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characters The Jungle Book ê PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ô The Jungle Book key characters are Mowgli a boy raised by wolves and Sher Khan biggest tiger in India As Baloo the sleepy brown bear Bagheera the cunning black panther Kaa the python and his other animal friends teach their beloved “man cub” the ways of theThe Jungle Book key characters are Mowgli a boy raised by wolves and Sher Khan biggest tiger in India As Baloo the sleepy brown bear Bagheera the cunning black panther Kaa the python and his other animal frien. English The Jungle Book ItalianoI didn't know that The Jungle Book was a collection of tales Thanks to the Disney movie I had always identified this novel with the story of Mowgli the man cub raised by a pack of wolves But another bedtime reading to my daughter makes me discover that this book is made up of seven stories and only three of them tell about Mowgli Mowgli's Brothers Kaa's Hunting and Tiger Tiger The search for a place to live safe from hunters is told in The White Seal Rikki Tikki Tavi presents us with a nice domesticated mongoose Toomai of the Elephants tells the story of a child with great talent Finally an unusual night meeting is told in Her Majesty's Servants And to the well known characters of Bagheera Baloo Kaa Shere Khan and Akela are added Rikki Tikki Tavi Nag Nagaina Kotick Sea Catch Billy the mule and many othersProbably this is not a maserpiece anyway Kipling produces an enjoyable read The Jungle Book or the untamed beauty of wildlifeVote 7Non sapevo che Il Libro della Giungla fosse una raccolta di racconti grazie alla Disney lo avevo sempre identificato con la storia di Mowgli il cucciolo di uomo che viene allevato da un branco di lupi Invece l'ennesima lettura della buonanotte a mia figlia mi fa scoprire che uesto libro è fatto da sette racconti di cui solo tre narrano le vicende di Mowgli I Fratelli di Mowgli La Caccia di Kaa e Tigre Tigre La ricerca di un luogo in cui vivere al sicuro dai cacciatori è raccontata in La Foca Bianca Rikki Tikki Tavi ci presenta una simpatica mangusta addomesticata Toomai degli Elefanti racconta le vicende di un bambino con un grande talento Infine un'insolita riunione notturna è raccontata in I Servitori della Regina Ed ai noti personaggi di Bagheera Baloo Kaa Shere Khan e Akela si aggiungono Rikki Tikki Tavi Nag Nagaina Kotick Sea Catch Billy il mulo e tanti altriProbabilmente non un capolavoro ma Kipling produce comunue una lettura piacevole Il libro della giungla ovvero la bellezza selvaggia degli animaliVoto 7

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Ds teach their beloved “man cub” the ways of the jungle Mowgli gains the strength and wisdom he needs for his frightful fight with Shere Khan the tiger who robbed him of his human family But there are also. IMO Rudyard Kipling is the worst example of the uintessential British Imperialist and Colonialist His attitude towards India is contemptuous and condescending As a person I dislike him intenselyKipling writes beautifully His stories are simple engaging and profound at the same time As a writer I love himThis is a childhood favourite I read it first in translation and then in the original This is a true classic it works for one as a child as well as an adult

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The Jungle BookThe tales of Rikki tikki tavi the mongoose and his “great war” against the vicious cobras Nag and Nagaina; of Toomai who watches the elephants dance; and of Kotick the white seal who swims in the Bering S. IndiaThe illustrated Jungle Book is a mixed bag of positives and negatives and if your only experience of the story is from the films then you are in for a surprising revelation Firstly the Jungle Book is not one story but an anthology of 7 short stories and 7 songs and understandably with some appealing than others The contents includeMowgli’s Brothers StoryHunting Song of the Seeonee Pack SongKaa’s Hunting StoryRoad Song of the Bandar Log Song“Tiger Tiger” StoryMowgli’s Song SongThe White Seal StoryLukannon Song“Rikki Tikki Tavi” StoryDarzee’s Chant SongToomai of the Elephants StoryShiv and the Grasshopper SongHer Majesty’s Servants StoryParade Song of the Camp Animals SongThis is also not a child’s book it is dark threatening and violent Even Baloo while teaching Mowgli the ways and language of the jungle leaves him heavily bruised The general story we all know as Mowgli the Man Cub the Frog is found as an infant and reared by wolves taught and watched over by Baloo and Bagheera and hunted by Shere Khan However if you’ve only seen the films and are unaware of the book then expect a few surprises The role of characters are transformed interactions are altered and plots are changed Death is a typical outcome often clinical and ruthless but with a purpose The written narrative and dialogue from Rudyard Kipling reminds us just how great a writer he is how he constructs a layered storyline and uses such lyrical prose to describe the scene and activities Each story starts with a little poetic verse that magically blends with the storyOnly the first 3 stories relate to Mowgli the others are a seal mongoose elephants and the ensemble of animals in Her Majesty’s Servants This is an illustrated version with two types of images; black and white sketch which are exceptionally well drawn and full colour prints that seem to vary in uality This is a Kindle version and the formatting with the images is really poor and inconsistent I actually can't believe how poor the formatting isI wasn’t uite sure with this and would probably rate it accurately as 35 stars