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Sinful in SatinWhen famed London courtesan Alessandra Northrope passes away her daughter Celia Pennifold inherits little than a hopelessly contaminated reputation a house in a middle class neighborhood and an education that prepared her to take her mother’s place the. Review originally posted at Fiction VixenI’m so glad that I ended up liking this book I enjoyed the first book in the series Ravishing in Red but I was rather unimpressed with the second book Provocative in Pearls I had a deal with myself that this would be my tiebreaker on whether or not to continue the series I was lying to myself of course How could I not read the fourth book when I heard it was about Castleford I do have to admit that I am relieved that I’ve liked two out of three of these books though It makes me confident that I’ll love Castleford’s story as much as I think I will ;PWow I really wasn’t expecting a heroine like Celia I knew her circumstances from the previous books but I thought she’d end up being toned down for her own book What can I say everyone else does it How was I to know that Madeline Hunter would make her character feel so real Kudos to her though I was definitely impressedCelia didn’t spend any time with her mother Alessandra a famous courtesan while she was growing up But when she was sixteen she was brought to live with her Alessandra began grooming Celia to walk in her footsteps and Celia didn’t react how you would expect in a romance novel She took to it like a duck in water She appreciated the thought of having pretty things and a nice house She took most of her mother’s lessons to heart and had a very upfront attitude about pleasure She embraced it and learned to focus on her own pleasure even if she didn’t really like who she was with It was just business Here’s a little hint of her view while she’s talking to Jonathan from page 131 People always build some story around pleasure The story of marriage or the story of love or at least a brief tale of commerce”Her pragmatic attitude was extremely refreshing She may have chosen to walk a different path than her mother but she didn’t reject it out of repugnance for the life I really liked that because she knows growing up who she is and what her place in society is going to be It was nice to see a character who didn’t martyr herself for her pride and honor All that practicality and acceptance was in every aspect of her personality as an adult She was just so grown up It felt like I was reading about a real person Sometimes I was a little turned off by her choices but I still liked her because it made total sense for her personalityJonathan was another interesting character He really turned out to be such a nice guy I wouldn’t say that he carried the relationship but I really feel that without him Celia wouldn’t have ended up in uite the same arrangement She was too aware of her place in the world to dare ask for Luckily he was there to insist that she was worth it I really liked how things turned out in the end I also Awwwwwed when I found out about his role in her past when he talked to her mom That was such a good guy thing to doI really appreciated how things turned out for both Jonathan and Celia with their families While it might not satisfy everyone who desires perfect endings it satisfied me for its very lack of one It just made it feel authentic Especially when a certain something at the very end was predicted to take so long There’s no magic snap of the fingers here to solve all their problemsWhere I think this book really shined over the other ones in the series is in the friendships between the men and the women We’ve met all these characters before of course but by the very nature of the girls’ stay with Daphne we never felt like we knew them very well Everyone just had too many secrets Here they feel like puzzle pieces that fit together perfectly They talk and they laugh and they gossip I really like it One of my favorite uotes in the book comes from one of those conversations On page 149 Verity from Provocative in Pearls and Daphne were teasing Celia about the possibility of her and Jonathan getting closerdid I mention Verity that Mrs Hill tried a new kind of trifle the other night It had a bit of lemon in the cream It sounds delicious Verity said I do favor trifle myself so I must ask her for the recipe I wonder if trifle is called trifle because it was once served on trifle That is what my father called our everyday pewter when I was young Trifle How interesting One could serve trifle on trifle to a man at dinner who later trifles with Could we return to the topic at hand Celia interrupted pointedlyDaphne looked innocent I did not realize we had left it CeliaIt cracked me up But it wasn’t just the women who seemed like of a real unit The men were abrasive and joking with each other too I think we’re finally getting to see them act like a close group togetherThe only complaint I had was that the pacing felt a bit slow in the middle I still enjoyed it but it broke the momentum enough that I couldn’t love itI cannot wait until next May so I can finally get my hands on the next book The author has been teasing me with little fascinating snippets of Castleford’s life and personality since the first book He was almost unlikable in the first book but something about him was just so compelling that he stole the show every time he came on scene I’ve loved watching him grow with each book His attitude on Tuesdays cracks me up I have to end this review before I write a book m

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Sinful in Satin Summary ì 109 Ù When famed London courtesan Alessandra Northrope passes away her daughter Celia Pennifold inherits little than a hopelessly contaminated reputation a house in a middle class neighborhood and an education that prepared her to take her mother’s place the way Alessandra intended Celia hopes to make her own life on her owPle mission to discover whether Celia’s mother left accounts of her lovers that might embarrass important men Instead he finds himself embroiled in a mystery full of dangerous betrayals and secrets old and new that touch on his life as well as Celia’s. A great addition to the series Celia's mother a courtesan has just died and Celia takes up residence in a house her mother has left to her She is surprised to find Jonathan is a tenant there They both have motives for searching through her mothers papers Celia to try to find out who her father was Jonathan is on a mission from the home office to find a list of the mothers clients to see if there was a traitor passing secrets Celia had lived with her mother for a year when she was 16 to be trained by her mother to be a courtesan While Celia fell in love with the man picked to be her protector she thought he meant to marry her When she found out differently she left heartbroken to live at rarest blooms Now that she is back this guy thinks he can pick it back up where he left off with her The thing is she and Jonathan have some serious chemistry going on Jonathan is the supposed illegitimate son of an earl but his cousin will not acknowledge him When he was 9 he heard his mother fight with this cousin stating that she had married Jonathan's father while he was on his deathbed It was heartbreaking the way they were each treated by society her being a courtesans daughter it was just expected that she would take the same route and he being a bastard The part that annoyed me in this story was Celia kept hearing her mothers courtesan advice in her mind telling her how to act and what to do She also kept flip flopping that maybe she would take up her mothers proffesion it was uite annoying While I liked Celia and Jonathan's story honestly I only read it to get of Castleford He absolutely is the highlight in each bookI am JUMPING to the next book Dangerous in Diamonds to finally read Castlefords story

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Way Alessandra intended Celia hopes to make her own life on her own terms however and moves into the house only to discover one legacy an enigmatic handsome tenant who knows her mother’s plans for her future rather too wellJonathan thinks he is on a sim. This book was so good with a strong heroine who knew and understand her situation in this world She didn’t moans or upset about it and tried to make the best of itI love the hero too he was a kind man is not often we got that kind of hero in HR and they both simply perfect togetherSo I’ve read this story and listen the audiobook version few times already but somehow I never rate it properly the latest I’ve read was this year don’t remember the date Bad me 😂