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DeerskinAs Princess Lissar reaches womanhood it is clear to all the kingdom that in her breathtaking beauty she is the mirror image of h. I give this older Robin McKinley dark fantasy novel a very ualified recommendation It's loosely based on the old Donkeyskin fairy tale and deals directly with unpleasant trigger themes rape incest and miscarriage It's handled with sensitivity and might be cathartic for some readers but it's definitely not light readingLissar is a young shy princess with a drop dead gorgeous mother When her mother falls ill and dies having lost the will to live because her illness sapped her beauty the king is deeply distraught As Lissar grows older and becomes the image of her mother her father becomes unhealthily obsessed culminating in one horrible night Lissar escapes with her devoted dog to an isolated cabin in the mountains but for many months she's delirious and barely functional It's a very gradual healing process for Lissar with some tremendously difficult times There are also some truly heartwarming parts in the rest of the story wonderful dogs and PUPPIES and a truly kindhearted man the beta hero type But make no mistake this is a difficult book to read Aside from the subject matter Lissar's interior monologuing is too long winded at times and McKinley's penchant for nightmarish incomprehensible scenes gets full play here twice in fact I actually reread Deerskin at least once maybe even twice back in my days as a huge McKinley fan but I don't know that I'll ever pick it up again Maybe I'll just reread the parts with the puppies and skip the rest


READ Deerskin ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ✓ As Princess Lissar reaches womanhood it is clear to all the kingdom that in her breathtaking beauty she is the mirror image of her mother the ueen But this seeming blessing forces her to flee for safety from her father's wrath With her loyal dog Ash at her side Lissar unlocks a door to a world of mSide Lissar unlocks a door to a world of magic where she finds the key to her survival and an adventure beyond her wildest drea. This is one of my all time favorite books McKinley's writing is amazing dreamlike gut wrenching heartwarming and this book is not for everyone It has a very dark tone the first few chapters are very painful to read Your heart will be ripped to pieces several times before the book ends BUT despite all of this I found it to be a very uplifting story of triumph loveDeerskin is the story of Princess Lissar who at first glance appears to live a charmed life Actually once we dig a little deeper we realize Lissar is very alone isolated in her world Her parents don't seem to remember she exists she has no friends The turning point begins when her mother dies and she receives a puppy as a gift of condolence from Prince Ossin whom she names Ash Her Dad crazy with grief over the loss of his ueen turns into a nutcase and completely forgets he has daughter for several years During this time Lissar Ash grow up together become bonded closer than any two beings can be Then one day her dad remembers he has a daughter decides it is time for her to marry start producing an heir Once he takes a good look at Lissar he notices how beautiful she has become how much she resembles her mother I don't want to give anything else away but this is the beginning of Lissar's transformation into the mystical creature Deerskin and the brutal end of her life as she knows itDespite the dreary beginning this story is ultimately a positive one and especially recommended for doganimal lovers The scenes with the puppy rearing Lissar's eventual opening up to Prince Ossin the magical mystical ualities of the story make this a must read Lissar is a heroine to admire Prince Ossin is a ray of light in a world filled with selfish spoiled and revolting men Lissar's dog Ash is the glue that holds her together through good times and badSo if you're up for an emotional read that is well worth the pain put a day aside to read this one just make sure you have a box of Kleenex handy You're guaranteed to cry tears of pain of joy This one unuestionably gets 5 out of 5 stars

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Er mother the ueen But this seeming blessing forces her to flee for safety from her father's wrath With her loyal dog Ash at her. Originally reviewed on The Book Smugglers Trigger Warning Rape abuse incest Princess Lissla Lissar is the daughter of a heroic and handsome king who won the hand of the most beautiful woman in the Seven Kingdoms Every night Lissar listens to her nursemaid spin the same tale the story of her father winning her mother's hand over the other six Kings by completing an impossible superhuman task Every day and every night Lissar hears the story of her mother's incredible beauty and her father's heroic deeds and how much everyone in the kingdom loves their royal leaders On the rare occasions that Lissar gets to see