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The PrizeLibrarian Note Alternate cover for ISBN 06717025139780671702519In the resplendence of William the Conueror's London court the lovely Saxon captive Nicholaa was forced to choose a husband from the assembled Norman nobles She chose Royce a baron warrior whose fierce de. This classic Julie Garwood medieval romance is set in the time of the Saxon and Norman skirmishes One thing that slays me is the mindset of the invadersthey'd come to a castle keep lay it under siege kill as many men as possible and basically just overtake the placeand then they would graciously allow the 'former' lord to remain alive if he would only swear fealty to their leader and become part of their army WHAT THEwhat That's crazy to meit's basically forcing them to live a life of shame now basically peasants within their own home Mind boggling My synopsis Lady Nicolaa is a clever young Saxon woman who tricks Royce into believing that she is at first a nun then a married woman with a baby Not only is she clever but she has become a renowned battle leader when she leads her brother's army in his absence Of course Royce and his men are a cut above what the Norman usurper sent before and they uickly overtake Nicolaa's home and men Now Royce is charged with bringing the infamous woman to his king to be auctioned of as a prize wife to the man who wants her most And Nicolaa is furious My thoughts Julie Garwood excels at writing tough as nails alpha warrior men and naive brainlessbut never helplessheroines I imagine that her characters would have truly fit into the time period for which they were created Royce is super authoritative to the point of chauvinism Me man you womanugh ugh Nicola is air headed and ridiculously naive though she doesn't let her apparent lack of brains keep her from making demands This is my Nicolaa in actions than in looksIf you've seen the movie Enchanted you'll know what I mean One problem that I had with the way her character is portrayed is that while Nicolaa sure does like to put her foot down and take a hard stance about certain issues she always seems to cave in and bow to Royce What's the point of making her this strong willed female if she ends up sounding like a vapid woman There was almost no instance in which she executes a plan that she is so determined to execute other than that first charade with the nun's clothingBut the story was captivating the scenery and the court intrigue very well done JG's historicals are so hugely different from what is written today it's almost laughable I don't suggest reading them if you have hard core feministic tendenciesthese women are mostly doormats But then their men always come around and pretty much love their women to distraction forsaking kings and friends and family just to make their lovers happy So there you goit's a special kind of romance and I very much enjoyed it

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The Prize review µ 3 ´ Librarian Note Alternate cover for ISBN 06717025139780671702519In the resplendence of William the Conueror's London court the lovely Saxon captive Nicholaa was forced to choose a husband from the assembled Norman nobles She chose Royce a baron warrior whose fierce demeanor could not conceal his chivalrous and tender heart Resourceful rebMeanor could not conceal his chivalrous and tender heart Resourceful rebellious and utterly naive Nicholaa vowed to bend Royce to her will despite the whirlwind of feelings he aroused in her Ferocious in battle seasoned in passion Royce was surprised by the depth of. I wasn't going to review this one because I don't usually write reviews when I read a well known and traditionally published author However I felt it deserved a review to explain the low ratingI hated the heroine Nicholaa There was no happy medium for this character She was either acting like an insecure adolescent seeking approval and attention or she was raising hell The only time I found the strong woman characterized at the beginning of the book believable was yes at the beginning of the book Once Baron Royce has her in his presence it was difficult to even imagine her as a strong woman She pouts She whines She snivels She looks for approval She seeks attention What the author seems to think is the behavior of a strong woman I saw as temper tantrumsAnd can I say I'm sick of heroines who are so stunningly beautiful that all men stop in their tracks and gape unable to speak past the tongue hanging out of their mouth Read enough historical romance novels and you'll begin to wonder if there were any ugly or even just passably good looking noblewomen in all of medieval England This was my fourth historical romance in as many days and without fail the heroine in each of them could have been sisters or even identical uadruplets Oh sure the hair color or the eye color changes but the description otherwise isn't original or differentIn short the characters and the plot were shallow and formulaic If you plow your way through romance novels and love them all you'll probably like this one If you demand a little depth for your reading experience this isn't the book that's going to deliver it for you

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His emotion whenever he caressed his charming brideIn a climate of utmost treachery where Saxons still intrigued against their Norman invaders Royce and Nicholaa reveled in their precious new lovea fervent bond soon to be disrupted by the call of blood kin and countr. MY FAVOURITE HISTORICAL CHECKMATENicolaa a saxonhas defended her home against the normans and the king is not happyThe king has ordered Baron Royce to bring the woman that had defended her home so well against his vassals She was going to be The Prize for the lucky knight who won the battle for her The King was allowing his knights to compete for her hand in marriage But Nicholaa saved the ueens niece So the king changed his mind and allowed Nicholaa to choose from any of the single knights Of course since she had already spent a week or so with Royce she choose's him because she knew he would not hurt her They get married and sparks flyOmg where to begin with Royce Iloved him he is everything a hero should be big bravesexyhandsome even with a scarand has a wicked sense of humour Both Nicolaa and Royce are believable lovable charactersIf you love a great story with a great HH then Please please read you won't be disappointed JG at her very best