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Doro is an entity who changes bodies like clothes killing his hosts by reflex or design He fears no one until he meets Anyanwu Anyanwu has also died many tim. Dear Goodreads friendsIf you like to read science fiction fantasy you should get to know Octavia ButlerLoveLynButler’s 1980 novel Wild Seed is the first chronological book in her Patternmaster series This details the beginnings of the sub race of humans that will in Patternmaster be set in the far future Butler begins her narrative in 1390 in West Africa where her protagonist Anyanwu meets a strange young man named DoroSo begins a centuries old relationship often rocky between two immortals Anyanwu is a healer and a shape shifter and seems to remain at about 20 years of age though she can take the shape and apparently the DNA makeup of other people and even animals Doro on the other hand turns out to be much older and is a kind of spiritual vampire taking the bodies of his victims and “wearing” them for a whileThe central conflict of the story is the dynamic opposition between Anyanwu and Doro in regard to Doro’s millennia project of breeding a super race Doro who is spirit than man has been gathering people with unusual talents and getting them together so that their talents may be made usable and apparent in the offspring Anyanwu vehemently opposes his methods and his dehumanization of the subjectsAs interesting as this story is and it is uintessential Butler the magnetic tension between Doro and Anyanwu is the gripping central focus of the book And like Milton’s Satan Butler’s Doro is a fascinatingly complex and intriguing antagonist who displays both god like power and transcendent ennui Anyanwu’s humanism and her female relational practicality and leadership offer a vital juxtaposition to Doro’s attentive but disassociated deityOn the checklist for SFF books that should be read and a must read for Butler fans

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Wild SeedEs She can absorb bullets and make medicine with a kiss give birth to tribes nurture and heal and savage anyone who threatens those she loves She fears no on. Butler's sci fi classic has so much to recommend it She is a very talented writer and she creates a mythology and cosmology which are if not uniue then arguably the best developed of their kind Wild Seed is beautiful and lyrical and powerful but the rampant misandry and peculiar romanticization of pre colonial Africa mar it infect it like a virus There is neither subtlety nor nuance in Butler's representation of the two sexes No woman is ever a criminal or a monster or a villain those roles are reserved exclusively for the men And the only men who show any virtuous traits are remarkable because they are explicitly exceptional aberrations who invariably die at the hands of other true menButler presents the male as mind male as monster male as thief male as predator male as manipulator male as sociopath male as destroyer male as wanderer male as slaver male as arrogant false god male as controller and dominator male as compulsive incurable rapist Butler presents the female as body female as healer female as savior female as settler female as nurturer female as victim female as mother female as creatrix female as liberator female as rebel female as builder female as gardener female as defiant and noble and inherently virtuousThe sense is often that the male is the rude brute beast from which the morally ethically spiritually superior female has evolvedAnd re her depictions of pre colonial AfricaWell i think this novel would have benefited from consultation of the works of Frank M Snowden cross referenced with that of Lloyd A Thompson It's moving in a Pan Africanist sense but it lacks realityAgain there is so much of worth here and it deserves its status as a classic but its flaws are so glaring so appalling that they can eclipse everything that is good about it I was able to see of its worth with this re reading able to filter out the hypocritical misandry and suspend my disbelief for the African history portions and maybe next time I'll be able to filter out a bit For now I regrettably leave it as a 3 star book

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Wild Seed Free download Ð 4 É Doro is an entity who changes bodies like clothes killing his hosts by reflex or design He fears no one until he meets Anyanwu Anyanwu has also died many times She can absorb bullets and make medicine with a kiss give birth to tribes nurture and heal and savage anyone who threatens those she loves She fears no one until sheE until she meets Doro From African jungles to the colonies of America Doro and Anyanwu weave together a pattern of destiny that not even immortals can imagi. Wild Seed Two African immortals battle for supremacy in early AmericaOriginally posted at Fantasy LiteratureWild Seed 1980 was written last in Octavia Butler’s 5 book PATTERNIST series but comes first in chronology The next books by internal chronology are Mind of My Mind 1977 Clay’s Ark 1984 and Patternmaster 1976 Butler was later unsatisfied with Survivor 1978 and elected to not have it reprinted so I will focus on the main 4 volumes Wild Seed is an origin story set well before later books and can stand on its own It’s one of those books whose basic plot could be described in just a few paragraphs but the themes it explores are deep challenging and thought provoking I’ve read a lot of academic discussion of the book but my approach is always on whether the book is engaging as a SFF storyIt’s the story of Doro a being who inhabits and discards human bodies at will who first arose in the time of the Pharaohs in Egypt Initially he was a just the sickly youngest child of 12 siblings but when he was dying he accidentally took over his mother and father’s bodies to survive After that he spent millennia continually switching bodies and creating seed colonies in West Africa where to attempts to breed people with psychic abilities creating and powerful beings However if they ever become a threat to him he destroys them without hesitation For reasons unknown even to himself he takes the greatest pleasure in taking the bodies of such psychic beingsOne day Doro detects the presence of Anyanwu a powerful black female shape shifter and healer She can heal her own body and change into the shape of any animal or person and has lived for over 300 years Doro knows her genetic abilities could be tremendous if he breeds her with the right partners Because Doro thinks of humans as merely livestock intended to further his psychic breeding projects She is a proud creature but she recognizes that his power is even greater and lethal so eventually she agrees to be taken to the New World on a slaver ship taking the Middle Passage that so many slaves from Africa travelled But because Doro rules the crew who are mostly his ‘people’ including his white son Isaac they don’t make the trip in chains During the trip Anyanwu who knows no English or Western customs is slowly taught the ways of the New WorldUpon reaching the New World Doro mates with Anyanwu but then decides that she should marry his son Isaac as he thinks this union will produce the most promising offspring Initially she is unhappy with this situation but as she learns that Isaac is a decent man and nothing like his ruthless immortal father she settles into this new life in the town of Wheatley It turns out that Doro has numerous seed communities and they revere and fear him as a god like being who can take their lives at his whim But he also provides them protection from Indian attacks and sometimes from White racism Sometimes he takes white bodies other times black bodies but his freedom of movement is better with the former So he comes and goes checking on each place mating with the most promising women and then moving onThe relationship of Doro and Anyanwu is an uneasy one – he knows that she does not love him and resents his ruthless killin