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Zero Apologies (Lost Kings MC, #14) review ó 103 à From USA Today bestselling author Autumn Jones Lake comes the sizzling conclusion to Zero and Lilly’s story One by one the lies have been unraveledI’ve shed blood to protect Lilly To protect our familyI’d do it again and again as long as it means she’s safeIt’s time to marFrom USA Today bestselling author Autumn Jones Lake comes the sizzling conclusion to Zero and Lilly’s story One by one the lies have been unraveledI’ve shed blood to protect Lilly To protect our familyI’d do it again and again as. 425 unapologetic 🔥🔥 ZERO APOLOGIES Zero and Lilly Part 3 by Autumn Jones Lake is OUT NOW One click today 🔥🔥⇝PrefaceThis review is going to be one of the longer ones I understand you might want to get right down to the juicy part As I was lucky to read this for free in exchange for an honest review and really wanted to prove how thankful I am I made sure to take extra care with this review and give some details Funnily enough this version is now the 3rd update of one and the same review because again and again I found tiny things that needed editing and usually I am not a perfectionist Feel free to jump down to the ⇝What’s happening section first and come back later after that section or even after you've read this book yourself which I recommend The entire series that is starting with Slow Burn⇝OverallAre you guys ready for the conclusion of the Ziren story please credit me for my originality Because somehow I haven’t been sure about this until I just finished it The last book left me with somewhat of an uneasy feeling Of course I know that usually the OTPs get their happy ending but with Autumn Jones Lake one can never be sure haha Overall I am very happy with how this story turned out It was a pleasure to have been able to read the ARC of one of Autumn’s books for the second time As I have come to love the LOKI family very uickly I would love to be able to read about them for a long time I already started my physical collection and will be completing them shortly 😊I can’t believe it will be months before I lay my hands on the next book in this series but to uote Lilly Karma really is a cunt isn’t she I love that weed is the main LOKI business I am very frustrated with the way most people treat weed; as if it were something straight out of hell Mind you many of them are happily chugging back uestionable amounts of alcohol every weekend while doing so and that is just ridiculous The 21st century is way past the notion of red wine or any kind of alcohol for that matter as a healthy evening drink This outdated assumption actually relates to the micronutrients in grapes Weed is not only a drug but also a medicinal substance as opposed to alcohol if you are not using it to disinfect a wound I love how Autumn contributes to normalizing the dialogue about weed and also hints at the complexity and joy of growing weed or anything in general really I have this secret wish that future books tell about the medicinal side of it This book is for you if you have a weakness for MC romances that do not objectify the female characters and give a thorough and from what I can tell well researched insight into the reality of MCs Extra points when they contain ginger bearded funny Irish lads you melt for every time they get on page time This is your book Suckers for hawt covers will also be satisfied someone tell me where she got that bodice from pls thanks Just like people who enjoy black humour I hold out my hands so he can cuff me and barely resist mocking him for acting like a scared little girl What am I going to do beat him to death with my jail issued canvas slip on sneaker LMAO Love me some funny hawt bikers Especially I can relate to the guard Z probably could to just that⇝What’s happeningThe nightmare has become reality Z is in jail facing serious charges supported by a supposed eye witness If this gets serious his son will be a grown up with his own family before he can even marry his Siren Ever since he first met her he was certain Lilly was the woman he would end up with But there was always the possibility of him ending in jail instead Behind bars and unable to protect the family he loves Z must do everything in his power to make it back to them Considering his situation there isn’t much apart from not getting into trouble with the guards or his fellow imprisonersLilly had feared that her man’s lifestyle would cost them the happiness it took them so long to find Surrounded by the strong LOKI family she tries to keep it together for her son’s sake Ever since she made the step to come back to NY and introduce Chance to his father she intended for them to never be separated again But now it may be years until she can welcome him at their home againAs the judge is letting him out under the condition to not make a run for it it seems like they are living on borrowed time while they navigate both their happy little family and trying to add to it hrhr and make the downstate charter a functional club again Between a lot of doubts and scary bikers I was happy to once again have read a book full ofandandOh andSorry for the gif spam y’all but we all knew the day I figured out how to incorporate these into my reviews was the day I would start hitting you with them like with no chance to fleeIn case you crave a romance binge read why don’t you start with Ziren’s story as their particular romance found its conclusion with this enjoying read I got through in 46hrs despite studying full time and working 2 days a week⇝Something that worried meI just felt like I owed it to Autumn to be thorough especially since I was lucky to get an eARC before I am pointing this out this time because I’ve noticed it in previous books but never really knew how to express my uneasiness about this IThe following uote from the book is exemplary only I lost my compassion for addicts and their bullshit1 Addicts are sick They are suffering from a severe condition This statement seemed uite derogative although I’m pretty sure there is not as much behind it The reality though however is that at one point all reason and logic do not apply to people with addictions any Of course the individual case always depends but this very harsh sentence highly disagreed with me But just like I stated before I am very happy that Autumn is contributing to a normalization of some sorts of weed Of course weed can be a serious drug and people can abuse weed just as many are abusing alcohol It still seems the general public is missing out on the fact that weed does indeed have a positive side effect as opposed to alcohol which has none2 As I said alcohol is a drug too And many people are abusing it If we are being strict about the definition everybody who drinks alcohol regularly is an addict It seems perfectly fine to drink almost every day and get drunk every weekend although it has been proven over and over that yes even one beer does harm your body I don’t see the LOKI guys calling each other out on that but God forbid somebody would do something else than that⇝Short excursion that has nothing to do with the content of this amazing book In general that being said it is never our place to judge others for something they do to themselves To simplify If you think that hot neighbour of yours wears too short of a skirt or is exercising too much you should reconsider because it is none of your business and probably rooted in the opinion other women are your competition Spoiler alert they aren’t Not if you don’t know them andor they haven’t done anything bad to anybody else The only enemy are those who support structures that brainwash you into believing so Writing uality easy of reading 4 pace 4 plot development 35 characters 4 enjoyability 4 insightfulness 4 This eArc was provided by Wildfire Marketing Solutions and the author Autumn Jones Lake via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you very much

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Long as it means she’s safeIt’s time to marry her cherish her and spend the rest of our lives togetherWe were so close to our happy endingThen chaos swept it awayThe road ahead remains unknownLoyalty honor brotherhoodKings forever. The sizzling conclusion to Zero and Lilly's story is here

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Zero Apologies Lost Kings MC #14Forever KingsI’ll never betray my clubEven if it means losing everything Zero Apologies is part three of Zero and Lilly’s trilogy and book #14 in the Lost Kings MC® series It is meant to be read after Zero Tolerance and Zero Regr. Zero Apologies were the next chapter for Z and Lilly stories Their relationships were put to the test and the dilemma This slow burn romance was sweeter sexy swoon and LOKI families had never let me down