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REVIEW ✓ To the Lighthouse Û The serene and maternal Mrs Ramsay the tragic yet absurd Mr Ramsay and their children and assorted guests are on holiday on the Isle of Skye From the seemingly trivial postponement of a visit to a nearby lighthouse Woolf constructs a remarkable moving examination of the complex tensions and allegiances of family life and WomenAs time winds its way through their lives the Ramsays face alone and simultaneously the greatest of human challenges and its greatest triumph the human capacity for change. There are two bright autumnal days And thousands of dark nights in between Two days in lifeThe insincerity slipping in among the truths roused her annoyed her She returned to her knitting again How could any Lord have made this world she asked With her mind she had always seized the fact that there is no reason order justice but suffering death the poor There was no treachery too base for the world to commit; she knew that No happiness lasted; she knew that To the Lighthouse is a story about futilityAt the far end was her husband sitting down all in a heap frowning What at She did not know She did not mind She could not understand how she had ever felt any emotion or any affection for him She had a sense of being past everything through everything out of everything as she helped the soup as if there was an eddy – there – and one could be in it or one could be out of it and she was out of it It’s all come to an end she thought To the Lighthouse is a book about demolishing properties of timeAnd Shakespeare’s sonnet cited in the novel may serve as a kind of key to the entire idea of the story“Nor did I wonder at the lily’s whiteNor praise the deep vermilion in the roseThey were but sweet but figures of delightDrawn after you you pattern of all thoseYet seem’d it winter still and you awayAs with your shadow I with these did play”While living we just play with shadows And the play of shadows is all aroundWhat is the meaning of life That was all – a simple uestion; one that tended to close in on one with years The great revelation had never come The great revelation perhaps never did come Instead there were little daily miracles illuminations matches struck unexpectedly in the dark; here was one This that and the otherThe living is hard darkness falls but straight ahead there is a lighthouse and it keeps beckoning

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Ment of a visit to a nearby lighthouse Woolf constructs a remarkable moving examination of the complex tensions and allegiances of family life and the conflict between men and. When I first read this novel I was like young James Ramsay eagerly hoping to get To The Lighthouse Grown ups literary experts that is had sent just as mixed messages as Mr and Mrs Ramsay to me and I hoped so much for the adventure of an iconic reading experience that it didn't happen I could acknowledge all the rational reasons for calling it a masterpiece but it did not cause me to even raise an eyebrow I was a modern young woman what did I have to do with the subtext of a patriarchal family structure What did I have to do with the self doubt of a female artist told by an idiot that women can't write can't paint Why would such a thing even stick in my head It didn't Not back thenAnd then time passedLife happened I learned about families About attention seeking egos who dominate an environment so totally that any creative act stops automatically I learned about the disruption that is a mother's natural state of being How can anyone paint or write if there are no two consecutive moments without interruption I learned to long for the lighthouse without knowing itAnd then I had another go at reading it uite by accident because I had spare time in a boring place and a copy of the book happened to be on the tableIt hit me like the flash of a lightningThis is a novel that you have to grow into but when you do it shines brightly in the dark waters and soothes the nerves of a grown up woman who has unfortunately learned what it means to hear the echo can't write can't paint who has learned to feel the presence of patriarchal attention and who has learned to know its effect on the surrounding It soothes the nerves of a woman who feels the pressure to be nice Powerful Lily Briscoe sums it up in the endHis immense self pity his demand for sympathy poured and spread itself in pools at their feet and all she did miserable sinner that she was was to draw her skirts a little closer round her ankles lest she should get wetIt's about focusing on moving the tree to the middle of the painting It's about creating one's own life regardless of whether it ends up not being important to anyone but oneself It's about daring not to be niceIt's not about reaching the Lighthouse It's about allowing oneself to see it shine in the distance

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To the LighthouseThe serene and maternal Mrs Ramsay the tragic yet absurd Mr Ramsay and their children and assorted guests are on holiday on the Isle of Skye From the seemingly trivial postpone. It's a problem dear VirginiaThey like stuff that's much linearI know your teeth you will gritBut you have to admitYou may be hot but there's not a lot of plot that you gotFive pages about rain on a distant steepleIs five too many for most of the British peopleThey moan about Mrs DallowayIn such a very callow wayInstead of your OrlandoThey prefer something blandoThey'd rather go to ravesThan have to read The WavesAnd no one's read The YearsIn years and years and yearsWell i know it's prostitutionBut here is my solutionBecause the horror being unreadIs worse than being undeadIf a Ramsay had gone to the lighthouseTo have a bit of sexOr if one of the younger striplingsHad had some rippling pecsOn which you used your vocabularyAnd got a visit from the constabularyAnd was found to be obscene and dementedAnd they found out what the lighthouse representedWell then you would not now languishIn postmorten anguishAnd though you'd never have a prayerOf outselling Stephanie MeyerStill your books would be devouredDelightfully defloweredAnd though never to be milfWoolf would become wilf