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Es I didn’t know I had won Today I’m getting married And not to the one I love CillianLoving her was paradise Losing her was inevitable Alcohol destroyed my life it corrupted my childhood and stole my adolescence It robbed me of my future the one that belonged to her A man so broken could never hold someone so beautiful. Cillian O'Shea is the broken bad boy your Kindle has been begging you forThis book tears your heart out and then pieces it back together all while giving you moments of touching sweetness delicious steam and laughable dialogue that make the journey all that enjoyable So you know how some authors' follow up novels fall just short of the magic from their debut Never worry about that with Shauna McDonnell In this second volume of the 4Clover Boys series she brings back the wit endearing cast of characters and perfect chapter song tie in's we adored in Luck all written with a descriptive lyricism and depth of emotion that takes this book to a whole new level Rosie and Cillian are truly an epic star crossed pair you can't help but fall for Theirs is a lifelong romance that begins as children and blooms as teens Watching them fall in love in the sweetest and most perfect way makes the hurdles they face even heartbreaking Something I adore about this book is that the plot isn't predictable or cliche The story opens with our heroine Rosie about to marry a man who isn't our hero Cillian After this shocking beginning we're taken back to where it all began following Rosie and Cillian's love story through a series of well paced scenes spanning both the past and the present This plot crafting creates a delicious tension throughout leaving us desperate to read on As we fall deeply in love along with our MC's we are both eager for and dreading the inevitable heartbreak wanting to know what happens while hoping fruitlessly that it can be avoided view spoilerNOTE There's no cheating in this novel and while you'll bemoan the series of events that leads back to Rosie in a wedding dress you won't hate her And don't worry this book ultimately has a Happily Ever After But like the best HEA's it is won through a complex and hard fought battle hide spoiler

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Love 4Clover Series #2In his palms She was and still is the only woman capable of healing the deepest of my scars but I lost her If only I had known the price she paid to save me would rob her of the one thing she always wanted Happily ever after Is it too late for Cillian and Rosie to get the fairytale ending Or is their love simply not enough. “There was never a time where my heart did not belong in the palm of your hands”Love is the second book in the 4Clover collection I adored the first book but this one was something else Cillian is a combination of a broken boy with a disturbing past inner demons and an addiction You would think this would create a villain but it does not Our male MC also loves unconditionally When somebody is important to him they are everything zero uestions asked Everything that has broken him is understandable Shauna gave us a cocktail of angst and anger wrapped up with a boy who grows into a man of deep emotions Rosie is bold and fragile She is a perfect storm of believing in fairytales and understanding how the corrupt system of the 4Clover management world works Her delicate physical features are vivid against her tough personality and I adored it The female MC is this story will make you cheer her on even if sometimes you want to scream “WTF are you doing” This book gives you the beautiful gift of childhood sweethearts and what changes as you grow from that It allows you to have so much hope and belief in the foundation of unconditional love and then McDonnell basically slaps us in the face with reality She pushes the boundaries of deal making addiction love friendship and family The author did a beautiful job of showing that family is not always blood but who is there for you in their entirety One of my favorite things about Shauna’s writing is she does not allow characters to have flaws without repercussions They all have to pay some kind of price for their actions This is crucial because it brings reality to the book This allows readers to BELIEVE the story Overall I was enad with this book If you want anger heartbreak steamy romance humor real life issues plot twists family friends and deep rooted love then this is for you Shauna you never cease to amaze me I love the 4Clover characters and the world you have created Thank you for delivering this emotional roller coaster Stone

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Love (4Clover Series #2) Read & Download ↠ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ò Rosie He was my first kiss first love and first heartbreak The prince to my modern day fairytale and my brother's best friend We loved so hard so deep and fiercely; but it wasn’t enough His demons were too vicious I tried everythRosie He was my first kiss first love and first heartbreak The prince to my modern day fairytale and my brother's best friend We loved so hard so deep and fiercely; but it wasn’t enough His demons were too vicious I tried everything to save him be the light he needed to escape the dark But in the end his demons and the on. Cillian O’ Shea Leda guitarist of 4 Clovershas known since childhood that the girl of his dreams was Rosie Mulligan From the first time he sees her until he gives her her first kiss and his sister decided to “marry”them it was always clear to him that girls will be the only one who have his heart forever But there are many obstacles in their way The first one Rosie’s brother Cian who also is his bandmate who refuses to let his sister date him mainly bc he is an alcoholic and bc he fucks all the girls in his way But Cillian cannot continue struggling with his feelings and asks Rosie for a chance His Rosie his Snow White agrees and although it is difficult to convince Cian in the end he gives in And despite the long tours and the time apart they manage to make their relationship work for a couple of years But when Cillian’s father gets out of jail all goes to shit Cillian’s father is an alcoholic has mistreated his wife for years and abused his daughter until they finally put him behind bars But when he comes out Cillian gets drunk and goes looking for him and things end up going haywire As a result Cillian beats his father to death and the next day he is arrested Desperate Rosie asks her father the manager of the band for help He agrees in exchange for her to break up with Cillian and agree to marry Sean Morgan a marriage that will be very beneficial for both families and also she must keep this deal a secret of she wants to keep Cillian out of prison She agrees bc she cannot bear the idea of Cillian rot in prison and when the time comes to break up with him her heart breaks into a thousand pieces over and over again After Rosie breaks up with him Cillian does the unthinkable my own heart broke at that moment for me the worst thing that Cillian does to her and for years Rosie sees how the love of her life continues to drown in alcohol and women while she is trapped in a relationship without love or respect since her fiancé treats her as his possession and he doesn’t hesitate to sleep with women without caring that Rosie finds outPoor Rosie sacrifices herself over and over again for Cillian’s freedom while he goes partying and sleeps with women than he can counts As his always suspected he doesn’t deserves herThe book is beautiful and heartbreaking and I can’t wait to read books of this seriesCharming I’ve told you already I’ll love you forever and always Of course I’ll wait I would wait as long as you need me to I promise you; I'm not going anywhere I'm yours remember“I love you too Promise me that when it gets hard and the distance seems too much you’ll remember that Never doubt how much you mean to me This love I feel for you it runs deep in my veins Snow If I ever lost you I’d have to cut myself open and let you bleed out Whatever happens please remember it’s you I’m coming home to”