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CHARACTERS Always a Scoundrel ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Never a gentleman until nowLord Bramwell Johns the second son of a duke is an unrepentant scoundrel Now that his two closest friends are disgustingly ensconced in domestic bliss Bram is feeling strangely restless And not even relieving London's least deserving aO ruin her family She has her own plan though and Bram may be just what she reuires as long as she remembers that he is only looking out for himself As long as she remembers that his kisses and caresses don't mean anything As long as she can keep from wondering whether she can trust a scoundrel with her hea. 5 stars 2020 Update I no longer consider it one of the best HRs however it still ranks very high up there May 2009 All I have to say is this Always a Scoundrel is one of THE best historical romances I have ever read and they number 350 so that is definitely saying something Would give it ten stars if I could

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Gh until the night he overhears an argument It seems that Lady Rosamund Davies is about to be forced into marriage with a rogue even worse than himself Rose is well aware of Bram's scandalous reputation so any reason for his sudden interest in her is suspect; so since he's close friends with the man about t. I feel like I need to re read this book before making a judgment on it because I should have loved it It's was the end to a good series it featured my favorite character Bram and one of my favorite Enoch plots redeemed rake But this one just sort of fell flat at the end for me Lady Rosamund Davies has been running her family's lives like clockwork without any gratitude from them but she never realized how worthless they deemed her until her father decided to trade her life to pay off her younger brother's gambling debt And the man that they have in essence sold her to for 10000 pounds is a monster though he doesn't appear so on the outside Lord Bramwell Lowry Johns knows just how monstruous Cosgrove Rose's intended husband can be because he dedicated himself to learning under the man in order to thumb his nose at his father Bram is appalled and intrigued to realized that he feels compelled to step in as Rose's unlikely heroThis story seems that it is so overwhelmingly told from Bram's perspective that we don't really get to know Rosamund Because of that she seems to alternately come off as either a victim of Cosgrove's terrorism or someone who is trying to callously use Bram to her own ends It isn't until the very end that you even get a glimmer that she might have deeper feelings for Bram but by then it's almost too late and it's not really convincing that it's love and not just reliefBram has good reason for being the way his is his father basically condemned him without just cause and hurt Bram's pride From that point forward Bram dedicated himself to being the worst man possible so it was good to see him change himself without really understanding whyOverall I realize that I probably set my expectations way too high and when they weren't exactly met I was disappointed but though this wasn't the best Enoch book it was one of her better ones Although I still think I need to re read it to be sure B

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Always a ScoundrelNever a gentleman until nowLord Bramwell Johns the second son of a duke is an unrepentant scoundrel Now that his two closest friends are disgustingly ensconced in domestic bliss Bram is feeling strangely restless And not even relieving London's least deserving artistocrats of their ill gotten jewels is enou. Lord Bramwell Johns has always been a true a rake a scoundrel and a thorn in his father The Duke of Levonzy side a darn proud of it Bored with life he takes up to stealing from his own peers when one night he overhears a rich couple arranging a forced marriage for their daughter to a man way worse then him Lady Rosamund has always been practical taking care of her family until she’s forced to marry a man whom she dislikes but in order to save her family from debt she must go through the marriage until Bramwell appears to help her can she trust Bramwel even trust him so far with her heart I wasn’t big on the first of the Notorious Gentlemen series but one character shined brighter then them all and that was Lord Bramwell with his wicked humor and his loyalty to his friends I couldn’t help but want to know about him so skipping around I went ahead and read his story and was very glad I did Bramwell the second son to the Duke of Levonzy has always been treated as a spare and nothing by his family for many years the only joy in Bramwell’s life is being a thorn in his father’s side even going as far as stealing from his father’s friends as the Black Cat One night as he trops through a peer home he overhears the couple telling their daughter she would be forced married in order to pay off her brother the heir’s gambling debts to someone even worse then himself Not one to let a mystery go by Bram wants to find out of the young woman once he meets her he’s surprised how drawn he his to this straightforward woman Knowing the man she’s to married is a devil he knows he’s willing to help her deal with him until he decides he’ll fight the devil himself to have her for himself Lady Rosamund has always kept her family in order even when they think nothing of her themselves when he brother gets way over his head in debts she’s forced to marry in order to settle them not willing to just lie down and let everyone have their way she finds help from an unlikely ally Lord Bram a devil and friend of the man she’s suppose to marry as the lessons start she starts to see behind the carefree devil Bram shows to society to a deeply caring man but as time runs out will she be able to truly trust Bram with not only her future but her heart Lady Rose was a great heroine with a good head on her shoulders if not sometimes very muled headed when he came to help and her family loyal to a fault she didn’t want to let her family down but at the same time felt she was let down by her family whom she cared for When Rose meets Bram she sees what everyone else sees a total rake and someone whom loves trouble Rose is shocked when she sees behind his carefree mask to just a man Rose teaches Bram to finally stop acting like a child and be better then himself on the other hand Bram teaches Rose to enjoy life and passion giving her a greater self worth in herself I loved Bram and his wit and great one liners he uickly became one of my all time fave heroes Bram wanted to prove to his father he was just a spare at the same time he started to truly lose his own self worth along the way Bram hid away whom he was and could be with the belief of Rose and his friends Bram is able to overcome not only his past his father and the devil friend Cosgrove Bram was just amazing and I love him to bits Many characters from the rest of the series make appearances in order to give Bram support with the villains adding to the story with the main villain Cosgrove getting his just desserts while Rose’s brother the one who only thought of himself sees the light and starts to think of his sister and others changing his way in life just in time With a great and cute HEA to each of the Notorious GentlemenOverall a great ending to the Notorious Gentlemen trilogy along with being a great stand alone book with a two great lead but very yummy hero you can’t help but love and laugh with