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Forster When Adela uested and her elderly companion Mrs Moore arrive in the Indian town of Chandrapore they uickly feel trapped by its insular and prejudiced 'Anglo Indian' community Determined to escape the parochial English enclave and explore the 'real India' they seek the guidance of the charming and mercurial Dr Aziz a cultivated Indian Musli. “Adventures do occur but not punctually Life rarely gives us what we want at the moment we consider appropriate” Illustrations from the Folio Edition by Ian RibbonsAdela uested and Mrs Moore have journeyed to India with the intention of arranging a marriage between Adela and Mrs Moore’s son Ronny Heaslop He is the British magistrate of the city of Chandrapore He is imperial much so than when Adela knew him in England ”India had developed sides of his character that she had never admired His self complacency his censoriousness his lack of subtlety all grew vivid beneath a tropic sky; he seemed indifferent than of old to what was passing in the minds of his fellows certain that he was right about them or that if he was wrong it didn’t matter” My impression is that Heaslop may have been elevated rather uickly and had no time to develop his own ideas of the way things were in India but simply borrowed the established views of the senior British officials in India In this new role he was reuired to play he is a very different person than the young lad that Adela knew in England She had decided to break off the engagement and then fate intercedes with a near death experience that allows her to see Heaslop in a different light The engagement is back on “Sometimes I think too much fuss is made about marriage Century after century of carnal embracement and we're still no nearer to understanding one another” It is always interesting to listen to people talk about marriage Sometimes people can be too cerebral and talk themselves out of a perfectly acceptable relationship Others give the commitment of marriage the same amount of thought as they do to deciding what they want for lunch Arranged marriages used to work perfectly well simply because they were an alliance usually involving money and future offspring We decided at some point that romance was the elixir that we must desire the most in a relationship Divorce rates have skyrocketed and most people are not any happier than when marriages were arranged for them by their relatives but free will has given people the idea that happiness can be achieved if they can just find that right person It is always better to own your unhappiness or happiness instead of having it decided for you Adela is not very pretty but she does have some money Heaslop seems rather indifferent about the whole arrangement Yes he wants the marriage but for fulfilling a necessary obligation The sooner it is settled the sooner he can move on to other things of importance Adela is trying to decide whether to accept this situation or wait to see if their is a better one on the horizon Dr Aziz meets Mrs Moore by chance in a mosue and though their meeting is rocky in the beginning a friendship uickly blossoms Adela wants to see the real India by well interacting with real Indians A meeting is arranged with Dr Aziz and in the course of their conversations with one another Aziz extends an invitation to take them on a journey to see the Marabar Caves This is one of those invitations that are extended as a courtesy during a party that are never expected to be fulfilled To his horror he discovers a few days later through an intermediary that the women fully expect him to take them to the caves At great expense to himself he arranges this outing Aziz has always been a friend of the British in fact one of his best friends is a British teacher named Cyril Fielding He had arranged for Fielding and another friend to go with them on this journey to provide the much needed cultural bridge between him and the ladies His friends miss the train Disaster looms Aziz is accused of physically assaulting Adela in one of the caves Ridiculous Fielding says Of course he attacked her the British community insists All these brutes desire our women As events unfold it becomes and unclear as to what really happened but even as doubt is raised the Colonialists continue to believe that Aziz is guilty He must be guiltyThis is considered E M Forster’s masterpiece and lands on most top 100 books of all time lists I personally did not enjoy this book as much as I have some of his other books but because of the subject matter of this book and when it was published I fully understand why people look on this novel as his most significant book He was poking a finger in the eye of his own government and their insistence on continuing to try to rule the world with brutality laced with blatant racism I can see the men who returned triumphantly from their postings abroad sitting around their clubs back in London angrily discussing this book I won’t tell you what happened to Adela or what happened to Aziz but tragically there was a realignment of thought for both of them Adela never wanted to see India again Aziz never wanted to see an Englishmanwoman again In fact for the first time he feels at peace with who he is”I am an Indian at last”If you wish to see of my most recent book and movie reviews visit also have a Facebook blogger page at

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A Passage to India characters ´ 104 ð When Adela uested and her elderly companion Mrs Moore arrive in the Indian town of Chandrapore they uickly feel trapped by its insular and prejudiced 'Anglo Indian' community Determined to escape the parochial English enclave and explore the 'real India' they seek the guidance of the charming and mercurial D S the fate of individuals caught between the great political and cultural conflicts of the modern world In his introduction Pankaj Mishra outlines Forster's complex engagement with Indian society and culture This edition reproduces the Abinger text and notes and also includes four of Forster's essays on India a chronology and further readi. THIS IS AN ANTICOLONIAL NOVEL BUTForster deals blows right and left in this novel and modern readers will grimace when they read the intricately exposed racism of the British in India the lofty British ladies learning just enough Urdu to be able to give instructions to the servants; but alas some of the generalisations about Indians will jar as the narrator throws out stuff like Like most Orientals Aziz overrated hospitality mistaking it for intimacy and not seeing that it is tainted with the sense of possessionOr What they the Indians said and what they felt were except in the case