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Come the NightFrom London's smoke filled gaming clubs to the lavender scented air of the Norfolk countryside this epic r. Like a lot of people I read romance novels to escape They are not complicated and they are fast and easy I can finish a book in less than 3 days even if I'm busy This was the first book by Christina Skye that I've read and while I didn't think it was all that fabulous by itself it was entertaining and promising enough that it certainly won't be my last The hero is introduced as a highwayman although it's evident from very early on that he might actually be a real English gentleman because his voice is very cultured and he has knowledge of things that a typical highwayman would have no reason to know The heroine is 21 Her father mother and oldest sister are all dead and somewhat mysteriously so so she is taking care of her 12 year old brother and running the family business a lavender farm until the younger brother reaches the age of majority and is able to take over the farm for himself Before I get completely carried away I have to share the names of the hero and heroine The names of romance novel characters are usually hilarious and this book is no different Her name is Susannah St Clair but her nickname is Silver because she has a silver streak in her hair The hero's name is Lucien Reede Tiberius Fitzgerald Delamere but the people who know his real name call him Luc A little over the top Absolutely And I love it In the first third of the novel the author is throwing out random hints in what I felt was a very poorly executed manner and I was frustrated about the fact that she was being so secretive and random in her descriptions of the characters' pasts For example the father might have been murdered but it was staged to be a suicide and the mother was probably murdered but nobody can prove it and the dead sister's husband is a sex slave trafficker who wants to auction off the heroine and mean men keep showing up at the lavender farm to burn the bushes and smash the vials of perfume essence and the hero has pet ferrets HUH who help him rob coaches and he seems to be a traitor to his country but you're never entirely sure because the sentences are even weirder and awkward than the one you are currently reading And of course while all this is going on you have the dialogue that occurs between the hero and heroine which starts out as normal romance novel tripe but uickly becomes a teeth grinding lesson in repetitious futility that goes something like Him I'm a dangerous man Her Hehehehe what Him I said I was dangerous Sunbeam which is his nickname for her even though every other character in the book calls her Silver Her OMG whatever No you aren't I'm lively and spirited and I single handedly run a successful lavender farm But you should totally help me scare away the bad guys who keep trying to burn my precious lavender bushes Let's booby trap the lavender farm Him You are innocent I can't help you with your problems at the lavender farm I would only hurt you Her Hehehehehe what Him growls I need to go NOW Her Are you talking about manly passions OMG I know all about manly passions DON'T GO Him I'll show YOU manly passions Intermission of KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS KISS Him I told you I was dangerous Her You go away now I can take care of the lavender farm by myse

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E gentry with his lethal midnight forays Silver St Clair is the only woman brave enough to steal his heart. As I have mentioned before I am a sucker for highwayman books I know most were probably ugly dirty gross specimens of Manhood but ever since reading and falling in love with Alfred Noyes The Highwayman parts of my heart yearn to be loved by one Luc is such a man Dark mysterious he fits my ideal And Silver was a most unusual heroine Doing her best to make a go of her deceased father's lavender fields and take care of her 12 year old brother she is definitely open to crooks and evil men But she is a fighter and Luc is mesmerized by her at first meeting I loved the idea of Luc's Partners in crime two well trained ferrets Definitely not your usual sidekicks All in all this was a delightful read

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READ & DOWNLOAD Come the Night î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB î From London's smoke filled gaming clubs to the lavender scented air of the Norfolk countryside this epic romance follows the paths of two colliding destinies The Black Lord is a masked highwayman who terrifies the gentry with his lethal midnight forays Silver St Omance follows the paths of two colliding destinies The Black Lord is a masked highwayman who terrifies th. Historical romance riddled with danger and intrigue written in such an excellently detailed manner that the reader loses themselves in another world; an absolute delight to read In a time gone by when men chose the course of events Silver St Clair is the image of what a well bred lady should not be I loved her the depth of her character explodes from the pages and twines nicely with our charismatic hero and highwayman As historical romances go this is one of the best I’ve ever read – the choice is now yours though Lovers of Christina Skye and the Historical Romance genre will be enticed by the book description but I would advise anyone interested in a stirring and entertaining read take a look at this bookAnyone having read the Draycott Abbey series will be familiar to the detailed work of Christina Skye – this series in completely different but worth a little time travelling to the past