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Cyanide and HappinessDay you die Just see what their mothers have to sayDave is a nice young man with a bright future ahead of him I always knew he was a gifted boy who would go on to do great things I hope he settles down with a nice young woman and s the out of her Dave's momI don't know how to get computer. These are all so weird disturbing and unfunny

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Introducing the first real tangible ignitable collection of the hit online comic Cyanide Happiness featuring a selection of your favorite comics and thirty brand new stripsFrom the minds of Kris Rob Matt and Dave comes a barrage of irreverent entertainment sure to keep you amused until the. TEN wholly inappropriate examples demonstrating why Cyanide Happiness is tasteless cleverly offensive and always often some pretty funny shit  A nice intro that sets the stage nicely I call this one “Birth of a Serial Killer” as this is just the kind of honest parental communication that scars children and helps develop that newsworthy “let’s go slaughter the diners at a McDonald’s” worldview  Zombie hygienec’mon what’s not to love  A classic example of the damage that miscommunication has caused throughout recorded history Pluswhores  Warningthis next one is not for the sheepish Besides an apology for the bad pun I have nothing to add to thisthe shit is just messed up  This was the breakthrough moment for me when I first laughed out loud and realized that I was going to really enjoy myself reading thisespecially the wordless last panel   When you can make broken hearted suicide FUNNY you are a doing it right and b doing it very very very wrong   This “look on the Brightside” moment about one of America’s favorite eating disorders just seemed too smartly disgusting not to include   The tear coming down the face in the last panel was just brilliant Sick twisted and funny  Another involuntary out loud guffaw elicited through the perfectly timed use of our language’s most versatile expletive  I’m a comic book geek so I had to include this one An important lesson for the kids out there Overall this collection was mostly good to very good with the added YAY of a handful of brilliant gut busters My sub four star rating is reflective of the fact that there were large stretches where I would simply smile appreciatively or give the humor a courtesy mental kudo for clever effort Still  while not as consistently funny as say Oatmeal and his 5 Very Good Reasons to Punch a Dolphin in the Mouth and Other Useful Guides there were enough genuinely hilarious and unabashedly sick “oh you didn’t just do that” moments that I am confident I will be revisiting this world againprobably soon 30 to 35 stars Recommended PS Since it's Sunday here's a bonus strip because I didn’t get a chance to throw in something truly blasphemous above

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Cyanide and Happiness Read ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free É Introducing the first real tangible ignitable collection of the hit online comic Cyanide Happiness featuring a selection of your favorite comics and thirty brand new stripsFrom the minds of Kris Rob Matt and Dave comes a barrage of irrevPictures so I'm glad Kris finally has a book out I haven't read it yet but I hope he gives me a uote on the back Kris's momI hope Robert's book does well so he can finally afford to move out He plays his hip hop music too loud Rob's momMatt's mom was unavailable for a uote due to being de. I've said it before and I'll say it again Humor books like Cyanide and Happiness defy both ratings and reviews; either you like them or you don't and there's not always a whole lot of wiggle room in this concept What sets Cyanide and Happiness apart along these lines is just how transgressive much of the humor is and again if you like transgressive humor you're likely to enjoy all of the books in the Cyanide and Happiness series as wellThe book and series isn't all for shock value though Several of the jokes are borderline intellectual if that's possible for a book like this; foremost in my mind among jokes like this are that about Schrödinger's cat p 115—which Kris Wilson and company outright state most of Cyanide and Happiness' audience won't get—and that about the meteorologist p 53 though the latter gag is very borderline But most of the jokes as befits this collected webcomic rely on sight gags that play with the conventions of paneled cartoons as well as plays on words of all sorts and of various degrees of taste If Wilson et al's humor was only transgressive and less clever it wouldn't be anywhere near as tolerable as it is; that even the grossest jokes in the book are clever is testimony to its relative ualityAgain the purpose of a review of a humor book especially one of a webcomics is essentially for the reader to figure out if they'll enjoy it not so much as an objective assessment of its uality since such assessments are inherently subjective; if you like clever transgressive humor Cyanide and Happiness is for you