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St of my life I didn’t think I could ever have the kind of love I’ve been dreaming of but somehow a sexy bartender with a major sweet tooth is making it all seem possibleMaybe Riot is right our capacity for love is bigger than most people let themselves see But will Leo and. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 Stars 😍🥰💜🔥🔥🔥🔥5 Heat You guys This book It made my heart so happy Yes that was way too many GIFs I'm not even sorryThis book was exactly what I needed right now It was sweet it was sexy it was perfect I was buried in feels I'm not even super into poly books I've enjoyed some but they aren't my go to It's funny because I like the majority of my romance books to have at least a little angst I have to be in the right mood for something 100% fluffy But yet I get nervous with poly books because I get worried that there will be too much angst or that someone will be the odd one out And then I go and get disappointed if there's no angst at all and everyone's just immediately happy Basically I tend to have issues with them and so I don't read them much I know I have problems I'm a weirdoI did not have problems with this book It worked for me on every level I'm not sure if it was just my mood at the moment or just the book itself But I loved it I knew when I read Rocket Science that I needed Bishop and Hudson's story And when I realized it was going to be not just them but them plus two other guys I was wary but excited See my above poly problems It turns out no worry was neededFour Letter Word is a follow up to Rocket Science I wouldn't say you HAVE to read Rocket Science first but I think your enjoyment would be enhanced if you did That way you get an introduction to Bishop and Hudson Plus it's adorable So why wouldn't you read it The relationship development between all four guys evolved naturally and didn't feel too insta love ish I'm pretty sure I smiled the whole time reading it The angst level was low and made sense It was also super steamy I'm giving it a big thumbs up

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Four Letter Word Love Logic #2Hudson feel the same Will they be willing to try to build this beautiful complicated life with meIf I can keep them from ripping each other’s heads off that is This is book two in the Love Logic series and can be read as a stand alone This is a MMMM story full of love and he. 325 stars I’ve never felt like I belonged anywhere so I keep moving hoping one day I’ll find the place that fits I had to change my rating the I thought about this book This review is kinda hard to write I liked the story don't get me wrong and some of the couples really worked But There's always a but I wanted to get time for them to be a couple with each other and as 4 people I felt that was pretty much non existentThey basically went from having no feelings to having feelings for some of them So that could've been executed better If it was maybe even 50 pages longer it could've made all the difference

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Four Letter Word Love Logic #2 Free download ¶ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ý Relationships are hard enough between two peoplecan the four of us make it work Or is love nothing than a four letter wordPolyamorythe first time Riot says the word it feels like everything slots into place Maybe I’m not grRelationships are hard enough between two peoplecan the four of us make it work Or is love nothing than a four letter wordPolyamorythe first time Riot says the word it feels like everything slots into place Maybe I’m not greedy for loving both of my best friends at onceFor mo. 4 loved this poly educational story stars 😍 🤩 💕 I have read one other book which had 4 men in a relationship and it was different because it went from 2 couples to a foursome This one is very different where each person forms a uniuely individual relationship with the other as the story progresses with the final goal of continuing those relationships and add the foursome in the mix It was a little confusing because Bishop Leo and Hudson had been childhood friends but Leo and Hudson had a falling out many years ago leaving Bishop as the go between for them When Leo moved across the country after school Bishop and Hudson grew closer over the years Now that Leo is moving back into town and will stay with Bishop in the interim while he looks for an apartment Bishop is conflicted because he has loved both his friends through the years and feels selfish to want them both so much Into this complicated mix comes Riot the friendly bartender at Bishop and Hudson's favorite hang out bar Riot's openness about his feelings gives Bishop both courage and clarity regarding his own feelings With such different personalities can these men forge something solid together What about jealousies and insecurities when one of them is left out and finally what will it take to get Leo and Hudson to finally reconcile The story is both complex and a little too simple at the same time complex because it shows how each relationship between 2 individuals is different from another how there has to be a strong connection between the minds and hearts before physical intimacy So there is plenty of slow burn for some of the relationships However it is also a little simple in it's HEA that just because they decide to be open about communication and transparency that insecurities won't creep upor long held resentments will not rear their ugly head once in a while and how these might affect the overall group dynamics Finally the fact that the families of all involved in this poly relationship had such a minuscule presence was a little troublesome too I find it hard to believe that families and friends would be so accepting of a group who were in a polyamorous relationship But leaving aside all my analysis this was still a fun low angst steamy read about 4 amazing MCs and how they find their HEA together😍💝 Highly recommended to fans who love MM romances with a twist of the unconventional 👍👍