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review Revolutionary Road Ô eBook or Kindle ePUB Â In the hopeful 1950s Frank and April Wheeler appear to be a model American couple bright beautiful talented with two young children and a starter home in the suburbs Perhaps they married too young and started a family too early Maybe Frank's job is dull And April never saw herself aIs now about to crumble With heartbreaking compassion and remorseless clarity Richard Yates shows how Frank and April mortgage their spiritual birthright betraying not only each other but their best selve. watching this movie last night made me want to read the book immediately after and it's not a terrible movie it's just a little hammy and the tone is uneven whether these people are meant to be seen as victims of the stultifying euthanizing effects of suburbia or if they are at root unlikable people who deserve to be taken down a peg for their arrogance and their conviction that their involvement in this thing we call suburbia is just playacting not to be taken seriously the book doesn't waver not to me i always read it as a story of awful people poisoning each other and blaming their wasted lives on each other instead of taking responsibility for their own shortcomings which being a generally unsympathetic person i can applaud and his writing absolutely wonderful the real character in this novel of course is suburbia soul sucking dream gutting suburbia that neutralizes all its inhabitants and blandifies the pointy interesting bits this isn't the lynchian or music for torching view of the suburbssmall town charm where the beneficence of suburbia is compromised by its seedy undertones suburbia here is the aggressor slowly draining its characters of any charms and releasing them back into their after dinner drinks and their morning commute to the office and woe if you think you are somehow special or above it all particularly if like the wheelers your aspirations outweigh your capabilities and your specialness is only ego i grew up in a version of suburbia and while it wasn't in the same time period and it wasn't as bad as all this the writing struck a chord in me and it's good that i am away suburbia is a bitch but at least they'll always have parisoh waitcome to my blog

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In the hopeful 1950s Frank and April Wheeler appear to be a model American couple bright beautiful talented with two young children and a starter home in the suburbs Perhaps they married too young and star. For the longest time I just wanted a family kids a decent job and a happy life in suburbia That was all I wanted That's it It seemed so simple predictable and reliable It was my ideal image It seems that society has done a good job of putting that thought in everyone's head The best thing for a young man is for him to go to college get married get a reliable job with a steady company have babies 2 or 3 of course make friends with neighbors have birthday parties for the kids do little cocktail parties with the adults Then he needs to tell his kids to do the same thing And the cycle continues That's just what you do I know that mindset isn't as prevalent now as it was when this was written in the 50s And I haven't a doubt that the aforementioned lifestyle wasis the best life for many people No doubt at allI think the problem lies in rushing into that lifestyle before really knowing what you're getting into without really knowing your spouse without even knowing who you are and what you really want and what would really be best for you People get trapped and don't even know they're trapped; caught inside their anger not even knowing what they're angry at Trapped inside the jail that is their home forced into a miserable life of their own choosing not knowing why or how it got that way and even miserable about it for that very reasonAnd it's scary for me because a few bad roles of the die and I could have ended up like Frank fucking Wheeler And it's funny That whole lifestyle Especially the tedious details and what often becomes our self obsessive thoughts You know why it's funny Because it's both ridiculous and real So all the laughter this novel caused me was because shit man it's real It's very real that most of us are this ridiculous; it's very real that we go through the motions each day unaware petty and self absorbed; it's very real that the most normal among us are among the most insane It's very real that a lot of people are living the ideal lifestyle and are fucking miserable And no matter our life situation we're always hoping for That keeps a lot of us going And we're all pretty fucking shallow too aren't we Yes People die all the time and we get over it Yes We Do And often uickly I might addThe word timeless probably gets thrown around too much But this novel doesn't just seem timeless And it doesn't just seem relevant today It seems fucking instructive Be careful what you wish for and pay attention to who you are and don't suck others dry and don't suck yourself dry and search for truth no matter how painful And we continue to be self absorbed and ridiculous We make our decisions based on what we think will bring us the most happiness like life is a game of chess And it is And it goes onAnd I still want my reliable job and my white picket fence And a pretty wife And babies 2 or 3 of them But you see I'm crazy

