Read Zed (Rough Ink #1) ä PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Read Zed (Rough Ink, #1)

Read Zed (Rough Ink, #1) ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Õ Secrets from his past have scarred his heart Can he trust her enough to learn to love againIn the eyes of the law I’d atoned for the secrets of my past but in my heart I knew the debt I owed was too big to ever be repaid I didn’t ask for forgiveness because I kE picture Sexy stubborn and smart enough to know better than to throw her future away on a guy like me Vivi made me uestion everything I thought I already knew I suddenly craved the happy ever after I’d never dared dream of and knew I didn’t deser. Fantastic story I love Zed and Vivigreat characters with fantastic chemistry Well written storyline and characters are well developed Definitely recommend this book and author

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Ss because I knew I wasn’t worthy of it Guilt weighed me down and scarred my heart If it wasn’t for my art I’d probably be dead The truth was I had nothing else to live for Or so I thought until Octavia Douglas came breezing unexpectedly into th. This is a new to me author and I really loved this first book in a new Series Rough Ink I loved Zed he’s gruff says it like it is and there’s no two ways about it and a past he just can’t shake He’s never felt he deserved anything than the life he has but fate has a way of changing things When he encounters Xavier who stumbles into his tattoo shop wanting a tattoo there’s no way that’s going to happen as he’s underage and drunk the kids given one chance before he’s thrown in jail One phone call later and the kids attorneybabysitter arrives and she’s stunning and Zed’s breath is taken away by this beauty that calls herself Octavia There’s a spark between them instant chemistry and denial they can’t fathom that they should be together being so different You will be flipping through their story so fast you won’t know what hit you They are deliciously steamy sexy and you will enjoy the amazing ride this author will take you on Loved it highly recommend it and can’t wait for the next chapter in this series I reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book

