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The Pearl review ð 3 ↠ Like his father and grandfather before him Kino is a poor diver gathering pearls from the gulf beds that once brought great wealth to the kings of Spain and now provide Kino Juana and their infant son with meager subsistence Then on a day like any other Kino emerges from the sea with a pearl as large as a sea gull’s egg as “perfect Mfort and of securityA story of classic simplicity based on a Mexican folk tale The Pearl explores the secrets of man’s nature greed the darkest depths of evil and the luminous possibilities of lo. This is a deceptively simple Mexican fable It's written by Steinbeck so of course it's written beautifully The story is pretty straightforward poor uneducated peasant finds monster pearl and now has everything previously denied to him within his grasp Or does he SPOILERS AHEAD Kino is happy despite his poverty and his low position on the social scale He and the other natives in his village are under the control of the wealthy Spanish people who have taken up residence in the nicer part of town The wealthy Spanish people live comfortably in their brick and plaster houses exercising an iron control over the laws and economics of the town while Kino and his ilk live in brush huts Kino however is happily married to Juana and they are both content in their relationship and with their beloved first born son Coyotito The serpent enters their tropical Eden in the form of a scorpion that stings the baby a possible death sentence When the Spanish doctor refuses to treat him because of their poverty Kino goes pearl diving laboring under tremendous emotional agony He finds a large obviously old oyster and it yields a magnificent pearl the pearl of the world It is at this moment when Fate drops a fortune into Kino's hands that his real troubles beginOkay so as we follow Kino through the increasing complexity of the problems that develop as a result of his ownership of this pearl many issues are raised What exactly is Steinbeck saying The old adage Be careful what you wish for comes to mind and is certainly apropos I have read that some see this as a critiue of capitalism and the American Dream Certainly Kino seems to have achieved the American Dream when that pearl drops into his hand But that dream his good fortune is ruthlessly hunted and destroyed piece by piece by faceless individuals who could be anyone his friends his neighbors or the greedy members of the wealthy community So Steinbeck could be saying that the American Dream is a myth that the system is stacked against those who need it the most What about capitalism Under the principles of capitalism Kino should have been rewarded for bringing such a rare desirable object into the marketplace Instead it is treated with contempt by those who should have been most interested in acuiring it In reality true capitalism was never really at play There was no competition; the market was controlled by one person So is Steinbeck saying that capitalism too is a myth That human corruption will always interfere with the free and unimpeded flow of the marketplaceGreed is condemned in all forms and everyone seems to feel it After the news of Kino's find circulates various people all start calculating how his profits can personally affect them The doctor belatedly hurries to the side of the baby eager to charge exorbitant fees for his assistance; the priest begins to mull pressuring Kino to donate to the church for repairs; and even the town beggars begin to anticipate Kino's generosity to them But is Kino guilty of greed as well Is he reaching for too much demanding too much of life He is certainly punished for attempting to have I teach my students that in order to determine the themes of a text you look at what happens to the main characters By any interpretation the themes of this story are bleak Either Kino allows the pearl to give him delusions of grandeur that cause him to attempt to fly too close to the sun and like Icarus tumble to his doom or Kino is an example of how a poor uneducated person has no chance

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Like his father and grandfather before him Kino is a poor diver gathering pearls from the gulf beds that once brought great wealth to the kings of Spain and now provide Kino Juana and their infant s. Innocence turning to greed and how people react to another man's good fortune is the major theme of John Steinbeck's popular novella The Pearl set apparently in the early 20th century the author is rather vague on the subject in the then small sleepy town now a major city of La Paz Baja California Mexico near the tip of the astonishing long peninsula 775 miles Our main character is Kino a young poor Mexican man in his early 20's of Indian extraction living in a remote part of the uiet city on the beach in the Gulf of California or the Sea of Cortez Senor Cortes would not recognize the anglicized spelling pick your choice His under the mangroves flimsy brush house has three inside the pearl diver his wife Juana not official their first an only child a son the baby Coyotito he loves his family and the neighbors an uneducated superstitious group as destitute as he yet a great generous tribe who have been exploited for 400 years by the European conuerors A tragic almost fatal occurrence happens and the very concerned parents go on a desperate uest to see the only local doctor a rare visit they know his reputation a racist that considers the indigenous animals doesn't work for free will he treat their much cherished boy The whole neighborhood follows including his older brother Juan Tomas and wife Apolonia it is uite a sight the whole town stares at the procession mesmerized by the strange parade of the impoverished in the early morning lightArriving and the expected no money no medicine so the couple comes back home and pray for the best to Jesus or the gods Juana does both Life must continue however Kino and Juana push their old much repaired canoe that was his grandfather's into the calm warm green gulf waters swiftly jump in and paddle vigorously until they reach the pearl beds belowKino can stay under for two minutes he has a knife for prying open the oysters and two ropes one attached to a basket for the would be precious mineral and the other a rock to send the skilled diver to the bottom of the ocean uicklyIt will change the way people treat the poor Indian later his astounded friends will call it The Pearl of the World a huge iridescent object as big as a seagull's egg men have killed for less they try to cheat Kino steal deceive destroy his whole family he must leave and seek a honest person to buy the pearl in a large city Coyotito needs to go to school be baptized fine clothes for Juana get married in the Church a rifle for himself away from the evil surrounding him the happy songs will not be sung the little family walks away into an uncertain destiny the black night grows thicker and the evil will followJohn Steinbeck's wonderful fable simple in plot with a few characters involved in the story yet they are enough to articulate his views of the corruption of the individual when avarice consumes a man's soul and the endless cruelty inflicted on others to achieve his unsavory goal sad but true

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The PearlOn with meager subsistence Then on a day like any other Kino emerges from the sea with a pearl as large as a sea gull’s egg as “perfect as the moon” With the pearl comes hope the promise of co. In the town they tell the story of the great pearl how it was found and how it was lost againAn amazing piece of literatureBeautiful wordsJohn Steinbeck's The Pearl is a simple story about simple people with beautiful words A must read