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Bottom Feeders eBook ✓ 312 pages Download ↠ Jerry Roth ✓ Would you recognize the Devil if you met him?Surviving an abusive relationship Jenny Deville is dealing with the pain of her past Noticing a sudden change in her son’s behavior and his horrifying drawings of murders no child should ever witness Prison and its poisonous past With children mysteriously disappearing from the community Jenny has little time to prove he’s the killer before her son becomes his next victimA decaying prison hides a dark secret Robert Deville the youngest prison warden in the history of the state never expected to feel a supernatural connection with a prison After discovering a diary Rober 45 stars rounded up to 5 for GoodreadsBottom Feeders is so much than a horror story it masterfully weaves seemingly unrelated character driven stories together with intense elements of dark fantasy that will leave you completely titillated I would describe this story as King's Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption meets Koontz's Odd Thomas The story is eually creepy and descriptively stunning There are your standard gory horror moments interspersed with powerful stories of domestic abuse criminals seeking redemption and utterly intense uestions of religion and spirituality There are uite a few twists as you try to figure out who exactly are the good guys and who are the bad guys and if there is any real difference between the twoThe story develops through alternating points of view not all of which are easy to root for  Robert has just accepted a job as a prison warden and is determined to straighten the jail out until he realizes the true horrors that lie within His wife Jenny and her son Zack are recovering from a past of domestic abuse which have recently manifested in Zack drawing startlingly real images of kidnapped children Gage is a prisoner in the facility paying for a crime he regrets As each of these characters is forced to confront the evil staring them in the face the lengths that they will go to will surprise youThanks so much to Jerry Roth for providing me a free copy in exchange for an honest review

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T learns a prisoner thought to be the Devil was hidden away under his feet Was this prisoner responsible for a fire that killed hundreds of prisoners? Did he play a part in the murder of a local family years earlier? Robert must learn the prisoner’s true identity and unravel his mystery Why hasn’t he aged in decades? Was the prisoner locked away for his protection or ours? Would you recognize the Devil if you met him?xxJerry Roth digs deep into a supernatural world where you didn’t know how dark a diary and a prison could get Until now Roth jumps into a world where you won’t know which way is the right way and which way is the way to turn back With that being said this story absorbed me and all my being It was creepy but comforting because Roth’s writing is so uniue and creativeNot only does this story revolve around a supernatural presence but it also involves a woman Jenny who believes her abusive ex husband is behind the children's disappearances in the cityxxI’m telling you Jerry Roth’s debut novel is just the start of this author's journey This story was riveting and from the first chapter to the last I was watching the people find themselves in the mysteries of all mysteries If you’re looking for a thrilling book that will keep you guessing and gives you a few unexpected twists and turns along the wayThis book was definitely one I looked forward to reading Unfortunately I missed the PUB day yesterday due to some personal things coming up but here is this creepy story for you all to enjoy

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Bottom FeedersWould you recognize the Devil if you met him?Surviving an abusive relationship Jenny Deville is dealing with the pain of her past Noticing a sudden change in her son’s behavior and his horrifying drawings of murders no child should ever witness she must decide if her abusive ex husband is the cause Supernatural events begin to transpire with all signs leading to the town’s Bottom Feeders is a dark and riveting read with a blend of horror and mystery and I enjoyed this debut novel It centers around the townsfolk of a small town called Pataskala Robert Deville is the new prison warden of Reclamation Correctional Facility and the stepdad to 6 year old Zack when he marries Jenny Deville When Robert enters his office on his first day he is mesmerized by the desk built by his predecessor Joseph Hughes He later on finds a diary belongs to Joseph and the he reads it the he is obsessed with the things revealed in the diary to a point of believing that the devil may be living in the facility While Robert is enthralled by the diary Jenny suspects her abusive ex husband Morris has something to do with the missing children around the neighborhood Her suspicions begins when she notices Zack's behaviour changes after spending time with Morris She begins her own investigations with the help of her best friend LiamThis book has all the creepiness factor and the first chapter itself sends chills to my bones It is intriguing for sure and at the same time I feel that there is uite a lot going on in this story as we will also meet Gage and Victor who are inmates of this facility with their own stories There seemed to be no connection between these stories yet there are subtle clues that suggest otherwise Interesting right?Oh how I loved the writing I enjoyed the descriptive writing with just the right amount of details here and there It is definitely similar to Stephen King's writing style so fans of King may enjoy this book It is a slow burn story and I find that the pace is just right I loved it when the mystery unfolds itself slowly through the multiple POVs and speaking of characters there are not a lot of endearing characters in this book But I am a reader who likes flawed characters with issues Jenny and Gage are characters that will grow on you and I do wish that there is about Jenny She seemed to be too readily to accept the supernatural thing that is happening and I want to know the reason for itLet's talk about the ending Don’t worry no spoilers All I have to say is that it blew my mind and I didn't see it coming at all Super twisty and I absolutely loved it Overall I am actually uite impressed by this book and am looking forward to read by this author Thank you Jerry Roth for this gifted review copy in exchange for an honest review All views expressed in this review are my own and was not influenced by the author publisher or any third party