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Free read Dragonfly in Amber ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ From the author of Outlander a magnificent epic that once again sweeps us back in time to the drama and passion of 18th century ScotlandFor twenty years Claire Randall has kept her secrets But now she is returning with her grown daughter to Scotland's majestic mist Acy of blood and desire will test her beautiful copper haired daughter Brianna as Claire's spellbinding journey of self discovery continues in the intrigue ridden Paris court of Charles Stuart in a race to thwart a doomed Highlands uprising and in a desperate fight to save both the child and the man she love. 45 stars right off the top I got hooked on the Outlander series last year when I read the first book in this series by Diana Gabaldon I knew I wanted to try another one and now that I've devoured the second novel Dragonfly in Amber in this historical fiction and fantasy series I have added the rest and even started watching the television drama I'm a major fan especially because followers on my blog selected this as my 'Book Bucket List' read for May 2018 I'm so glad they pushed me to take on this 950 behemoth despite everything else on my TBR Now I'm trying to add in the next one in June and to think these were written nearly 30 years ago in the early 1990sWhere do I begin My normal review format won't do as I really just want to gush about the book as my friend Noriko would say Yes there's the time travel the Scottish setting and Jamie Claire but it's so much The sheer brilliance in the relationships complexities in the plot and historical facts and embellishments in a good way is phenomenal It's like I'm absorbed into a life I wish I could live for a few hours no different than when I read Lord of the Rings Harry Potter or Pillars of the Earth I adore these giant tomes because of the author's ability to build realistic worlds with just a touch of disbelief to give me something to deeply ponderGabaldon's attention to details is uite strong I'm a history buff and love learning about new characters then looking up to see if they're based on real people All the clans of Scotland shine through I was especially pleased when they visited the Kilmarnock villages as my ancestors lived there in the early 1800s before emigrating to America I can't wait to visit the town to see how it compares to the novel family stories and everything in between This is a true genealogy lover's book because it combines all the analytical and historical aspects of discovering your past and your supposed family Then learning the wicked secrets and oh are they wickedThe only things I'd say that stopped me from giving this 5 stars fall into two categories There are some sections that are overly detailed to the point you begin skimming a paragraph here and there When that happens the action and plot usually my most important element in a book feels pushed to the side It happened once every 100 pages or so not for than a page or two but enough that maybe it needed to be a 900 page book instead of a 950 page book Ha The other area was something that felt a bit different from Outlander It's almost as if Gabaldon took a few too many pun liberties in this one covering bathing or bathroom habits all too freuently I love when it's brought up in books but it was done in a too humorous way which forced me to step out of the book instead of stay connected to true 18th century life Even in the 1940s which is where Claire is from before she time travels they still lacked some of the things we consider necessary today I like when it's brought up once or twice but not for pages where she laughs about it and then says but it is what it is essentiallyAll that said the plot is smart and charming The introduction of a good side to one of the formerly bad characters is interesting but I know it's long from over The travel between France and Scotland is compelling I just finished Follett's Column of Fire and saw a strong and tight connection here If you love a touch of fantasy and historical fiction and don't mind strong sexual content then you need to give this a chance even if the entire series is around 8k pages at this point I'll be in a book daze all week long so I'm gonna have to select something very different to draw me out of it Thanks for picking this book This Is My Truth Now voters New poll to be setup today for June's Book Bucket List read

