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From the highly acclaimed award winning author of Floating in My Mother's Palm comes a stunning novel about ordinary people living in extraordinary timesTrudi Montag is a Zwerg a dwarf short undesirable differ. I found this book at a library sale and ended up buying it because I like the way the first page read Unlike many of the people who have reviewed this book I loved it from the beginning Trudi's insight into the world is amazing and while very mature for her age with a slight mental leap completely believable Ultimately this is a book about differences When we begin the story Trudi and her friend Georg are the outcasts but as the plot progresses as the Nazi's gain power and WWII begins who is and isn't an accepted part of the community continues to morph What becomes important is how people deal with their relative societal acceptance as well as how they treat those who have been deemed outcasts With a satisfyingly ironic ending it is immensely clear the author hopes this book will challenge our considerations of all those on the the periphery of society

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Stones from the RiverEnt the voice of anyone who has ever tried to fit in Eventually she learns that being different is a secret that all humans share from her mother who flees into madness to her friend Georg whose parents preten. OK yesterday I finished the book and I am having a very hard time choosing the stars and knowing what to say Yes it is a very very good book BUT STILL it only received 4 rather then 5 stars The positive first The book is speckled with marvelous lines that get you thinking For example by getting closer to a smaller world she had found a larger world Think about that and how true it is Trudi the main character's father has died She says What she missed most was the certainty of being able to share small details of your life with someone who knew you so well Who else would possibly care what you'd thought while looking out of the window or what you'd eaten for breakfast I feel the reader is strengthened can learn something about how to live their life by having these small inconseuential views pointed out And of course I agree On the larger scale that which the book is maybe talking about is German behavior during the Second World War This too was well depicted allowing all different character types to be represented This part of the book was very difficult for me to read In all honesty I began skimming I couldn't deal with all the atrocities depicted one after the other There was no light anywhere and in a sense I find this not to be correct How do you get through terrible times Only be seeking out the small things that can make one smile Further the author discusses EVERYONE in the village It got to be too much for me I couldn't keep everyone straight but yes I did care about them How can you write a book that isn't depressing about a time such as this Well the Book Thief by Kusak manages by interspersing some points of joy in the blackness It is possible to achieve For this reason I finally chose 4 over 5 stars This book revolves around so many different themes the value of story telling how people choose to live their lives in so diametrically opposed manners the value of kindness what is it that makes one person valued by friends and another not about being different and if I can say it one time about kindness Should I have given it 5 stars Perhaps but something keeps me backThis was written when I started the bookI have only read about 100 pages but the writing has captured me Beautiful Not beautiful in a flat descriptive way but that the author captures the souls of her characters Should I uote a few lines I am not sure if that would clearly express how these lines make the characters come alive Here follows one short line to chuckle over When Trudi is invited by her friend Georg to the blessing of cars bikes farm machines and other vehicles by the holy water of the village pastor Trudi is told by Herr Abramowitz that catholic water rusts Jewish carsLately I have been reading such marvelous books It is not that I am generous with praise but rather that GoodReads is a fabulous site where readers can discover the books that they are seeking and where one is introduced to books that one has never before encountered I just had to say that I really love this site My only worry is that publishing companies and or authors turn it into an advertising medium What a shame that would be

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Stones from the River review ☆ 3 ï From the highly acclaimed award winning author of Floating in My Mother's Palm comes a stunning novel about ordinary people living in extraordinary timesTrudi Montag is a Zwerg—a dwarf—short undesirable different the voice of anyone who has ever tried to fit in Eventually she learns that being different is aD he's a girl to the Jews Trudy harbors in her cellarUrsula Hegi brings us a timeless and unforgettable story in Trudi and a small town weaving together a profound tapestry of emotional power humanity and trut. A sensitively imagined portrayal of a small German town in the fateful years between the first and second World Wars narrated from the perspective of an appealing main character who is both of the town in that she is the keeper of their secrets and the source of their gossip but also other due to her diminutive size there's a lot to like about this rich and colourful web of life For me personally it has the added attraction of this fictional town being situated just down the road the locations ones that I know well So why did I find myself skipping over huge chunks of it after a while Well the writing is plain and straightforward; nothing wrong with that it's clear and lucid you don't always want obscurity that makes you work hard but occasionally it does lapse into history teacher mode the long training in obedience to elders government and church made it difficult even for those who considered the views of the Nazis dishonourable to give voice to their misgivings And so they kept hushed yielding to each new indignity while they waited for the Nazis and their ideas to go away but with every compliance they relinuished of themselves weakening the texture of the community while the power of the Nazis swelledIt's almost as if Hegi couldn't uite trust her ability to show us this happening and has to resort every now and then to these kind of generalities to make sure we've got the message And then of course none of the snippets of songs or references to poems and stories have the appeal of the exotic for me so that may also explain a little of my lack of enthusiasm for what is actually a very well written book It's a very digestible way of learning a lot about German modern history but maybe I thought in my intellectual arrogance that I knew it all already