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Revolutionary RoadTed a family too early Maybe Frank's job is dull And April never saw herself as a housewife Yet they have always lived on the assumption that greatness is only just around the corner But now that certainty. 45 stars “Intelligent thinking people could take things like this in their stride just as they took the larger absurdities of deadly dull jobs in the city and deadly dull homes in the suburbs Economic circumstance might force you to live in this environment but the important thing was to keep from being contaminated The important thing always was to remember who you were”Richard Yates takes a well honed surgeon’s blade painstakingly dissects a marriage examines its tortuous viscera and leaves it fully exposed for all to observe The reader becomes a surgical assistant of sorts a witness to the searing scrutiny of all that has been laid bare As increasingly sueamish as I became I was still held captive by the spectacle The I realized what Yates had accomplished the weak in the knees I became the impressed by his genius The attractive and promising young couple Frank and April Wheeler and their two children are the perfect image of a suburban family You can almost see them standing there in front of the proper white house with the big picture window and the neatly manicured lawn The illusion is burst however right from the start We know it’s going to disintegrate when Yates draws an analogy by use of an amateur play that turns into a flop April once an aspiring actress is at the center of the stage and Frank the adoring husband in the audience The play begins on a high note and uickly goes downhill from there By the end of the evening both cast and audience depart with an air of humiliation “ time and again they read the promise of failure in each other’s eyes in the apologetic nods and smiles of their parting and the spastic haste with which they broke for their cars and drove home to whatever older less explicit promises of failure might lie in wait for them there”As things spiral downward and Frank and April’s marriage takes a turn for the worst April steps in with a grand plan to move to Paris and begin a new life there They know they don’t belong in the suburbs Frank doesn’t deserve a tedious job at the company where his own father once worked and April has her own lofty ambitions They are a couple marked for success Or are they The marriage suddenly seems to be on the right path once again They are hopeful for the transformative dream they plan to realize by the end of summer Never before had elation welled powerfully inside him; never had beauty grown purely out of truth; never in taking his wife had he triumphed completely over time and space The past could dissolve at his will and so could the future; so could the walls of this house and the whole imprisoning wasteland beyond it towns and trees He had taken command of the universe because he was a man and because the marvelous creature who opened and moved for him tender and strong was a womanYates not only gets inside his characters and reveals their most private ruminations many of them uite arrogant self serving and callous he also writes some of the most convincing dialogue between couples and among friends and acuaintances that I have ever read No doubt he was either an active participant or a keen observer of than one marital altercation that had escalated to a feverish pitch There’s really not a single likeable character in the entire novel I think this was done with purpose Richard Yates wanted to expose not just his central characters but also the superficiality of the entire lot If there is one person with whom one could align it would have to be the son of the Wheeler’s real estate agent John Givings has been institutionalized following a breakdown much to the embarrassment of Mrs Givings who has her own image to uphold as real estate agent for this perfect suburban neighborhood When her grand plan to introduce him to the Wheelers as a form of ‘therapy’ is put in motion we realize that John is the mouthpiece for all that has gone wrong in this grand illusion of Revolutionary Road He says what everyone wants to say but won’t as a matter of propriety He than anyone else points out what has gone wrong with the American dream With no filter whatsoever John blurts out one brazen opinion after another But even these truisms have a ring of sarcasm to them We may not like this young man either but he sure as hell offers a refreshing honesty that no one else seems to have “ maybe it does take a certain amount of guts to see the emptiness but it takes a whole hell of a lot to see the hopelessness And I guess when you do see the hopelessness that’s when there’s nothing to do but take off If you can” Revolutionary Road was written in 1961 and portrays the life of a 1950s young suburbanite couple but it could really take place at any time The fantasy and dissolution of the American dream is astutely sketched Yates explores the illusion of marriage as a way out of a less than ideal childhood as a way to achieve your independence and aspirations and as an institution to be upheld no matter what the conseuences He places these fictions under the microscope and then dismantles them This is a book that will make you uncomfortable; I suirmed throughout However I believe this is Yates’s intent and he fully succeeded in achieving his goal I couldn’t help comparing this book to John Updike’s Rabbit Run which I finished just a day before starting this one Both are scathing portraits of marriages gone wrong but Updike left me a bit of hope for Rabbit that aggravating bastard Frank Wheeler can take a hike and never come back for all I care “It depressed him to consider how much energy he had wasted over the years in the self denying posture of apology From now on whatever else his life might hold there would be no apologies”