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Paladin of Souls Free read ó PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ñ One of the most honored authors in the field of fantasy and science fiction Lois McMaster Bujold transports us once to a dark and troubled land and embroils us in a desperate struggle to preserve the endangered souls of a realm Three years have passed since the widowed DOne of the most honored authors in the field of fantasy and science fiction Lois McMaster Bujold transports us once to a dark and troubled land and embroils us in a desperate struggle to preserve the endangered souls of a realm Three years have passed since the widowed Dowager Royina Ista found release from the curse of madness that kept her imprisoned in her family's castle of Valenda Her newfound freedom is costly bittersweet with memories regrets and guilty secrets for she knows the truth of what brought her land to the brink of destructi. I do not speak to you as your royina I do not even speak as one god touched I speak as a woman who has walked to the end of that road and returns to report the hazardsMiddle aged woman a widowed mother of two believed to be deranged well at least not entirely right in her head is certainly not your typical fantasy heroine But just like it was in the first instalment in the World of the Five Gods series Ms Bujold proves to be very adept at creating the most unusual protagonists As Zaara said “Bujold is the sabre tooth tigress mama with all those Hugos and Nebulas tucked away in her den” The prizes and the praise are not without merit First things first While for me The World of the Five Gods is a superb fantasy I believe this series is for a mature and well versed reader If all you know is contemporary YA fantasy andor hack and slash adventuring novels I’d advise you to go and read elsewhere for a decade or two and then come back if you want to fully appreciate this book and avoid the frustration of failed expectations There are three main pillars upon which this great story is built incredible world building wonderful character development and a wholesome story; neither an adventure nor a romance or a philosophical treaty and at the same time all little bit of all Who am I when I am not surrounded by the walls of my life When they have all fallen into dust and rubbleYou would think that there is no need for worldbuilding since The Paladin of Souls is the second instalment in the series and a very detailed account of the settings has already been provided by Cazaril in the previous book You couldn’t be wrong Ms Bujold is a great architect and while she has built a great palace she had taken the reader to tour only the ground floor in the Curse of Chalion Presently she shows us the basements and the gardens and even some rooms that have up to date been locked The basic layout remains the same but there are new details that on the one hand fit with the already familiar background and on the other bring new spark and shine Another striking thing is the ability to paint the things and people we thought we knew from the previous book in an entirely different light Like it wasn't the world and people we knew Like it was some strange landscape entirely different and because of that even interesting I admire Bujold's writing; her uniue style is informative without being info dumpy lyrical but avoiding pompousness reflexive but not turning into a self help textbook and showing showing the most important things through gestures and words unsaid You should see my copy of the book with tons of notes and highlights I know that such super reflexive and intimate writing is not for everyone but for me it works I ponder with the main heroine I feel Ista and even though I liked her previously already I bond with her the easily It's only a habit you know I'm not mad any reallyIsta was one of my favourites in The Curse of Chalion and I was very excited that she has been given the centre of the stage this time And she grows my how she grows from the mad and forlorn woman trapped into her life of function and position into an independent and conscious mistress of her own ways and choices The plot is simple; three years have passed since the divine curse has been broken by Lord dy Cazaril Ista escapes the confines of her late mother’s castle under the pretext of a pious amble around the countryside travelling incognito The whole scheme is a sham as Ista is not on the speaking terms with the gods and her scarred soul still bleeds in the darkness But because the gods are strangely attracted to her especially that apparently a demonic infestation is underway the initial travelogue uickly changes into a tale of not redemption but one of rediscovery and also forgiveness ”A disaster out of season I surely am”In addition to the theological turbulences Ista meets a scion of dy Lutez family and his wife in what is one of the most refreshing love triangles I had the pleasure to read so unlike the mundane love triangles that kill the YA genre view spoiler I admire the way in which Ms Bujold reversed the game between the two brothers but also between Ista and lady dy Lutez hide spoiler

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On And now the road escape beckons A simple pilgrimage perhaps uite fitting for the Dowager Royina of all ChalionYet something else is free too something beyond deadly To the north lies the vital border fortress of Porifors Memories linger there as well of wars and invasions and the mighty Golden General of Jokona And someone something watches from across that border humans demons godsIsta thinks her little party of pilgrims wanders at will But whose When Ista's retinue is unexpectedly set upon not long into its travels a mysterious ally app. I have to admit my partisanship right up front I am a dedicated fan of the Miles Vorkosigan books and I loved The Curse of Chalion which serves as a preuel to this book Though Paladin stands uite well on its ownThe plot is fairly easily summed up the Royina Ista a middle aged widow decides to go on pilgrimage through the land of Chalion which feels a lot like a Renaissance alternate Spain one that is overseen from the other worldly realm by five gods so there are five religious traditions going on here On the way she and the divine leading her entourage discover that demons have been appearing in the world with disturbing freuency having escaped from the fifth god’s hell The pilgrimage is then waylaid by a lost contingent of Roknari warriors from the neighboring kingdom; she is rescued by a swashbuckling horseman who attacks a troop single handedly He is Arhys march of Porifors a border fortress that has seen far too much action of