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Steinernes Fleisch Reader Õ Download ñ Mbjuk ↠ Jahrelang ist es Jacob Reckless gelungen im Zimmer seines verschwundenen Vaters unbeobachtet die Hand auf den Spiegel zu legen und so ins märchenhafte Reich dahinter zu gelangen Dort hat er als erfolgreicher Schatzjäger unter anderem im Dienst der Kaiserin gearbeitet ist deIe sich der Goyl Herrscher Kami’en zunutze machen könnte um endgültig über die Menschen zu siegen So jedenfalls hat es die Dunkle Fee erträumt die an der Seite Kami’ens herrscht Und während Jacob mit Wills Freundin Clara und der Gestaltenwandlerin Fuchs verzweifelt versucht den Verfall von Wills fleischlicher Haut in Jade aufzuhalten ist Will längst als Leibwächter des Goyl Königs eingeplant Eine unerbittliche Jagd gegen die Zeit beginnt die Jacob kaum gewinnen kan Some books stay timeless despite your age but I’m not sure if this is one of them I first read it around 3 4 years ago and I remember loving it and immediately wanting to read the rest of the series Fast forward to now when I finally decided to continue with the series but it’s been so long that a reread of this one was in order And I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much this time around Some parts were still uite magical and enjoyable but I kept thinking to myself how young it seemed The character of Fox is really what makes this story for me I love that character something fierce In the end I did still enjoy it but I think the magic of the story was slightly spoiled by my age

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Jahrelang ist es Jacob Reckless gelungen im Zimmer seines verschwundenen Vaters unbeobachtet die Hand auf den Spiegel zu legen und so ins märchenhafte Reich dahinter zu gelangen Dort hat er als erfolgreicher Schatzjäger unter anderem im Dienst der Kaiserin gearbeitet ist dem Schuh von Aschenputtel ebenso hinterher gejagt wie dem Tischlein deck dich dem Knüppel aus dem Sack oder dem Goldenen Ball der jeden in sich hineinzuziehen vermag der ihn berührt Und er hat erfahren da Though not uite up there with the Inkheart trilogy I still loved this book Full of magic danger and fantastical creatures From Lorelai mermaidsirens bird trees that kidnap their victims handkerchiefs that can create money the imagination in this book knows no bounds Jacob Reckless found access to the Mirrorworld using a mirror left behind in his fathers study when he left them or disappeared He spends months at a time in this world becoming entranced with all its wonders He manages to keep his two lives seperate until one day his younger brother Will follows him through the mirror and suddenly everything changes Will is cursed by the Dark Fairy and Jacob must do everything in his power to protect his brother A wonderful magical world and I look forward to continuing with the next book

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Steinernes Fleisch Reckless #1 Ss sein Vater mit seinen Erfindungen den grausamen Goyls bei ihrem Kampf gegen die Menschen geholfen hat jenen seelenlosen Wesen also deren Haut und Herz aus Stein bestehtJetzt aber ist Jacobs jüngerer Bruder Will dem Schatzjäger ins geheimnisvolle Reich hinter dem Spiegel gefolgt – und gerät dadurch in tödliche Gefahr Plötzlich droht er selbst zu einem Goyl zu werden mit einer Haut aus Jade Der Jade Menschengoyl aber soll mit einer ungeheueren Macht ausgestattet sein d I had no idea what to expect from this but I reeeeally liked it I know I read Inkheart 52 million years ago But I didn't like Dragon Rider much at all so it didn't really occur to me I'd want to read Cornelia Funke I'M SO GLAD I DID This was stuffed with dark vicious stabby fairy tale fantasticness My kind of story basicallyNOTE apparently this is actually an edition that's been editing again and rewritten a bit by Cornelia Funke before republishing with this cover?? So I can't compare it to the original of course but anyway LOVE THE COVER SO BADThe best part of this book is obviously the Mirrorworld I had in the back of my mind it was going to be a chill sort of whimsy middle grade thing? BUT HAHAH NO CAIT It's very dark There's torture and dark woods and creepy monsters and warped romances and people getting shot and cut and stabbed and aaall the things It doesn't graphically describe anything though? So I suppose small poptart readers won't die reading thisIt's stuffed with fairy tale references too #winningatlife I adore fairy tales and this takes them from a dark angle I particularly like how it had a Sleeping Beauty vibe going on but this time it was the BOY who would need the GIRL to wake him with a kiss I love that And the style was also very fairy tale like with just the right amount of descriptionI also adored how it's a brother story I like brother stories Like the easies way to get me snabbled into a book is to say either A there's food in here or B there are siblings bonding in here SO THIS WINS FOR B Fails a bit for A They literally never eat But I suppose the strength of magical uests can fill your stomach? FYI I would die I need my snacks So Jacob Reckless is like a treasure hunter in the mirrorworld because he hates his world I don't know why But who wouldn't? Reality is dumb Then his little bro Will follows him in and 1 gets attacked or something and starts to turn into a jade skinned monster 2 which means Jacob has to move hell AND high water to fix him 3 which then turns out into uest after bloody uest and everyone nearly or does die and the vicious fairies try to kill everyone and go to war and Jacob gets nearly mauled by unicorns AGAIN and it's just tragedy and heartbreak AND I LOVE ITI'm a little bit ticked off at the romance though Like Jacob definitely sleeps around this is firmly eluded to but he's definitely in love with a shape shifter fox She loves him back Do they talk about it? NO NEVER It's very frustrating because she'll hate him when he kisses someone else but yet she won't confess her feelings???? I loved Fox but at the same time she was only there for sexual tension and that annoyed me Basically the female characters in this book were seriously lacking in active and interesting rollsAnd honestly? I do have a BIGGER uibble too I felt the book was pretty emotionless Just the writing style I never knew what Jacob felt for most of the book Or what anyone else felt DARN YOU WHERE ARE MY FEELINGS I was obsessed by the world and all the dark magic but at the same timeI was very emotionally detached I wanted to care but it was a bit of a struggle I don't know if this is a translation thing???? Or me being a Vulcan???? But it was a big problem for meALL IN ALL this is a darkly vicious fairy tale of monsters and murder and I really adored it It's left me feeling rather inspired and excited Which is exactly the kind of feel I want to finish a book with I adored Jacob and his stony stubbornness to save his brother from turning into stone I wish he'd like had feelings but WHATEVER CAN'T HAVE EVERYTHING And the world is just A for creepy wonder