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Zero Regret Zero and Lilly Part Two Lost Kings MC #13O ever let her goOne by one I’ll unlock all her secretsI love a challenge And I’ve never followed the rulesNow that she’s back in my life she’s mine foreverAnd anyone who hurts or threatens her better prepare to d. I have never been a big reader but last year a new years resolution changed that and Lost Kings series was my random choice to start on To my pleasant surprise I was instantly hooked and am so in love with this series Each book is so well written and you get sucked in to the characters storylines I have been counting down the days for this next one Thank you Autumn for turning me in to something I'd never be A reader

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FREE DOWNLOAD Zero Regret: Zero and Lilly, Part Two (Lost Kings MC #13) ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Å Love happens when you least expect it So does heartbreak I thought we were finally done with the liesSecrets Sure Lilly’s still holding on to plenty of thoseMy perfect woman is seLove happens when you least expect it So does heartbreak I thought we were finally done with the liesSecrets Sure Lilly’s still holding on to plenty of thoseMy perfect woman is secrets buried under beautiful layers of d. 3 Stars Edited to add I originally rated this 2 stars; but now that my irritation at the cliffhanger has passed I am bumping it up to the 3 stars it deserves I am a huge fan of AJL and have been for a long time I love her books I love the world she has created here with the LOKI series and I was waiting for this book to drop with bated breath Needless to say I myself am pretty surprised I am giving it only two stars For real I can't remember the last time I rated an AJL book less than four stars That said I have to say that I’m pretty annoyed right now When book one first dropped it was supposed to be one bookbut it turned into two books this bookbecause AJL said she needed than one book to get the story right Which I totally get and accept; however we were led to believe this next book was the conclusion So color me surprised when I when I got the to end and bam cliffhanger and an announcement for book three Now if this book had been exciting and action packed I would have been like sure I get it That's cool But it wasn't This book was fairly boring uite frankly Things happened sure but not a whole lot and not in a way that had me frantically turning the page In fact even as I was reading it I remember having the thought that the book felt like a lot of filler Which made me uestion why it couldn't have been condensed into one book And then to find out that it would now be three Not only that but a lot of the filler in this book revolved around PC discussions and rambling justifications Now this might get me some flack but fuck it Without getting into a long winded discussion on women's rights this is a romance novel review after all I'll just say this I am a strong woman who has an eual voice in my household I believe in the strength of women and support eual rights and responsibility That said I love alpha assholes in my romance books And I felt like in previous books all our main male LOKI characters were badass men who while alpha still treated the women around them with respect In this book however while the characters still acted the same I felt like there was suddenly a lot of character discussions and narrative justifications surrounding any behavior that might come across as infringing on the perceived euality of any female character I'm not sure if AJL got some flack for her character's behavior in previous books And is trying to placate certain readers Or if this is just a natural effect of the recent surge in women's rights movement and an effort to stave off any attacks I don't know But either way all these social justifications coupled with multiple discussions on gender neutral toys as much as I support it all you do you folks just made me feel like I was being lectured In a motorcycle romance And it took me out of the story Right or wrong that's how I felt I just hope book three works out better for me

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Eception She’s the seductive siren bent on destroying my heart It doesn’t make me want her any less Just like before she’s an addiction I can’t break I’ll never learn my lesson when it comes to herBut I refuse t. I just wasn't feelin' the love as much for this episode To be honest I am getting tired of the pages of mendacity leading up to a big explosion of action at the end and then a cliffhangerI do NOT like cliffhangers Regardless of what is said about back in the old days where readers had to wait a year for the next book in the series I would patiently wait until the series was complete and THEN read the booksI waited twenty three freakin' YEARS for Robert Jordan and had to angst through his death but I did read get to read the whole WoT series at once I would just buy them and put them on the shelf until the series was complete Look I can understand being unable to work through a plot to get to a good ending especially in a series that builds on what came before But when there is so much fluff before you get to where things actually happen that is just off putting and it makes me very disappointed Because I am trying to follow a series that I enjoy I have to plan for it I read a tremendous amount of books and I resent being told that there is two books and then SURPRISE there is now a book three It makes me want to give the whole series up especially because I am not really invested in these characters as much as I suspect I could be if the writing were tighter and condensed and also if there was less real world social movement recognition being battered into my brain for a majority of pages I would also add that this is an MC book I have a good idea of what I am buying when I click on it and the real world social relevance debate isn't something that I want to focus on because that debate and these characters don't mesh well It isn't that the real world debates going on right now are not important but I don't want a rehash while I am trying a to experience a little real world holiday I just want to read a good story with guys who are only a little on the wrong side of the law and yet still have a basic respect for their one and only and fall in love and have some drama and then get an HEA AJL has got a good thing going on with this whole series but it is so drawn out and lagging in parts that I find myself losing my investment in seeing what happens next and that is a terrible thing when all I want to do is lose myself in a good book