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Brighton Rock Review Ú eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï ISBN 9780099478478 moved to this editionA gang war is raging through the dark underworld of Brighton Seventeen year old Pinkie malign and ruthless has killed a man Believing he can escape retribution he is unprepared for the courageous life embracing Ida Arnold Greene's gripping thrRipping thriller exposes a world of loneliness and fear of life lived on the 'dangerous edge of things'WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY JM COETZE. Rating 425 of fiveThe Publisher Says In this classic novel of murder and menace Graham Greene lays bare the soul of a boy of seventeen who stalks Brighton's tawdry boardwalk with apathy on his face and murder in his heart Pinkie the boy with death at his fingertips is not just bad he worships in the temple of evil just as his parents worshipped in the house of God Crime in his dark mind is a release so deep and satisfying that he has no need for drink or women or the love of his fellows He is an astounding character sinister and fascinating—a chilling specimen of the Adolf Hitler type in the words of J M CoetzeeOriginally published in 1938 Brighton Rock is a novel of profound psychological mystery and chilling suspense This Graham Greene Centennial Edition features a new introductory essay by Nobel laureate J M CoetzeeMy Review Charles Fred Hale aka newspaper columnist Kolley Kibber is in Brighton to hand out paper chase prizes to loyal readers of his paper He's also running as fast as he can from someone who means to kill him Why We aren't told Who That's made very plain within the first thirty pages Well there goes the suspense right Not rightIn a vain effort to live to fight another day Hale hooks up with Ida a blowsy pub crawling broad with a heart of gold and a steely sense of right and wrong Her trip to the public convenience to wash up a bit before her bit of fun with Hale allows the killer time enough to deal with HalepermanentlyIda once she figures out the gentleman who stood her up and after she washed and everything in Brighton is the murder victim in her next morning's paper determines that Hale will be avenged despite his lack of family his murder being ruled a natural death and her own complete lack of detective experience The fun of the book the bulk of the story is in Ida circling closer and closer to the party we know to be the killer and the multiple characters trailing in his wake slowly falling to his amoral sociopathic self preservation response In the end triumph changes Ida The conseuences of her victory over the forces of evil are such that she undergoes a sea change of feeling and desire Justice never comes without a price Never Everyone involved in the story pays Some with their livesMoralistic yes; marvelously written oh my yes Greene's characters are as in others of his work that I've read mouthpieces for a worldview He elevates them from the dreary tiresome leadenness of Message Characters by imbuing them with a sense of humor as black as the world they inhabit the world of carneys and racing touts and waitresses trapped forever in second rate diners and gangsters whose souls are so dead to beauty that they can't see anything but violence as a solution to any and every problemIt surprised me how often I laughed as I read on in this grisly blood soaked bagatelle And yes I meant bagatelle light airy almost inconseuential read that Brighton Rock is I was completely delighted by the tone of the book I was half in love with Ida I was even sad for the killer and his parched wounded soulA marvelous entertainment then and one whose substantial moral manages to keep itself underneath the story being told supporting it As it should be Well made worthwhile fiction One expects nothing less from Graham Greene no

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ISBN 9780099478478 moved to this editionA gang war is raging through the dark underworld of Brighton Seventeen year old Pinkie malign an. A great story Fine writingLet me begin by saying that this novel draws some materials from Greene's A Gun for Sale Since I have not read this novel I do not know the exact relationship between the two books but I can tell you that this book can be read as a standaloneThe edition I read featured an introduction by Jim Coetzee the introduction though insightful about Greene's writing and religious beliefs revealed a bit too much about the plot I would suggest that you read the story and later come back to the introductionThe underworld in the seaside resort town of Brighton provides the plot for this story Like most of the author's novels this book also bears the imprint of cinema and Catholicism exerts a significant influence on some of the charactersThe story starts with the murder of Hale a reporter who had also played the part of an informer for the Colleoni gang which led to the murder of Kite a gang leader Now Kite's protegee Pinkie has taken control of the gang and kills Hale in revengeThroughout the story the author has addressed Pinkie as the Boy Pinkie is a young boy unimposing the author describes him as a narrow shouldered boy shabby in appearance naturally he suffers from inferiority complex and desires the luxury and status of his arch rival Colleoni What makes a man or boy like him dangerous is the fact that he is completely amoral he has no respect for love and loyalty he can kill anyone who he deems as a threat whether the threat is real or imagined means nothing to him how loyal the person is to him has no effect on his decisions Another fact which makes Pinkie different from the men in his gang is that he is not only a misogynist but abhors sex important point about Pinkie he is a Catholic with full faith in hell and damnation he might not be properly educated but he can utter some Latin sentences oh for all his outward bravado Pinkie can weep in fear when attacked by rivalsNow we come to Rose a mere child lacking in maturity a weak character the sort of person who is regarded as the ideal victim She unwittingly becomes witness who can bring down Pinkie and his gang for Hale's murder and Pinkie ends up marrying her so that she can't testify against him Pinkie has nothing but contempt for Rose yet he feels that Rose somehow completes him Pinkie and Rose are unified in their Catholic beliefs of hell and damnation Both of them look down upon atheists as the latter are ignorant of their Catholic beliefs Rose adamantly wants to be damned along with Pinkie she does not care who or what Pinkie is willing agrees to live in mortal sin for the sake of her husband they both knew that their marriage is a sham Alas men like Pinkie have no value for such love and dedicationFinally my favourite character in this novel Ida Arnold demimondaine gritty secular brainy She had only met Hale just before his murder but once she found out about Hale's death which the authorities ruled as natural she set off to investigate and soon arrived at the conclusion that it was a murder Ida is a decent person who believes in right and wrong fair play has compassion for the less fortunate won't exploit any human being but most importantly she believes in justice and retribution Displaying the ualities befitting a detective at least what we readers expect of our fictional detectives Ida would plunge into her uest to win justice for Hale Her repeated attempts to rescue Rose from Pinkie would be constantly thwarted by Rose herself The poor girl felt nothing but contempt for this woman I loved the way Ida would manipulate others to further her causeIda is the strongest character in the novel but as the critics say the story belongs to Pinkie and RoseThe portrayal of the other characters is also commendable All gangsters are not gun toting desperadoes they also have dreams fear empathy true loyaltyI would recommend this book to readers of good thrillers This book is regarded as a thriller but it is much than thatI would end my review by saying that this novel features in both the top crimemystery novel lists published by the British based Crime Writers' Association and the Mystery Writers of America in the 1990s Please find the link here lists

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Brighton RockD ruthless has killed a man Believing he can escape retribution he is unprepared for the courageous life embracing Ida Arnold Greene's g. A lurid compelling and profound look at a small time criminal enthralled with evil the young woman he deceives and the detective who hunts him down Wonderfully chilling