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A Wind in the Door review ¹ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ↠ Alternate cover for ISBN 0440487617There are dragons in the twins' vegetable garden announces six year old Charles Wallace Murry in the opening sentence of The Wind in the Door His older sister Meg doubts it She figures he's seen something strange but dragons—a dollop of dragAlternate cover for ISBN 0440487617There are dragons in the twins' vegetable garden announces six year old Charles Wallace Murry in the opening sentence of The Wind in the Door His older sister Meg doubts it She figures he's seen something strange but dragons a dollop of dragons a drove of dragons even a drive of dragons seem highly unlikely As it turns out Cha. My second read in the time uintetAnd oh boy how much and why I still enjoy reading children books is just out of my graspCharles Wallace our brilliant and intuitive 6 year old gets ill He talks about things that his elder sister Meg finds impossible to exist Do they really exist Does their existence really matterAll of a sudden it turns out that Charles Wallace's life is important for the survival of our universe And somehow Meg alone with the help of certain creatures has to sort out ways to save her dear younger brotherThe components used in the novel time and size difference between two galaxies earth and human body the Proginoskes Mr Jenkins The Teacher Blajney Echthroi Sposors and Yadah all had very strong character developmentCompassion friendship empathy sacrifice care and above all love has been taught as a lesson throughout the story I believe not only children but sometimes elders should read such magical books to open the gates of our grown up minds to the possibility of impossibilitiesBecause a lot of lessons taught in this book are not age specific“Don't try to comprehend with your mind Your minds are very limited Use your intuition”The story tells us that we are nothing alone Every particle in the universe exists to complement the other and nothing is complete within itselfThat in the battle between good and evil it is good that always wins no matter how much difficult does it seem in the startThat you can change nothing into everything by the mere acts of love and acceptanceThe temptation for farandola or for man or for star is to stay an immature pleasure seeker When we seek our own pleasure as the ultimate good we place ourselves as the center of the universe A fara or a man or a star has his place in the universe but nothing created is the center One other lesson this story teaches us is that we cannot have wings unless we are rooted And we cannot enjoy the vastness of the skies unless our roots are deep down in the groundIt is true small offspring Now that I am rooted I am no longer limited by motion Now I may move anywhere in the universe I sing with the stars I dance with the galaxies I share in the joy and in the grief We farae must have our part in the rhythm of the mitochondria or we cannot be If we cannot be then we are notI loved reading this book as much I loved reading A WRINKLE IN TIMEUndoubtedly 5 happy loving dancing stars

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Rles Wallace is right about the dragons though the sea of eyes merry eyes wise eyes ferocious eyes kitten eyes dragon eyes opening and closing and wings in constant motion is actually a benevolent cherubim of a singularly plural sort named Proginoskes who has come to help save Charles Wallace from a serious illnessWhen it becomes clear that the Echthroi are put. This is the second book about Meg Charles Wallace their family and Calvin their friend There is no other obvious connection to the first installment other than that time can be bent and the children go on a sort of adventure through the universeThe universe this time is the great idea of everything lying within as without For example the galaxy is huge to us making us tiny and yet we are a part of it So too are the smallest parts of us like for example mitochondria still a part of us and we are their galaxyBut again all is not well in this book Though Meg's and Charles Wallace's father is back with the family there is great danger coming namely in form of Charles Wallace getting sick from undoingunbeing Help is coming however as in the first book Here in the form of a uite weird angel cherubim and a teacherThus Meg and Calvin have to travel and pass certain tests and even travel into within Meg's little brotherLike I said the idea though not new is done uite well However this second book in the series was much less light on the subject of religion like the teacher that must never be uestioned don't ask where the teacher being all knowing and all powerful but not solving the problem himself etc and the entire philosophy of love being the eternal answer to everything well that might sound nice in theory but is utterly ridiculous if you think about it No matter how much love you throw at your enemy if they don't have the same tactic you're not gonna get very far Just like with the concept of save one and you save them allIn this context especially it was about bullies The children in Charles Wallace's class as much as the school's principal While I can make allowances for misguided children I certainly won't for an adult bullying children under hisher careSo yeah while I can see this as a story about growing up and being faced with all kinds of problems in the world and having to learn how to deal with them I don't agree with the solution presented hereThe adventure itself too was rather bland when compared to the first No idea why It had some truly great and promising elements and the writing style itself was very good once again too but neither the uest itself nor the characters accompanying the children especially the cherubim and teacher were up to the challenge

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A Wind in the DoorTing Charles Wallace in danger the only logical course of action is for Meg and her dear friend Calvin O'Keefe to become small enough to go inside Charles Wallace's body into one of his mitochondria to see what's going wrong with his farandolae Can this intrepid group voyage through time and space and muster all their strength of character to save Charles Walla. I feel like this book is too often asked to be another Wrinkle in Time when in fact its sparse cast of characters and relatively uneventful narrative seem like L'Engle's deliberate effort to make it the opposite Wrinkle is all about recognizing the universal song of the cosmos and stepping into it A Wind the Door however is about recognizing the cosmos already inside the entity of the human being and how our choices and sense of identity have an immeasurable effect on the song itself L'Engle makes the point that biologically we are a galaxy unto ourselves and she brings this point home by literally reducing her main cast of characters to a molecular level The bizarre metaphor works thanks to some beautiful imagery and a palpable sense of world ending conflictOnce again there is endless insight into the nature of human relationships good and evil faith science identity knowledge and the subconscious The concepts of Echthroi and kything are introduced two ideas and words that have stayed with me since I was very young L'Engle never writes without something important to say; part of what makes reading her so rewarding And the older I get the her books speak to me I don't think I'll ever stop returning to them