was extraordinary deWere doing in another part of the hospital while he was being operated on He talked of visiting heaven and relayed stories told to him by people he met there whom he had never met in life sharing events that happened even before he was born He also astonished his parents with descriptions and obscure details about heaven that matched the Bible exactly though he had not yet learned to readWith disarming innocence and the plainspoken boldness of a. As a true memoir astounding As a novel an okay read As an audiobook kill it with fireThere's two ways to go about this review Either 1 discuss the theological impact and connotations or 2 discuss the uality of the novelI will be going about route 2 therefore I won't be getting into the whole did it really happen sort of or how this affected my personal beliefs Note As a rule I don't like it when such events are capitalized to this extent books movies merch etc it just rubs me the wrong wayTherefore I am judging the book solely as I would a story Please keep that in mind when reading my critiuesMost notably the plot was just a pile of meh It wasn't terrible but it also didn't stand out I read this book a few years ago but remembered next to nothing I have a feeling in another few months I will forget it againThree year old Colton Burpo undergoes surgery for a 5 day old ruptured appendix Months after a rather risky surgery Colton starts saying some very uniue things ranging from rainbow ponies to crying about a miscarried sister he never metTo summarize the entire book Colton says something amazing his father marvels his father finds references in the bible marvels again and they move on That was literally itHis father a preacher maintains that most of Colton's revelations came to the family unprovoked and over the course of several years The fact that most of these moments come months if not years after the initial surgery really makes me wonder how much the kid actually remembered vs how much he thinks he remembered years laterWhen you're a kid your memory is fluid You can't remember if you don't like broccoli but your parents say you did last time so you try eating it again and are disappointed again You can't tell the imaginary from the real world until you are around 5ish according to a cursory google Yet plot hinges on the kid remembering a long complicated series of events from when he was three Frustratingly convenientHis father also firmly maintained that most of the things Colton said are things that he had no way of knowingJudging this as a novelI have to say that most of these crazy amazing things Colton said seemed like they could've been overheard if not from his parents then from others in the parish Is it really so unexpected that some well meaning parishioner didn't describe what heaven was like to the pastor's son Or that Colton may have overheard two old ladies gossiping about his mother's miscarriage Kids are perceptive they listen than you think And while his father constantly maintains that the kid could not have known x y and z religious concepts I kept wanting to say really The Pastor's son isn't going to parrot back than the average kid about religionThen there was the sheer amount of precociousness stuffed into the child Young Colton was like all six of Anne Of Green Gables's children rolled into oneEverything the child did was adorably religious from feeling bad about fighting Jesus wouldn't like that to his scream cry fit at a funeral Colton needed to know whether the dead man had Jesus in his heart I just couldn't get into the style of writing and the way the characters were portrayed All I can say is thank goodness they had the based on a true story angle otherwise this book would've tanked The 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge a best seller from the year you graduated high schoolAudiobook CommentsDO NOT LISTEN TO THE AUDIOBOOKI cannot emphasize this enough I have listened to many many audiobooks but this one grated my nerves the most I knocked off an extra star because listening to it ruined the experienceThe narrator Dean Gallagher did an okay job narrating from the dad's perspective his voice had decent tone and inflectionAll hell broke loose when the narrator attempted Colton's voice Every time 3 year old Colton spoke I cringed Like physically cringed There is something so so wrong about a grown man was mimicking the voice of a three year old His voice went high breathy and had the grating on your nerves whine to it especially when he said Mommy and Daddy And Colton says Mommy and Daddy a lot Like a lot a lot To the point where every time the narrator wailed Mommmmeeeee I wanted to turn off the audiobook After all the hundreds of thousands this family made from this book and related paraphernalia they seriously couldn't spring for a child actor Or someone other than a old man to represent their child It was maddeningYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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When Colton Burpo made it through an emergency appendectomy his family was overjoyed at his miraculous survival What they weren't expecting though was the story that emerged in the months that followed a story as beautiful as it was extraordinary detailing their little boy's trip to heaven and backColton not yet four years old told his parents he left his body during the surgery and authenticated that claim by describing exactly what his parents. For a while now people have been asking me to read and comment on the book Heaven is for Real written by Todd Burpo Todd Burpo writes the book as an account of the experiences of his four year old son Colten For some reason because I am a pastor people think I am going to love this book about a little boy who went to heaven met Jesus and then Jesus sent him back like you put your unfinished cookies back in the ovenWell here goesand don't hate me for being honest I did not like this book what so ever This book plays into our current climate of people going to spend pick your amount of time minuteshoursseconds in pick your place heavenhellpurgatoryBurger King in an effort to pick your reason grow your faithmake you feel goodmake some money It is not just the writing style of an adult trying to sound like a kid who sounds like an adult trying to sound like a kid it is the poor theology that people are so willing to buy into First let me just say that Todd Burpo sounds like a Christian I am not uestioning his faith for some reason people who have commented on this review think I uestion His salvation but that is not my place I simply want to say to so many Christians out there please use discernment in what you allow to shape your view of heaven