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REVIEW Ú The Surgeon's Lady Å As a surgeon in the Royal Navy Lieutenant Philemon Brittle has proved his bravery countless times But he's never known the thrill that comes with falling in love Until he meets the beautiful Lady Laura Taunton who has turned to nursing the wounded as solace from her unhappy pastPhilemon will need to draw upon every bit of hIn love Until he meets the beautiful Lady Laura Taunton who has turned to nursing the wounded as solace from her unhappy pastPhilemon will need to draw up. 18 yo Laura’s father sold her to the highest bidder to pay off his creditors As a result Laura’s body self worth have taken a lotta abuse She had nowhere to go noone to turn to Her hubby 30 yrs her senior treated her as if she served only 1 purpose as a vessel to crank out his heir ‘cuz his 1st late wife had failed Then he suffered from apoplexy turned into an invalid Laura got the thankless job of being his caretaker for 3 years Now that he’s expired she’s finally getting a chance to live her life She’s reuniting w her long lost younger sis Nana heroine from the preuel Marrying the captain meets Lt Philemon Brittle a surgeon in the Royal Navy For the 1st time in her sad life she feels like she’s needed she’s given options that she’s worth than just being the mental punching bag for failing to produce an offspring Impressed w her uick thinking reaction compassionate nature in saving a patient from the verge of death Philemon offers her a low paying job peanuts compared to her wardrobe w accommodation as his PA hospital matron to oversee Block 4’s sanitation laundry victuals etc Philemon falls deeper in luv w her as they work side by side but he has his doubts insecurities He’s a common she’s a Lady He has cwazy hours snatches naps anytime anywhere he can afford to sitting up on a chair dinners waiting room ‘cuz he has to up leave a moment’s notice He’s not a great catch Plus he knows how traumatized she is by past experience he’ll face an uphill battle in convincing Laura that marriage intimacy don’t have to be painful if only she’ll take a chance on him trust him His grueling profession during wartime isn’t really conducive to a romantic courtship What kind of life can he really offer her I gotta admit that I'm partial to doctor heroes in historicals not so much in contemps CK’s heroes always make the book for me Philemon is honorable warm caring courageous admirable passionate ‘bout his job stands up for his principles protective stern when necessary has a subtle sense of humor incomparable work ethics moral He teases makes Laura laugh she comes alive being around him when her life so far has been grim colorless vice versa Amidst bonding time w Nana Laura learns the ropes from Philemon He knows just how when to boost her low morale He knows how terrified inexperienced she is but he patiently brings the best outta her surprising herself that she’s capable of than her limitations Laura also impresses him w her backbone fiercely fighting her own battles against the administrator who’s too much of a chicken to lift a finger whose bark is worse than his bite CK portrays deeper layers of HH in a way that endears them to us wout sugar coating the harsh realities of war It’s bleak messy bloody the body count is high Philemon Laura win some lose some There’s only so much they can do in the face of overwhelming obstacles to save the lives of the brave men CK makes you appreciate the sacrifice the Veterans have made for all of us curse the ugliness of unnecessary evil She reminds us all that surgeons nurses also fight the enemies in their own way not just t he frontline Laura epitomizes Florence Nightingale even though she lacks the medical background she makes up for what she lacks w her essentially overabundant loving nature Just being there holding the patient’s hand is a balm to their soul She takes the initiative to do the unthinkable when the dire circumstances call for the inner strength she didn’t even know she possessed Philemon instills the belief in herself gives her back her self worth a true sense of purpose that there’s to life than being a dutiful wife She gives her preggers sis a prop when Nana needs Laura the most esp whenever Oliver Nana’s hubby is away in the line of duty Laura transfers her own money household reinforcement to help out w the myriad of tasks of running the hospital She’s vulnerable insecure Philemon doesn’t browbeat her into doing anything she doesn’t like to do Tho’ she initially resists Philemon forces her to dig deeper to find forgiveness when her despicable dad returns after being incarcerated What goes around comes around He gets his comeuppance she learns that it ain’t worth it to nurture hatred for the man who’s ruined scarred her for life CK just knows to inject the right amount of horrors inner struggle that human beings experience in their day to day lives Underneath the sea of red ravages of war the sweet romance between HH unfurls like spring blossoms The premise of this book is similar to “The wedding journey” which I luved w every fiber of my being esp 'cuz I luv road romance both heroines’ fathers sold ‘em to pay off debts they regret their irreversible actions in the end tho' in this case he doesn’t totally redeem himself ‘cuz he’s an invalid Everything comes back in full circle I hope Polly’s 3rd sister book will be as memorable as this 1 Can’t wait to get my grubby paws on itTwin covers separated birth


