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Mobi Ø Ivanhoe Author Walter Scott ↠ Walter Scott For this novel Scott moved far away from the setting of his own turbulent time He went back to the late 12th century and to England rather 930 Ivanhoe Sir Walter ScottIvanhoe is a historical novel by Sir Walter Scott first published in 1820 in three volumes and subtitled A Romance At the time it was written it represented a shift by Scott away from fairly realistic novels set in Scotland in the comparatively recent past to a somewhat fanciful depiction of medieval England It has proved to be one of the best known and most influential of Scott's novels Ivanhoe is the story of one of the remaining Saxon noble families at a time when the nobility in England was overwhelmingly Norman It follows the Saxon protagonist Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe who is out of favour with his father for his allegiance to the Norman king Richard the Lionheart The story is set in 1194 after the failure of the Third Crusade when many of the Crusaders were still returning to their homes in Europe King Richard who had been captured by Leopold of Austria on his return journey to England was believed to still be in captivityعنوانها انگلیس در هشت قرن پیش با قسمتهایی از جنگهای صلیبی؛ آیوانهو؛ نویسنده سر والتر اسکات؛ توسن ادبیات انگلیس؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز دهم ماه ژوئن سال 2014میلادیعنوان انگلیس در هشت قرن پیش با قسمتهایی از جنگهای صلیبی؛ تالیف سروالتر اسکات؛ ترجمه و نگارش عبدالله انصاری؛ مشخصات نشر تهران، شرکت مطبوعات، 1320، مشخصات ظاهری 160ص؛ این کتاب تحت عنوان «آیوانهوئه» در سالهای مختلف با مترجمان و ناشران متفاوت چاپ گردیده است، موضوع داستان‌های انگلیسی سده 19م، انگلستان تاریخ ریچارد اول، سال 1189میلادی 1199م – داستان سده 19معنوان ایوانهو؛ تالیف سروالتر اسکات؛ مترجم خسرو شایسته؛ تهران، سپیده، 1364، در 174ص؛ مصور، فروس انتشارات سپیده دوازده، کتاب برای نخستین بار با عنوان «آیوانهو» با ترجمه عنایت الله شکیباپور توسط انتشارات توسن منتشر شده استعنوان ایوانهو متن کوتاه شده؛ تالیف سروالتر اسکات؛ مترجم تهمینه مظفری؛ تهران، نشر مرکز، 1386، در 298ص، شابک 9789643059545؛عنوان ایوانهو؛ تالیف سروالتر اسکات؛ مترجم عنایت الله شکیباپور؛ تهران، توسن، 1363، در 87ص؛ مصور، فروست انتشارات سپیده دوازده؛عنوان ایوانهو متن کوتاه شده؛ تالیف سروالتر اسکات؛ مترجم شکوفه اخوان؛ تهران، نهال نویدان، 1375، در 159ص، شابک 9649004653؛عنوان ایوانهو؛ تالیف سروالتر اسکات؛ مترجم محمدتقی دانیا؛ تهران، دبیر، 1386، در 208ص، شابک 9789642621224؛عنوان ایوانهو؛ تالیف سروالتر اسکات؛ مترجم محمدتقی دانیا؛ تهران، دادجو دبیر، 1388، در 174ص، شابک 9789642621224؛سِر والتر اسکات، رمان‌نویس، شاعر، تاریخ‌دان و زندگی‌نامه‌ نویس اسکاتلندی، که ایشان را پدر رمان تاریخی می‌دانند، قالبی را که ایشان برای این سبک از ادبیات داستانی، به‌ کار بسته، تا به امروز از آن قالب پیروی شده‌ است؛ اشعار، و رمان‌های معروف به «وِیورلی» ایشان، به بازگویی رخدادهای هیجان انگیز، در باره ی تاریخ میهن اش می‌پردازند، و سایر رمان‌ه

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Ivanhoe Author Walter Scott Book ¼ 541 pages Download à For this novel Scott moved far away from the setting of his own turbulent time He went back to the late 12th century and to England rather than the Scottish settings of all his previous novels He connected his writing Ivanhoe with his concerns about contemporary eventsSc Than the Scottish settings of all his previous novels He connected his writing Ivanhoe with his concerns about contemporary eventsScott d It is hard to know what to say about Ivanhoe It is part Robin Hood style adventure part history and full of thematic richness I was surprised that Ivanhoe himself figures into this tale somewhat sporadically There are many characters who receive in depth development and the Jewess Rebecca is fully developed than the heroine Rowena The attitudes toward Jews in the novel make one uncomfortable in the same way that you feel when reading The Merchant of Venice It is obvious that Scott himself does not sanction this view of Jews but even the characters who admire and are helped by Rebecca make comments regarding being defiled by her presence or touch I constantly had to attempt to put myself into the time in uestion and remind myself that this is history and to have written it any other way would have been falseIt is easy to see why Sir Walter Scott was a popular writer in his time and has survived The story is fun in the same way tales of King Arthur and his Knights are The descriptions of the lists and tournaments are vivid portrayals There are plot surprises there is laughter particularly in the forms of a jester and a Thane and there is familiarity in the characters that we have seen time and again from this era Richard the Lion Hearted Robin Hood and his Merry Men and the evil King John

