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Free download å E-book, or Kindle E-pub é Nicholas Evans A forty ton truck hurtles out of control on a snowy country road a teenage girl on horseback in its path In a few terrible seconds the life of a family is shattered And a mother's uest beings to save her maimed daughter and a horse driven mad by pain It is an odyssey that will bring her toTHE HORSE WHISPERERHe is the stuff of legend His voice can calm wild horses and his touch heal broken spirits For secrets uttered softly into pricked and troubled ears such men were once called Whisperers Now Tom Booker the inheritor of this ancient gift is to meet hi. ”There was death at its beginning as there would be death again at its end Though whether it was some fleeting shadow of this that passed across the girl’s dreams and woke her on that least likely of mornings she would never know All she knew when she opened her eyes was that the world was somehow altered” ”There was snow The first fall of winter And from the laterals of the fence up by the pond she could tell there must be almost a foot of it With no deflecting wind it was perfect and driftless” When Grace and Pilgrim her horse end up riding with her friend and her friend’s horse on this morning of first snow two will return damaged and two lives are lost Grace’s life is physically forever altered and Pilgrim’s as well but the physical is easier to see and make plans to manage The mental and emotional toll is harder to see and treat Grace’s mother Annie is determined to control and fix the situation To her mind Grace will never truly return to her former self until and unless Pilgrim is also healed She can’t rest until she finds a way which ultimately leads to a discovery that there are men and some women although few of them who can soothe these wounded animals ”For secrets uttered softly into priced and troubled ears these men were known as Whisperers” And so Annie sets out to find and then convince Tom Booker a horse whisperer to help Pilgrim and by extension help Grace It takes than a little convincing but she is not a woman who is used to or willing to taking no for an answer I loved the setting of this story I loved Booker’s view of boiling things down to the essentials of life and how easy that seemed I saw the movie many years ago and loved it as well but I no longer remember the details of the movie only that Robert Redford was the horse whisperer ”There were such moments he knew when the world chose thus to reveal itself not as it might seem to mock our plight or our irrelevance but simply to affirm for us and for all life the very act of being” There is within this story a love story although there are several individual stories which are about love in its many forms A mother’s fierce protective love for her child A father’s tender devoted love for his child A man’s love that allows him to let go of those he loves for what he sees as their sake A girl’s love for her horse that becomes a burden that she carries with her unable to see anything but that moment that day and the damage to this splendid creature A man’s love so great that he would risk all to protect those he loves ”And she thought but didn’t say what a perilous commodity love was and that the proper calibration of its giving and taking was too precise by far for mere humans” Many thanks to my goodreads friend Mischenko whose review prompted me to move this one up

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Free download The Horse Whisperer ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub à A forty ton truck hurtles out of control on a snowy country road a teenage girl on horseback in its path In a few terrible seconds the life of a family is shattered And a mother's uest beings to save her maimed daughter and a horse driven mad by pain It is an Nnie knows that if the horse dies something in Grace will die tooIn the weeks to come under the massive sky of the Rocky Mountain Front all their lives including Tom Booker's will be transformed forever in a way none could have foretold At once an epic love story and a gripping adventure The Horse Whisperer weaves an extraordinary tale of healing and redemption a magnificent emotional journey that explores our ancient bonds with earth and sky and hearts untamed It is a stirring elegy to the power of belief and self discovery to hopes lost and found aga. This book would have gotten one star except for the fact that I actually enjoyed reading about the slow tandem recovery of the horse and his rider What I DIDN'T enjoy was the main character Annie I can honestly say I disliked her intensely She drags her family along by the nose so certain that EVERYTHING SHE DOES is the best solution for everything and the fact that the author makes her decisions work somehow makes the character even irritating She comes across as self centered concerned with fixing her daughter and her horse than actually caring for them Okay that last bit probably isn't fair; it's been a while since I read the book so I may be remembering my annoyance with the character than the character herself Regardless she runs roughshod over everyone and then seems willing to throw it all away for someone who struck me as a male fantasy about a female's fantasy version of the ultimate sensitive guy And then The ending Oh dear the ending I can't believe Annie's family was even speaking to her at that point but again she seemed to believe that everyone was just going to go along with what SHE really wanted anyway My sister says the movie is MUCH better It would have to be

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The Horse WhispererS greatest challengeAnnie Graves has traveled across a continent with her daughter Grace and their wounded horse Pilgrim to the Booker ranch in Montana Annie has risked everything her career her marriage her comfortable life in her desperate belief that the Whisperer can help them The accident has turned Pilgrim savage He is now so demented and dangerous that everyone says he should be destroyed But Annie won't give up on him For she feels his fate is inextricably entwined with that of he daughter who has retreated into a heartrending hostile silence A. I was sucked in for almost the entire book I have to say Loved both the jilted academic husband and the sensitive manly cowboy horse guru But the ending was so ridiculously bizarre that it ruined the whole thing for me Am I just a terrible cynic