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From the jacket In a collection of essays open letters from California's Folsom State Prison Eldridge Clea. Let me begin by saying that when I read this book I was very young A lot of what I learned with this reading was admittedly violent and based in misogyny But everything I learned here was so different from anything my parents church and school taught that it sent me looking into all kinds of other missions As a result of reading this book I have also read THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MALCOLM X MEIN KAMPF WHY DO WHITE GUYS HAVE ALL THE FUN THE CLANSMAN and THE LEOPARD'S SPOTS to name a few Each of these books had a lesson not going to say wherther it was good or bad right or wrong negative or positiveOverall having begun with SOUL ON ICE I was impelled to toward a moral and intellectual journey Subseuently I think I have developed into a far better person in part due to the my response to this book though the book itself is not a fabulous reading experience

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Soul On IceTionLetters from PrisonBlood of the BeastPrelude to Love Three LettersWhite Woman Black ManAbout the Autho. I feel compelled to try to negate the overwhelmingly negative atmosphere on this page of Goodreads reviews and to try to do so as convincingly as one person can amidst such abundant ignorance There is a lot of whining derision mockery and whatever going on here and it simply does the book one grave injustice after another This is not a children's book or even one for young adults so if you approach this book set in an immature frame of mind set in your own conception of how the world is and should be unwilling to yield to an experience so alien you'll get burned Don't even bother with itThis is a man laying forth his naked soul not just his but the soul of a people that has been sickened starved beaten thoroughly than any in history It isn't so pretty did you think it would be It is in fact very ugly Cleaver is somewhat extreme but can you blame him If you had even a basic realization of how horribly your kin have been abused for generations would you be angry Cleaver was an intelligent man I think the book makes this obvious and he became furious and indignant because he realized This fury this incredible compassion urgency imagine these things churning in Cleaver's soul Imagine it aggravated by the hyperactive mind of a natural intellect it's no secret what torture a powerful mind can wreak on the soul and vice versa Cleaver represents through his writing the tortured black tortured intellect tortured poor tortured criminal no wonder this writing hits so hard It is a fearsome condemnation of America both then and today as wellOur society was and judging by these reviews still is well anesthetized to the trauma of the black American So from our numbness we can easily launch criticisms judgments without feeling what we say It is a trauma that is manifest in the sickness of Eldridge Cleaver The sickness of 'revolutionary' rape for example A sickness that Cleaver denounces as juvenile and misguided on the very next page I don't want to call Cleaver a victim but how else do you describe the black American People like free will and they like to condemn each other without acknowledging the system the environment and its very real role in deciding what we become Before so freely condemning Cleaver I would recommend condemning white AmericaI find Cleaver's views on society accurate some say they are too general too illogical etc Welcome to segregated America Welcome to the logic of separate but eual This book is not about being rational Cleaver is talking about people and how we relate interact coexist clash; and he is talking about a very corrupt system no ice skating I don't hate America I almost love it We have enjoyed privileges that are unrivaled But consider the cost because it is huge and most of us today probably aren't paying itThese reviews seem indicative of the book's difficulty but also of a popular alienation from the race uestion or any such challenge for that matter It seems that nowadays people think social issues in America are solved have forgotten about it and get confused when they read something that offends them Well if you're short on empathy if your mind is bedsore leave Cleaver alone I have no answer for you Read something else if you want to open your mind or something noble like that Whatever you do make sure you don't write a Goodreads review about it

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Free download Soul On Ice ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ó From the jacket In a collection of essays open letters from California's Folsom State Prison Eldridge Cleaver writes about the forces which shaped his life which are currently molding our national destinyIntroductionLetters from PrisonBlood of the BeastPrelude toVer writes about the forces which shaped his life which are currently molding our national destinyIntroduc. I really should give this revolting book this book five stars instead of one in recognition of the fact that it demonstrated what idiocy I am capable of I belong in other words to the generation that read this book recommended it highly to everyone for two years and spent the next forty years being highly embarrassed about having done soEldridge Cleaver was a serial rapist who said he enjoyed committing the act with white women than black He was also a homophobe and an advocate of violent revolution He was the darling of the radicals of my generation who were so desperate to establish their credentials as being opposed to racism nuclear weapons the Viet Nam war the consumer society and the establishment that they would endorse any lunatic position writer doctrine or politician We were led by our good intentions to admire not only Cleaver but also Ho Chi Minh Mao Tse Tung Che Guevara and others Read this book which was greatly lionized in its time to understand the extent to which my generation went off half cocked