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Zed Rough Ink #1Secrets from his past have scarred his heart Can he trust her enough to learn to love againIn the eyes of the law I’d atoned for the secrets of my past but in my heart I knew the debt I owed was too big to ever be repaid I didn’t ask for forgivene. ★★★ To see my full review visit my blog ★★★ Rating 2 stars “I started with the core idea of the five dots but then I started to think about how everyone on the inside has a story that led them there Together the piece is about how life is really a series of unexpected events—rolls of the dice if you like—that converge to a point like going to jail for whatever crime I know for me it was a few brutal rolls of those dice and my life was never the same again” ‘Zed’ is a story fundamentally defined on the faceted life of a dolorous passionate tattoo artist called Zed and his finding a way out of the monotonous cycle of self aversion and self directed antipathy he bears after an accident which tipped and snapped the uneasy balance of his promising life Zed is now the owner of ‘SKeTCH’ and through his natural tenacious propensity for hard work and devotion for diligence and discipline Zed has come to a point in his life where he has control and regime to balance his pain Zed has his art and his verve for boxing to lean on both being encouraging charms on his lifeline in his bid for conservation ‘Whoever was responsible for the cliche “blood is thicker than water” obviously hadn’t met my family where money was thicker than everything’ But pensive masculine Zed is masking hurtful demons that are still a burden on his life and self to this day On the outside Zed is a prickly short tempered rude mass of man who is unapologetically surreptitious On the inside Zed is living a cycle of self ruin a vandalism he is inflicting on himself because of a past that he lets provoke and judge him He's so strong yet lined with a needy vulnerability Strictly tied to his past with a loose sense of loyalty to his present life Zed hides his layers of tragedy for his own soul to bear and braceAnd Zed is very good at runningfrom himself from his feelings and from happiness ‘As she stared into my eyes the challenge was clear “Will you” We both knew that if I did I was walking head long into exactly what she’d correctly identified that I didn’t want Complication Risk Intimacy’ After the son of successful business person Xander Cross drunkenly strolls into Zed’s tattoo parlour one day Zed is subjected to a rotating seuence of events that ring eerily similar to his own in a previous life Call it a divine echo if you will of an emulation of Zed’s past He makes the decision to show this rich self important teenager a lesson of principle Xavier Cross is ungrateful thankless and conceited but he is now paying off his debt to none other than Zed himself ‘What if our lives had been a blank sheet for us to determine every movement mark and fork in the road’ Octavia was bred to be a high baller and she surely is but her desires have long since been overrun with the obligations to be the best and follow the best Her righteous notions of justice just don’t seem to have any meaning among an occupation that severely lacks a moral compass at the best of times while she inadvertently supports an industry that profits from greed and negligence Smooth sailing isn’t the way to go because her obligations are driving her to a path she doesn't want to descend into the perverse injustice of the justice system ‘My life had long since stopped being about choices and was about a series of failures to say no’ Zed and Octavia are the veritable example of opposites attract but they also fall into the typical stereotyping of false perception at first encounter They are both hard headed both incredibly stubborn but eually so very different in their respective traits of personality Zed is a tangle of labyrinthine exhausting feelings and frayed attachments also emotionally stunted but I should alternatively say no attachments and Octavia is ballsy enough to overwrite Zed’s proclamations She wants to pluck Zed’s feathers to get to the meat of the man behind the three letters of his name and his measured words ‘She was like a pool shark only with an Ivy League education and a knockout smile when she chose to grace people with its presence’ With a lawyer’s instinct need for the truth and inuisitive nature Octavia can’t stop herself from attempting to deep sea dive into Zed’s cloudy mess of a past and he detests her attempts at trying to scrape past his life’s surface because his life’s regret and mistakes indeed belong to him and nobody else Zed uses his false assumptions of Octavia to impel his purposeful detachment and though Zed’s art is the seam that stitches him together so too does Octavia begin to grant him something other than pain ‘Not my finest hour from a manners perspective but Octavia Douglas seemed to bring out the worst in me’ ‘Zed’ explores Zed’s character in progressive way and I think it’s safe to say that Zed is the star of the show Love is a privilege it’s an appreciation but it’s also a forgiveness for oneself and these are all things Zed doesn’t believe he justifiably deserves and as an extension there is no place and no privilege to earn such a valuable feeling for himself when he perceives damnation to be his prize For Zed making that change and decision to be with Octavia euates to forgiving himself absolving himself of his horrid mistakes but also not giving himself the respect to understand that he isn’t his mistakes It takes someone like Octavia to show him that just like Xavier is striving for Zed deserves “I’m moving forward with you because everything you think is so wrong about you is so right Because you’re everything I thought i’d never wanted hadn’t ever been looking for but actually always needed” Even though there are layers to Zed and I felt for him I felt detached from him and his plight I know for sure that had I been in his position I most likely would have sunk as opposed to swum He is arduous and strong in mentality and Octavia is too but I couldn’t connect with either of these characters I was lacking in attachment focus and connection I ultimately felt uninvolved and aloof when reading ‘Zed’ I personally wasn’t pulled into this story and into this conflict almost like there was a smoke screen between me and the events of this story ‘Years of not rocking the boat respecting and maintaining the status uo living up to expectations that were so far from my own it was ridiculous A lifetime of pretending to be someone I wasn’t’ What turns out as a chain of events that had taken Zed’s life on an unceremoniously distressing and irrevocable u turn nine years ago that push of fate also changed the course of a lawyer’s life by a simple throw of a set of dice Call it divine intervention call it serendipity call it chance fate but Zed knows plans are never written in stone but perhaps what’s written in the stars is worth waiting for because even though he may not believe in the preordained it leads him to was bound to happen As a man bathed in tragedy and whose action have affected so many people’s lives like the falling of dominos we learn about sacrifice love and loyalty and how each play a role in Zed’s ordeal ‘In reality everything carried on just as it had been before but it felt to me that everyone else in the bar was frozen in time and faded to black while we were bathed in light’ Memories flash penetrating anguish simmers and absolute ruefulness are inescapable for this fine art aficionado This tale circles the unheralded turns in life worthy of breaking but also reshaping people taking them on courses unforseen but latterly rewarding What showing love and support in any capacity can do for a person’s well being but also the perversion that neglect itself can breed in a growing mind Set in Brooklyn New York this story engages in the interracial relationship between Zed and Octavia a relationship of opposites attract while tempting attraction but also stimulating friction at every turn It’s one of second chances recovery and the power of a good role model and a good friend for the abandoned ‘I had never been aware of another person as I was of her in that moment I stared back into her soulful light hazel eyes and held my breath’“Yes you can call me Vivi”I felt like she had handed me the keys to Fort Knox Vatican City and the White House all at once’‘The truth was she’d had me at “Octavia Douglas” Thank you Booksirens and MV Ellis for offering me a free copy in exchange for a review Trigger Warning Mentions of drinking drug abuse and dealing