lateRoknari demons and gods tangle up in fast action covering just a span of days and Ista is suarely at the centerWhat make the story so rich and readable are Bujold’s strengths as a storyteller here on confident display Ista is like Cordelia Naismith a grouchy funny smart middle aged heroine not beautiful but eminently lovable even when she is angry and soul parched and must rediscover loveBesides Ista there are a pair of heroes who ought to please anyone who likes swashbuckling men and a cast of subsidiary characters none of whom are mere spear carriers or cardboard Greek chorus all reacting the same way in order to signal the reader what emotional reaction is reuiredBujold is not just a master of plot she is a master of emotion “I think you left some hard turns out of your tale too” But that last remark had the weight and density of a truth too large to be denied How like a man to change from mask to mask like a player concealing all intention yet leave his heart out on the table carelessly unregarded for all to seeThe action is enriched with grace and wit by subtle characterization that suggests that middle aged love can be sexy and romantic can even be the powerful because the attraction is backed by experienceBut the young characters are not overlooked One of the most interesting and complex is Arhys’ young wife who is gorgeous obsessively in love and very self centered However she too is no one note character As the story unfolds she reveals layers that make her fate impossible to predictOne of Bujold’s strengths is the generosity of spirit that gleams like a vein of gold through even the grimmest wars and immoral actions of the Vorkosigan saga In the Chalion world there is plenty of room for emotional conflict and growth for moral choice and its conseuencesWhat this fantasy series permits Bujold to explore as the Barrayaran stories do in a very limited sense is speculative religion And she does it with verve and dash Ista swallowed or tried to And prayed Ista fashion or made a prayer of rage as some claimed to do of song or the work of their hands So long as it was from the heart the divines promised the gods would hearI am not a child or virgin or modest wife fearing to offend No one owns my eyes now but me If I have not the stomach by now to look upon any sight in the world good or evil beautiful or vile when shall I It is far too late for innocenceThe gods are not one dimensional predictable human analogues Rare is the light shaft of numinosity in fantasy these days despite maybe because of vast powers being splashed back and forth across the megaverse by Evial Mages and Goddess blessed Sorceresses but Bujold manages it in this novel “Your Father calls you to his Court You need not pack; you go garbed in glory as you stand”This series is generous with action character humor terror moral as well as physical conflict emotional complexity religious uesting in the realm of the spirit —and redemption

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Paladin of SoulsEars a warrior nobleman who fights like a berserker The temporary safety of her enigmatic champion's castle cannot ease Ista's mounting dread however when she finds his dark secrets are entangled with hers in a net of the gods' own weavingIn her dreams the threads are already drawing her to unforeseen chances fateful meetings fearsome choices What the inscrutable gods commanded of her in the past brought her land to the brink of devastation Now once again they have chosen Ista as their instrument And again for good or for ill she must comply. Updated Review Sept 12 2015I always find it really difficult to review those books that I experience at a gut level and love completely irrationally This was one of those I simply enjoyed reading every moment of it and don't know how to explain why Now I've put it off for too long and I'm going to try anywayFirst of all if you've read The Curse of Chalion you need to know that the pacing and focus of this book is completely different That one was epic full of political intrigue and kingdom wide conflicts This is not It mostly takes place in a remote fortress and focuses on characters than kingdom So the pace is much different and may seem slow if you're expecting action driven plot Now that that's out of the wayI really loved that the main character is a middle aged woman It's not often that you get someone with experience as a main character in Fantasy In this case Ista has already lived a life She was married to the now dead king and has grown children who are out of the picture But although everyone around her believes that's all she's allotted to get out of life she is not by any means old and is completely stifled She still needs to find out who she can be just as much as any young protagonist out there So we get a mature woman who escapes from home and her caretakers to find adventure and a new life for herself HurrayMaybe it's the fact that I am no longer a fledgling myself but her story really resonated with me Her observations about life and people were so spot on for someone who has lived than 30 years Plus I really liked her I wanted to be her Since this is a character driven story that's kind of importantAside from Ista there's a full cast of characters to complement her and I enjoyed all of them except the ones I wasn't supposed to It's been a couple months since I read this and I still remember at least six of the characters even if I've forgotten their names There's the monk two soldier brothers who actually have their own personalities a female messenger turned lady's maid and a dynamic lord of the fortress whose brother is mysteriously ill The mystery of the brother's illness is where the story really gets going in case you haven't been hooked yet by that pointWhat drives the plot are the mystery behind the brother's illness and problems of god possession and demon possession Ista has been touched by a god before and was considered insane for years Now she wants to avoid anything to do with gods because they can't be trusted Yeah that doesn't work out so well for her Once a god notices you it's impossible to ignore them Maybe it built a little slowly but it captivated me really from the start I loved the development of the characters through it all and the complexity that was revealed over time How it turned out left me breathless I was enjoying it so much that I was afraid the ending would disappoint so I was almost giddy with relief that it didn't I really loved it And I know I haven't explained why well enough at all and used too many words to do it Initial Review June 27 2015I loved pretty much every minute of this Why did I wait so long to read it I'll try to write a proper review later