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A truth as stunning as the events that gave it birth about the mystery of an ancient circle of standing stones about a love that transcends the boundaries of time and about James Fraser a Scottish warrior whose gallantry once drew a young Claire from the security of her century to the dangers of hisNow a leg. This review will be a little spoily read it at your own risk“Ok so I set the date on 2012and set it for Kansas City KansasKemper’s deck I think all I have to do is reverse the directions on Google maps on the laptop Uhturn the key Yay it works” “Or I thought so Toto I don’t think we’re in Kansas any had to do it”“Hello Stephanie TotoI love the Wizard of Oz” “Aaaaack Claire Beachum Randel Fraser You just scared the piss out of me Don’t sneak up on a person sitting on a time mower and whisper in their ear It’s downright creepy” Sighs “Hey Claire you look a little older than the last time I saw youmoments ago but don’t worry you still look young and fresh and beautiful”“Oh thank you Stephanie I have to admit that people mention that a lot I mean a lot It must have been all that whiskey and malnutrition in the 1700’s that preserved me”“Well Claire could you fill me in on the when and the where this is”“Still in Scotland but we’re in 1968 Frank Brianna and I moved to the States where I became a doctor We stayed there until Frank passed away I brought Brianna back to get her acuainted with her roots”“Brianna is your daughter Is that her over there Wow Tall beautifullook at that mane of red hair She looks just like her father Jammphnni ““Keep your voice down she doesn’t know that Frank wasn’t her biological father I brought her here to break the news and tell her who her father really wasJamie Frasier”“Get your hand off my mouththat’s rude Did Frank look just like Jamie”“No Total opposites Frank was short and had dark hair”“She doesn’t look much like you and nothing like Frank she is an ian redhead She didn’t once ask you about that”“Not once Did I mention the whiskey and the malnutrition”“Claire don’t tell me You drank alcohol during your pregnancy You were a trained nurse then; don’t tell me you didn’t know better”“Just a littlebottleevery day Stephanie we didn’t know any better back then”“Ok never mind If she never grasped the fact that Frank wasn’t her father on her own because of possible fetal alcohol syndrome how is she supposed to understand time travel now”“You have a point there Maybe I’ll find a young handsome historian to help explain things to her”“I don’t see the logic but you go with it Claire I’m afraid to ask but what were you and Jamie up to during the rest of the time you were back in time besides getting drunk and having lots of sex”“We tried to change history by joining the Jacobite cause and save a bunch of lives We went to France to get this accomplished I had to have sex with the King of France to get Jamie out of The Bastille; it wasn’t very good on account of his tiny penis ““Oh dear godI did ask ““Yes you did And guess who we ran into Jack Randel Jamie wanted to kill him straight away but I stopped him because I was afraid Frank would never be born if he killed him Jack is Frank’s ancestor you see”“I seebut I thought you killed Jack Randle with cows which didn’t seem to upset you at all at the time Now you get all angry about it ”“I changed my mind Turns out it wasn’t Jack trampled by the cows It’s really hard to identify someone after a trampling”“But Claire you tried to change the course of history without ANY concern for the conseuences Any number of people could have been born that wouldn’t have and others who were never born that should haveand you are concerned NOW about Frank one person never existing Oh my head hurts again”“Claire it’s been great but I have to get this timemower back to its rightful owner he has a short fuse There we goforgot to hit enter Please don’t mess with history any Claire Promise”“umsure Stephanie I promise”“I don’t believe you”

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Dragonfly in AmberFrom the author of Outlander a magnificent epic that once again sweeps us back in time to the drama and passion of 18th century ScotlandFor twenty years Claire Randall has kept her secrets But now she is returning with her grown daughter to Scotland's majestic mist shrouded hills Here Claire plans to reveal. This book broke my heart I knew what was going to happen because I watched Season Two before reading the book but it doesn't matter I have been crying forever now like my heart is going to break into a million pieces Let me stop right here There are going to be some spoilers There are going to be some thoughts about things in the next book And who knows what else so if you haven't read these books you should probably stop here If you don't care then carry onIt was worried when the bookshow starts 20 years later Jamie and Claire's daughter is grown and Claire named her Brianna Sob because Jamie asked her to name the baby Brian if it was a boy before she left him to come back I don't know if I can get through this damn it 20 years later Claire brings her daughter Brianna back to Scotland after Frank's death Brianna has no idea of course who her father really is but she finds out They are staying in Scotland and visiting all of the old sites and Claire took her to see a man named Roger Claire knew Roger when he was a little boy Claire actually knew his father adoptive father but he had passed away He did keep extensive records it all leads back to things Claire goes back to some of the old haunts while Roger takes Brianna around It breaks my freaking heart Everything breaks my freaking heart I woke three times in the dark predawn First in sorrow then in joy and at last in solitude The tears of a bone deep loss woke me slowly bathing my face like the comforting touch of a damp cloth in soothing hands