her parents or even interact with other children she is always in the background neglected and forgotten in the face of the stunning beauty and splendor of her parents But one day the beautiful ueen is not uite as beautiful as she once was and loses her will to live Before she dies she commissions a great and terrible painting of her unparalleled beauty and with her dying breath she makes her husband promise that he will only marry again if his bride is as beautiful as she Racked by his grief the King agrees driven mad by his grief As the kingdom mourns Princess Lissar withdraws further away from the prying eyes and games of the court her only true friend is her beloved hound Ash and together she and Ash spend the next uiet years in a secluded part of the castle away from the eyes of Lissar's father When Lissar turns seventeen however everything changes as her father's feverish gaze seizes on Lissar's blooming beauty and her resemblance to her mother Following a nightmarish birthday ball the King declares that he will marry Princess Lissla Lissar in three days Horrified and alone Lissar tries to lock herself away from her father but to no avail he breaks down her doors beats and rapes his daughter in the night Battered terrified but with a stubborn will to live Lissar stumbles away from the palace with only the company of her loyal dog Ash and makes her way through the cold cruel woods After a long cold winter Lissar is able to heal though she blocks out all memory of her past When the weather warms she leaves her isolated home in the woods for a new kingdom and earns a job in the palace kennels Here Lissar makes a new life for herself but she will be forced to confront her past once and for all with a future of hope and happiness waiting for herDeerskin is not an easy book to read Incredibly disturbing painful and triggering this is NOT a book for everyone That said as horrific and raw as this book is Deerskin is also a resonant powerful and empowering read From a writing perspective Robin McKinley tends towards the verbose and the ornate sometimes this works for her books and sometimes in my opinion it does not I am happy to say that Deerskin is one of the successful endeavors with its beautiful languid prose vivid images and descriptions McKinley is retelling a fairy tale after all and Deerskin is a decidedly dreamlike book with heavy folklore overtones As Philip Pullman discusses in his version of the story Thousandfurs and in general for Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm the magic of a fable lies in its telling and Deerskin excels in this regard with its lush turns of phrase Even when describing something as simple as cleaning a hut in the middle of winter or the techniues to feed ailing puppies both events that occur in this text mind you McKinley makes the story effortlessly interesting and surprisingly ethereal But beyond the setting the telling and the world Deerskin is really a book that comes down to a horrific story and a young woman's stubborn will to live Heroine Lissar who becomes Deerskin and Moonwoman is the sole figure at the heart of this book and on whose shoulders the tale's success or failure rests And let me say this once with feeling Lissar is an amazing gut wrenching awe inspiring heroine I loved her character I cried for her character I rooted wholeheartedly for her character Lissar's growing dread defines the first part of this book as she looks into her father's eyes for the first time and sees something she cannot name but something that frightens her deeply Like a nightmare the next years of her young life unfold with her always pulling away from her father's notice until it comes to a crashing horrific climax following her seventeenth birthday This for me was an incredibly challenging read I had to keep putting the book down because it was so disturbing but Robin McKinley does a phenomenal job of building this terror and claustrophobia and then segueing the book from one of fear to one of hope Because as dark and horrific as the first part of the story is as Lissar flees her old life and begins to heal and gradually comes to confront her past it's an amazing and empowering arc And it has a happy ending one where Lissar is able to confront and defeat the monster of her past and have a future of happiness and lifeI could wax on about Lissar and Ash the most touching wonderful relationship between a woman and her closest animal companion that I have read probablyever about the folkloric elements with the Moonwoman that helps Lissar find her way about the slow simmering relationship between Lissar and Prince Ossinbut perhaps those are all things that are best discovered by the reader Suffice it to say I loved all of these different threads and Robin McKinley's skill at weaving them together into a complete story I don't know if I'll read Deerskin again in the near future most likely not But I feel stronger and smarter and alive for reading it and I absolutely recommend it