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King of Ithaca review Á 3 ¹ Eperitus a young Greek warrior encounters a group of men being attacked by mercenaries In helping the outnumbered soldiers he unwittingly comes to the aid of Odysseus Prince of Ithaca And so begins the friendship and the adventure of a lifetimeSeus Prince of Ithaca And so begins the friendship and the adventure of a lifetim. I’ve had a thing for Bronze Age stories for a while now and saw this one out there and decided to read it I’ll be honest and say this was headed to 3 stars the story was happening but the passion wasn’t there only way I know how to describe it Once it hit mid story things picked up and can say 4 stars or close enough to it The reason was the general writing and story telling weren’t fully happening for me Nothing bad just a little flat or impersonal With what I can tell is Mr Iliffe does capture Greek mythology very nicely and how the gods might interact with mortals His combat scenes are interesting though I think he needs to experience things a little I’m hitting a little but in the ending scene four bad guys have drawn bows and while you can do that with compound bow not so much with a non compound bow What he does capture though is the power of archers until hand to hand is reached What’s also nice is injuries happen making it so that even heroes can get hurt A good read may come back for another in the future

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Eperitus a young Greek warrior encounters a group of men being attacked by mercen. Definitely not what I hoped it would be It looked promising historical fiction lots of action and most important Odysseus It's a miracle not fiction is written about Odysseus and his adventures so I had my hope on this series but wat was it disappointing Also the last time I trust users reviews If you loved David Gemmell's Troy series you'll love this book I loved the Troy series but comparing this to it that's a huuuuge insult Doesn't even come closeIt started OK ish but it just didn't get me In stead of Ody being the main protagonist there was also another boyish dude who wanted glory blabla Can't even remember his name That's how much it got meTo me the writing style feels like it's been written by a 16 yo If that would've been the case good book But no Too much focus on the battles and gore Some people can but Iliffe can't at least not in this installment And what's with all the 'handsome' guys More or less everybody but Ody and Little Ajax was described as such That's getting really annoyingThe characters were changed from Homer's descriptions Once again nothing wrong with that but you just have to be able to do itObviously this bookseries is not for me going to be the new epic about the Trojan war No one can beat Gemmell Still it's a pity that this book just didn't have the right feeling to become a new epiccool book Guess I'm a little bit biased by having read David Gemmell's epic Troy seriesSo if you're new to the genremythology in general andor between 16 20 yo you have a chance to like this book P

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King of IthacaAries In helping the outnumbered soldiers he unwittingly comes to the aid of Odys. Glyn Iliffe wrote the book and it is the first part of his series about the life and adventures of the Greek hero Odysseus As a student of Classical Studies I always believed that authors or movie directors should always be chronologically accurate about their writings or their films about ancient histories and mythologies That's simply because people who doesn’t study Ancient Histories and Mythologies Classical Studies can easily say to their children and grandchildren that Herakles was the sueaky clean hero that Disney World was trying to portray or that Hades was evil and the bad guyThis book is one of those that lack the chronological accuracy of the Greek mythology and the errors are very visible to those who studied Classical StudiesHere are some errors I found in the book “King of Ithaca” The author mentions in the book that the meeting between Odysseus and Iphitus took place during Odysseus’ journey to Sparta as a suitor of Helen while Iphitus was on a journey to Tiryns looking for Herakles The chronological error of that line is that Iphitus and Herakles should have been long dead by the time the suitors of Helen marched to Sparta Part of the book leads up to the courting of Helen and the King of Mycenae was Agamemnon Therefore the hero Herakles should have been long dead not during the courting of Helen and at least one Herakleids sons and descendants of Herakles invasion should have already taken place at the time of the reign of Atreus Agamemnon’s father If the hero Herakles were alive then he would not waste his time courting Deianera or Iole since he can have the beautiful Helen to himself just southwest of Tiryns forcefully if he wants to In this book Spartan King Tyndaerus hates Herakles Why would the Spartan king hate Herakles when the hero himself helps restore Tyndaerus to the throne of Sparta from his brotheruncle Hippocoon In this book Telamonian Ajax the Greater Ajax and Achilles were not cousins In most primary sources of Greek mythology Ajax and Achilles were cousins Their fathers Telamon and Peleus were exiled brothers; both were Argonauts and founded their own respective kingdoms The old swineherd Euamios is younger than Odysseus Herakles’ arrows are magical according to the author However Herakles’ arrows are not magical but rather poison arrows dipped from the deadly poisonous blood of the Hydra In this book the Dioskouris Castor and Pollux the brothers of Helen were not mentioned at allDespite the errors and inaccuracy the book was a good reading and a great story for the non Classics students I would say it's way better than the Percy Jackson series periodAnyway as a Classical Studies student I learned to accept the story in the book and that modification of the Greek myth is necessary to spark interest to non Classics students I realize that Greek Mythology is bound to be modified in these modern times and that's not because to degrade it but rather to enrich it I am already looking forward to read the seuel “Gates of Troy”