I turned my face to the wet pillow and sailed a salty river into the caverns of grief remembered into the subterranean depths of sleep I came awake then in fierce joy body arched bowlike in the throes of physical joining the touch of him fresh on my skin dying along the paths of my nerves as the ripples of consummation spread from my center I repelled consciousness turning again seeking the sharp warm smell of a man's satisfied desire in reassuring arms of my lover sleep The third time I woke alone beyond the touch of love or grief The sight of the stones was fresh in my mind A small circle standing stones on the crest of a steep green hill The name of the hill is Craigh na Dun; the fairies' hill Some say the hill is enchanted others say it is cursed Both are right But no one knows the function or the purpose of the stones Except me I'm so worried about the next book being heartbreak It's been 20 years after all Jamie has been with other women and I think has a child but they weren't like I was thinking Yes I asked ahead He has never forgotten Claire but I hope they can get their love back Anyway on with this review At one point Claire finally admits everything to Brianna and Roger Roger had already found some papers confirming things that Claire was saying but he was keeping them a secret because he didn't know what to make of it Brianna freaks clean out as you can imagine But the best part is where we get to go back in time before Claire came back and hear their story They have set off for France to see if they can get in with Jamie's cousin was it cousin Jacob Anyway Jamie could not set foot back into Scotland so this is where they landed Murtagh was with them but they left the others behind They were going to try to change history so that the Klan wouldn't be killed during a certain battle It was very bizarre in France with all of the creeps they had to deal with and then Captain Randall shows up Claire and Jamie thought he was dead He's never dead he just keeps on and on Like I said before there is a red hot poker waiting for that evil man The king of France is another nutter You can read all of that for yourself Jamie takes in a little boy who is a thief and gets him off the streets I fall in love with him His name is Fergus and that Randall gets his paws on Fergus and I can't even say Red hot poker people red hot poker I was heartbroken again when Claire and Jamie lose their first child that was a little girl as well There were a lot of different situations that could have caused that Claire thinks it was because Jamie was dueling with Randall there is a lot of stuff behind that but she was poisoned at one point and attacked so who really knows Jamie gets put in jail and has no idea what happened to Claire He thought she was dead But Claire had to have sex with the weird king to get Jamie out of jail It wasn't like me or Claire thought though it was weird but not all well anyway It was just weird And no way to leave her pregnant Jamie finds Claire a little later on when she is in the country staying with one of their friends Claire is mad and doesn't want Jamie near her until they talk and finally get it straightened out Thank goodness because it was all so very sad Then they are sent back to Scotland It was another condition from the king and he said he would take care of him not being allowed there Of they go back home and they think they are safe but no They thought they stopped what was coming but no They go to battle and it's not good and it's sad There are other things and battle and Jamie sends Claire back He just knows he's going to die and he doesn't want Claire or their unborn baby yep they got preggers again to be killed too and it just about killed me to read this I thought I was okay when I watched it and I was over it and could handle it Noooooooooooooo I'm still heartbroken I only hope they can get the love they had for each other back as strong as it was The first book is the best book and will always be but I will love them all as long as Jamie and Claire have their love I love their love story And that's all I need They cut each other's hands Claire's idea and Unwrapping the blood spotted handkerchief I pressed my wounded hand tightly against his fingers gripped together The blood was warm and slick not yet sticky between our hands Blood of my Blood I whispered and Bone of my Bone he answered softly Neither of us could finish the vow so long as we both shall live but the unspoken words hung aching between us Finally he smiled crookedly Longer than that he said firmly and pulled me to him once JUST KILL ME NOW I CAN'T EVEN Claire Brianna and Roger witness something that shows that Claire might can go back through the stones Then something else One man a Fraser of the Master of Lovat's regiment escaped Roger repeated softly He looked up from the stark page to see her eyes wide and unseeing as a deer's fixed in the headlights of an oncoming car He meant to die on Culloden Field Roger whispered But he didn't I also recommend listening to the audio versions of these books The narrator Davina Porter has it nailed freaking nailed ❤MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List