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Ivanhoe Author Walter ScoRew together the apparently opposing themes of historical reality and chivalric romance social realism and high adventure past and present “Hearken” he Brian de Bois Guilbert said “Rebecca; I have hitherto spoken mildly to thee but now my language shall be that of a conueror Thou art the captive of my bow and spear—subject to my will by the laws of all nations; nor will I abate an inch of my right or abstain from taking by violence what thou refusest to entreaty or necessity”“Stand back” said Rebecca—“which portion of “no” dost thou not comprehend? Kindly desist from thou crapulous Trumpery posthaste”Some of the above uotes hath indeed been tampered with from Sir Walter Scott’s original text Apologies to all purists Honestly I cannot stand that longwinded de Bois Guilbert What a silly bunt as Eric Idle would sayBrian de Bois Guilbert and poor RebeccaTook me one month19 days to read this audio book I would have read it faster if it had been compelling but Ivanhoe is not an easy book to read the olde English dialogue takes getting used to and while some of it is uite entertaining it often drags especially when that damned de Bois Guilbert is delivering his interminable gabbleIt is hard to summarize what the novel is about as it is so fragmented Set in the 12th century the novel sort of follows Wilfred Ivanhoe as he returns from the Holy Land after the Third Crusade has ended He soon entered a jousting tournament and jousted the asses off the other competitors Ivanhoe wins the tournament but is gravely injured after his foes ganged up on him; fortunately a mysterious Black Knight shows up to aid him He is then taken to Rebecca the Jewess Ivanhoe his Dad Rebecca and others are soon kidnapped by dastardly Norman Maurice de Bracy a friend of the verbal diarrhea afflicted de Bois Guilbert They are taken to Toruilstone the castle of Front de Boeuf another antagonist The Black Knight soon comes to the rescue with the help of the sharp shootin’ Robin Hood Friar Tuck and many other hipster outlaw types Many events follow and await your discoveryThe Black Knight though he retains both arms in this bookOK now I am going to get medieval on this book Actually on reflection I uite like Ivanhoe though I was often frustrated when it grinds to a halt shut up de Bois Guilbert By the end I felt it definitely outstayed its welcome I am surprised we don’t see that much of the eponymous hero he does not show up until page 50 or so after his jousting injuries he disappears from the narrative for many pages only to become active again towards the end His climactic battle with that damn de Bois Guilbert is a disappointment and very WTF WilfredSir Walter Scott's prose is a thing pf beauty and I even like the olde English once I got used to it The story while fragmented is good and not hard to follow My only complaint is that for a “Romance” as in “a medieval tale dealing with a hero of chivalry” not a story of smooches and heartbreaks it is not very thrilling Sir Walter does write very good fight scenes but those are too few and far between to effectively liven up the narrative There is just too much dialogue and that damn de Bois Guilbert just goes on and on and on repeating himself in his attempt to get into poor Rebecca’s pants Apart from him the characterization is generally very good I particularly like Wamba the jester and Robin Hood especially when he is showing off The humorous bits work for me but again there is too little of themI can’t really recommend Ivanhoe personally I will stick to Alexandre Dumas for medieval badasseryNotes• The Normans and the Saxons have an acrimonious relationship but they agree on one thing their disdain for the Jews The most put upon characters in the book• Richard the Lionheart really lives up to his name and seems to enjoy ass kicking than ruling the land• Audiobook from Librivox read by various readers some are pretty good some are not so good but bearable Whatchoo want for free eh?uotes “I pray thee uncle”