and Jesus We should be very careful when we start to build theology based solely on our experience especially that of a 4 year old As an example scripture teaches that Jesus won our victory on the cross he said our sins were paid for Jesus actually used the words it is finished in John 1930 In Heaven is for Real we are told that Jesus still has to fight pg136 139 My uestion is why If Jesus is all powerful what is the point of him handing out swords and bows and arrows It seems much of the book is written to fit into a particular mindset and belief structure Colten the boy will say something and the dad will interpret it with a verse that seems to make it all make sensebut it doesn't When trying to describe Jesus Colten is convinced that his style of dress is still from the 1st century and has never changed He has brown hair a beard a white robe with a purple sash like a beauty pagent contestantJesus is the only one who gets to wear purple by the way a crown and red marks in the center of his palms even though that is not where the nails would have gone and on his feet page 65 66This goes on and onfrom people getting wings to God and Jesus apparently sitting in their big chairs all day except when Jesus is going up and down like an elevatoroh I almost forgot; all Angels also have to carry swords to keep Satan out of heaven Page 133 I do not just want to blast the book but this is the problem with what Christianity has becomeaccording to the book the reason Jesus died on the cross was so that we could go to heavenuestion is that why Jesus died Modern Christianity makes salvation all about us when salvation is about Jesus Jesus died because we were so awful our sin so great that we destroyed everything Jesus' death pays for our sin not so that we could go to heaven but so we could be a redeemed people living redeemed lives in Jesus' name Jesus rose from the dead conuering our enemies of Satan sin and death Jesus' death and resurrection are about life bringing heaven to earth in how we as God's people live this lifeNever once did Jesus in the scriptures talk about the goal being to get out of here and go somewhere else The purpose of His coming was to restore relationship between God and us again by removing what stood in the way namely our sin As Christians we must get away from the idea that Jesus died so we could get out of this place and watch it burn Jesus died AND ROSE; the heart that Jesus had for this world should burn in us with a passion and intensity to see the lost know HimHeaven IS for real but heaven is NOT the point The point is Jesusthat is what we should remember

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Heaven is for RealChild Colton tells of meeting long departed family members He describes Jesus the angels how really really big God is and how much God loves us Retold by his father but using Colton's uniuely simple words Heaven is for Real offers a glimpse of the world that awaits us where as Colton says Nobody is old and nobody wears glassesHeaven is for Real will forever change the way you think of eternity offering you the chance to see and believe like a chi. I'm not sure how I feel about this book When I lost my son last year I got a lot of the he's in heaven now and you'll be with him again some day comments And I wanted to believe I really did But I've always had a problem with faith It would be so much easier for me to accept losing him if I could truly have faith in him being safe and happy in a better place But it's a hard thing to believe Try though I mightSeveral people in a Compassionate Friends support meeting recommended this book to me and said it might help me find some faith Might make it a little easier for me really believe that my son is in a better place So I read it And I'm not sure what I feelFirst of all I'm not uite sure that this is a book that a parent who lost a young child should read It tells the story of a family that almost loses a young child and that alone triggered a lot of emotions Longing for my son Sadness at his loss And jealousy Because this family almost lost a son while I did lose my son There's a line near the end that really upset me Speaking of Colton’s experience in heaven people have said to us “Your family is so blessed” In the sense that we’ve had a glimpse through the veil that separates earth from eternity they’re right But I also think Blessed We watched our son almost dieI read this and I think Yes you are blessed You watched your son almost die But you have him with you now he's growing up and is healthy and happy You are blessed beyond beliefWhile it did give me a lot to ponder It also did wonders for the guilt I feel because of my loss and the circumstances surrounding it And I mean that in a not so good way It goes on and on about how they prayed and prayed and God granted them their wish God let them keep their son I didn't pray because I had no faith I didn't believe or at the least I didn't care I saw no need to I didn't know he could be taken from me Is my son gone because of my lack of prayer Because of my lack of belief Because I didn't appreciate his mortality If I had prayed the right prayer could I have saved him Was I not a good enough person to save him I know these uestions are silly in a way Scratch that I know they are silly in every way But reading this story brought the uestions repeatedly into my mind it wasn't something I could help And the uestions of course don't stop there Beyond those uestions were the uestions that those uestions inevitably led to If the answer to those uestions is yes And it's my fault because I lacked faith The uestion isn't Why me it's Why my son Why did he have to be punished for my wrongs and for my lack of faith But like I said These sort of thoughts aren't new to me These are uestions I deal with every day and eventually hope to work through Reading this story just amplified them for a short period of timeFor that reason I definitely wouldn't recommend this book to anyone who has lost a young child and is still dealing with the grief and guilt associated with that loss Beyond that I need time to think about this story to process it discuss it research it I want to believe I want to make the right choices so I can be with my son again one day if that's a possibility But to make the right choices and to believe I have to do it right I have to find real faith not conditional faith faith based on the condition that I'll get to be with my son It's not something that can happen over night But I hope one day to find peace With that I'll end this review It's been a revealing one and I'm hesitant to post it But It's a part of who I am now I have to embrace it or hide it And I won't hide Lucas