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Summary ↠ When Seducing a Duke µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Enchant Tempt Entice Beguile Just a few things a woman must do when seducing a dukeRose Danvers charms her way into the glittering masked ball with only one man on her mind She would risk certain scandal for a kiss from Greyden Kane Duke of Ryeton—thoughAce a terrible mistake Grey knows he must do the honorable thing and find Rose a husband But Rose will not be pawned off for propriety's sake She will not rest until her seduction is complete and she has the duke bedded wedded and deeply satisfied All he has to do is say yes. The most difficult choices are sometimes the easiest to make when the time comes

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Uch The ravishing woman in burgundy takes Grey's breath away She reminds him of the sheltered beauty entrusted to his care the only one who has ever touched his icy heart But Rose would never allow herself to be so indiscreet so ruled by passionBelieving their forbidden embr. When Seducing a Duke takes place in London 1877 Greyden Kane Duke of Ryeton is a very rich and privileged man He has lived a very debauched life where he has seduced both mothers and daughters alike enjoyed taking the virginities of young innocent misses and has “frigged” than his own share of widows Then an event three years ago changed his life forever One night while he was enjoying himself and had too much to drink he was attacked and given a six inch scar on his face That attack changed Greyden forever He turned his back on his friends and the London society who came to despise him Because Grey’s beautiful face was ruined he hid literally behind a mask he know wears to hide his scarGrey still has wants and desires and for some reason he joins his younger eually rakish brother Archer to Saint’s Row a club that gives the appearance of propriety and good manners but beneath it all many are able to act out their most scandalous desires This night the Kane brothers enjoy a masked ball where many anonymous women are open to having a few hours in a secluded room with the men of their choosing Grey doesn’t want just any woman He lusts for Rose Danvers a woman ten years his junior Rose’s deceased father helped Grey in so many ways And as Danvers lay dying he made Grey promise that he wouldn’t touch Rose or ruin her Grey makes that promise even though he yearns for Rose to the point where it hurts As Grey is watching the orgy like events below him he spots a masked lady in the distance who robs him of all breath She reminds him so much like Rose He will have one night with this mysterious lady She welcomes his attentions and they engage in amazing sex in one of the special roomsThe masked woman is Rose and she knows what she has done is beyond foolish But she has always loved Grey and wants to belong to him even with his past She wonders if Grey really has no clue she was the masked woman he so wonderfully loved Grey acts towards Rose with kindness as much as a brother would Because he feels he owes the Danvers a world of gratitude he will pay for Rose to go out into society so she can find herself a husband This eats at Grey away inside but since he can’t stand to attend balls and the parties where he would be ostracized he stays at home hungering for Rose He even goes back the Saint’s Row where he sees his mysterious lady again And then he is able to put two and two together especially one night when Rose who has too much to drink tells Grey her feelings for himWhen Seducing the Duke is a luscious and sizzling historical with a hero who aches for his heroine Grey has much to atone for because of his shocking past He lives up to the Duke of Slut many times over His redemption comes in the form of Rose who shows Grey that through love that he has been forgiven Grey’s guilt over the night he was scarred and the death of Rose’s father eats away at him He battles the demons inside because he wants Rose so deeply He lusts for her to the point he is ready to go mad but denies himself because of all the wrongs he has done to other womenRose is a bit of a saucy wench She loves to read dirty magazines that no women of her station should know about She enjoys her sexuality and wants Grey to enjoy it with her The language these two share is very spicy as well as the love scenes between them Kathryn can sure write some hot love makingI found the beginning of When Seducing a Duke to be reminiscent of a past Elizabeth Hoyt novel Some may find it a bit unbelievable with Rose being plundered by Gray where he doesn’t know that it is she right away Kathryn uickly nips that in the bud The next step is watching these two try to decide what their future holds It isn’t that hard to figure out but watching Grey try to stay away from Rose was great to because his eventual downfall that will lead into Rose’s arms will be all the sweeterThe relationship between Grey and Archer is wonderful These are two brothers who would die for one another if there came a time Archer is a rascal and I can’t wait for his own story Kathryn gives you an idea who his heroine may be but keeps you guessing She puts some possibilities out there but the fun in reading is trying to figure out who will be his luck ladySpicy hot steamy and passionate are only a few words that come to mind while reading When Seducing a Duke Historical romance fans are not going to want to miss out on this one