As a surgeon in the Royal Navy Lieutenant Philemon Brittle has proved his bravery countless times But he's never known the thrill that comes with falling. The 2nd book in the Channel Fleet series The Surgeon's Lady starts a few months after Marrying The Captain ended The Napoleonic Wars are still playing havoc with everyone's lives and that's the setting of this book You don't have to read the 1st book to understand the 2nd but you might want to do that if you don't like spoilers because some events that took place at the end of the previous book are mentioned in this oneLady Laura Taunton is one of Lord Ratliffe's illegitimate daughters the others are Nana the heroine in the previous book Marrying The Captain and Polly the heroine in the next book Marrying the Royal Marine Unlike Nana Laura caved to her father's demands and agreed to marry one of her father's friends so he could pay his gaming debts Her marriage to Lord Taunton who was 30 years older than her turned out to be a nightmare and she was glad when he died 5 years later Now one year after his death Laura is finally ready to get acuainted with her recently discovered half sister NanaWhile visiting Nana Laura meets Lieutenant Philemon Brittle a Royal Navy surgeon who happens to be the son of Daniel Brittle sailing master of Nana's husband Captain Oliver Worth's ship Yes this is a small small world Laura and Philemon become friends then co workers when she ends up working with him as a hospital matron and finally lovers in the emotional sense Unfortunately some obstacles must be overcome war times aren't conducive to courtship Philemon is a commoner while Laura is a Lady by marriage but still a Lady and she's still too traumatized by her late husband's behavior to deal with the physical prospect of lovemaking Luckily for Laura Philemon is a very understanding and patient manI wanted to love this book so much but alas that didn't happen There was nothing wrong with the writing Ms Kelly definitely knows how to do it without resorting to misunderstandings betrayals and other contrived plot devices but I didn't connect with Philemon and Laura It's hard to buy a romance when I can't connect with the HhLaura grated on my nerves first with her crying and babbling her life story to every single person who showed her a minimum of affection; then with her indecision about the consummation of her marriage to Philemon Okay I know she had reasons to fear the marriage bed considering what she had gone through with her late husband but she should have also believed Philemon and Nana when they told her that having marital relations with someone you loved would be different I mean she knew it was possible to enjoy it because she had been close to feeling some pleasure with her horrible husband a few timesAs for Philemon he was a saint caring dependable funny strong and patient Too patient He was no pushover but the way he waited for months for Laura to come to her senses and to their marriage bed made me want to shake him and tell him to go after what he wanted I like beta heroes but that was pushing itOverall this was an OK read to me saved mostly by Ms Kelly's writing I liked how she set up the story inserting historical facts without taking the focus away from the main plot I loved revisiting Oliver and Nana they're still going strong despite the hardships of war and they have the most sigh worthy scene in the whole book I liked the realistic tone of the story even though following Philemon's medical activities was too detailed for my taste sometimes All that I missed was a strong Hh I could love

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The Surgeon's LadyOn every bit of his strength and determination to convince the marriage shy Laura that establishing a life together is the truest path to love and happine. 25 starsThe beginning of this reminded me a bit of another Carla Kelly book With This Ring Since I read that one last week I found it a little unoriginal I do like that there was no OP drama in this one but it might've just been that the h was too traumatized by her first marriage and that the H was too busy It's hardly a convincing set of circumstances if you ask me And then view spoiler when the h was still too scared to become intimate with the H after they were married hide spoiler