of affection seldom the same They had numerous mental conventions and when these were flouted they found it very difficult to function or Suspicion in the Oriental is a sort of malignant tumour a mental malady that makes him self conscious and unfriendly suddenly; he trusts and mistrusts at the same time in a way the Westerner cannot comprehend That doesn’t sound very nice to me I had thought that Mr Forster was a nice man Well he was a nice man This book was published in 1924 and is brilliantly anti colonialist but even progressive minds could not help generalising about The OrientalTHE MYSTIC EASTPart of the opposition displayed between western colonialists and Indian subjects is expressed as the English demanding facts and figures and making religion a department of the Colonial Office “God who saves the King will surely support the police” versus continual suffocating Indian religious fervency both Islamic and Hindu This cliché had caterpillar legs it was very strong 40 years later when the Beatles set up a tax avoidance scheme called Apple and then immediately left for Rishikesh to meditate on ineffability with the Maharishi But the insistence on the hardnosed versus the floaty mystical twistical can be irritating and possibly strike the reader as crypto racist Forster himself seems to participate in this Mystic East schtick Here is the narrator waxing not so much lyrical as borderline incomprehensible All over the city and over much of India the same retreat on the part of humanity was beginning into cellars up hills under trees April herald of horrors is at hand The sun was returning to his kingdom with power but without beauty – that was the sinister feature If only there had been beauty His cruelty would have been tolerable then Through excess of light he failed to triumph he also; in his yellowy white overflow not only matter but brightness itself lay drowned He was not the unattainable friend either of men or birds or other suns he was not the eternal promise the never withdrawn suggestion that haunts our consciousness; he was merely a creature like the rest and so debarred from glory TUMESCENCEDETUMESCENCEThe action of the plot turns into a big courtroom drama This is the second classic in a row that I read with a John Grisham tendency the other one was The Brothers Karamazov The case collapses in dramatic fashion and after that comes a lot of ruefulness and bumbling and personal bitterness but not too much happens There is maybe seventy pages of deflation I could imagine that some reader might be a trifle impatient with that ON THE OTHER HANDYou have to love zingers like A friendliness as of dwarfs shaking hands was in the air And a crafty observation like There is always trouble when two people do not think of sex at the same momentHa ha EM so true

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A Passage to IndiaM But a mysterious incident occurs while they are exploring the Marabar caves with Aziz and the well respected doctor soon finds himself at the centre of a scandal that rouses violent passions among both the British and their Indian subjects A masterful portrait of a society in the grip of imperialism A Passage to India compellingly depict. A Passage to India seems a bolder statement on Colonialism and racism than ever The Indians are thoughtful and droll speaking about the trouble making friends with Englishmen who become less personable the longer they are in India The British seem to a man all about keeping the Indian down of holding the colony by force The writing is beautiful I just finished EL Doctorow's The March which errs on the purplish side at times There's no such overwriting here Even when one reads slowly the prose constantly surprises And this is my second or third reading too Few books I have found can sustain such interest over the years Lolita Madame Bovary Germinal they are rare This time through I find myself astonished by Forster's skill at under describing his characters This techniue adds to the fleeting lighter than air aspect of the writing He'd much rather talk about a gesture say or the layout of a house But the characters are left very flat if not without description altogether We must go by their voices Under description of this sort was highly recommended by El Leonard too in his day He was another master of it Part Two opens with the story of the developing geology the India Venturing into the Marabar Caves whose substance is hundreds of millions of years old is to enter the primordial It is to be shown something ancient far outside the mental and emotional scope of homo sapiens who are no older than 100000 years and probably closer to 50000 Forster's fascination here is with the numinous Adela and Mrs Moore have since their arrival talked of nothing than seeing the real India In her uest for this passage to India Adela enters the caves with little knowledge of their history and there finds herself face to face with the numinous But in its most primitive essence which of course includes the erotic and just like that her heretofore admirable open mindedness is overwhelmed by the true otherness of India Overwhelmed by fear she makes an egregious category mistake—a reductio ad absurdum—that upends the lives of all the main characters An unwarranted charge of attempted rape is lodged against Dr AzizAziz's arrest reminded of the US's current epidemic of frightened white cops shooting unarmed black men These events are euitable only to the extent that both are examples of raw racism run amok Aziz however will get a trial and be acuitted Our shooting victims will never get that even posthumously as we have seen The novel is a big nail in the coffin of the Old India Hands My God how Forster must have been hated for writing it How dare he besmirch their generations of service in keeping the Indian down It's a very brave book Forster indicts his nation in 1924 twenty three years before Partition All the insipid reasons for being in India are trotted out and shown to be lies Britain was not in India to pass down a legacy of democratic administration that was an unexpected and lucky outcome It doesn't matter what Niall Ferguson says about the benevolence of the so called Raj in Empire The Rise and Demise of the British World Order This was commercial exploitation at its basest That the British left slightly fewer corpses in their wake than King Leopold of Belgium did in the Congo is not an argument in their favorOne final note on this Folio Society edition It's a beautiful book on acid free paper with sewn signatures wonderful to handle Even turning the pages is a joy But the illustrations by Glynn Boyd Harte are wretched and annoying The book is best unadorned