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When Seducing a DukeEnchant Tempt Entice Beguile Just a few things a woman must do when seducing a dukeRose Danvers charms her way into the glittering masked ball with only one man on her mind She would risk certain scandal for a kiss from Greyden Kane Duke of Ryeton though she lusts for much m. After a brutal attack that leaves the Duke of Ryeton Greyden Kane beaten and half his face carrying a scar Grey removes himself from society and the wagging tongues but his desire can not be denied so easy as the woman he swore to protect Rose Danvers is the one he can never haveuntil she puts matters into her own hands Greyden Kane the Duke of Ryeton was well known womanizer and scoundrel in the first degree and worse way When he gets his dues he’s left with a scar that runs across his face and a hellva wake up call Mostly due to this Grey bows out of society from others looking at him like a monster or worse The worse blow comes with the death of his dear friend that leaves him taking care of his friend’s widow and daughter Rose Danvers His desire for Rose almost brings him to his knees but making a promise to his friend to stay far away Rose Grey gives his word but even after three years his can’t get Rose out of his head so he takes drastic measures going to a masked ball to find a replacement for Rose at least for one night He can’t believe his eyes when he finds the woman who could pass off as Rose’s twin Keeping their masks in place Grey and the Rose replacement have two nights of satisfying passion until the truth comes to light Rose has been in love with Grey nursing him after his attack and growing up fast after the death of her father she always knew she could turn to Grey and saw behind the devil may care mask he wore to the man whom he could be but knowing he would never desire her after overhearing his promise to her father Rose comes up with a plan to rid of Grey from her system once and for all and move on to marry a man whom may love her with help from her friend comes up with a plan to make love to Grey without him knowing But instead of getting rid of her passion for Grey it only grows until she can’t hide the truth any Only the truth doesn’t set them free and Rose must help Grey face his past demons and bringing him back to life then just existing Whew What a book I was torn between reading this book in one sitting and wanting to stretch it as long as I could I felt the range of emotions that run through the whole book as Grey hides way in the shadows and Rose bringing the light Unlike other authors whom shows glimpses of hero’s bad pasts Kathryn Smith shows Grey’s bad boy past in full colors Grey was a total man slut with no regard to the women he slept with When he gets his comeuppance Grey sees the errors of his ways and hides into the shadows ashamed of his appearance and his past behavior But by hiding he not only hurts himself but the rest of his family Grey was one of those heroes you knew was so redeemable not only by his actions but by his feelings He loved Rose but didn’t want to shame her while he hid away He knew he was a bastard for what he did to one woman whom he “thought” was part of his attack and didn’t know how to ask forgiveness when he learns the truth Your giving choices to either hate or love Grey but in the end you forgive him because he because a truly changed man willing to finally walk out from the shadows Rose was willful and passionate she could be a pain in the butt It was really part of her charm as she tried to push and find ways to get Grey back into the world It’s not a easy pill for Rose or the reader to learn about the many things Grey did But like her you see the changed man that Grey is and could be and have faith in him Rose grows up from her hero worship love to the love a woman supporting in the man she loves Rose because the great foil to Grey as she helps him back into the world with Grey making Rose because a strong mature woman While I loved the emotions that played between Rose and Grey it at times was nerve wreaking as the both seem to suffer the Foot In Mouth Syndrome knowing what the said was wrong they just didn’t think before their spoke and this went on a little to much and a little to long I think everyone has suffered from saying the wrong thing but every time I don’t think so Plus I felt it border on spiteful when either one didn’t get their way Although it did leave to some passion filled moments And this book had a high level of steam that it could be cut with a knife The love scenes between the two were smoking and even the sexual tension could burn down the house Just the way I like it The secondary characters wrapped up the story nicely with the interaction between Grey and his brother Archer that was very funny Rose and her BF Eve as Eve and Rose face their own futures with marriages and love There was a lot of loose ends with some characters like Arch new love Rose old suitor and Eve’s future that will no doubt be in the next books Overall a hero looking for redemption and love as he comes out of the shadows and a woman who loves him as she tries to bring him back into the world of light with her love A beautiful and steamy read