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The Candidate and other storiesMeet Professor Alfred Jules Ayer a famous philosopher noted for his atheism his disdain of all things metaphysical and his reverence for logic in “The Candidate” After suffering a heart attack he finds himself in the Greek Underworld He never expected an afterlife and the fabled abode is nothing like the fable which never mentioned a salmon with human arms and legs or a flying sauce. This is a uirky and interesting collection of stories all with a fantasy or paranormal twist As with most anthologies I enjoyed some than othersThe CandidateAlfred after a heart attack and then choking to death finds himself in the Greek Underworld where he finds himself in a number of trippy situations This one went over my head because I have the feeling that knowing the philosophies of David Hume and Alfred Ayer would have made a marked difference to my reading experience I enjoyed the imagery and weird transitions but I think I may have missed the pointHaroldHarold needs to make money for an exclusive investment and reckons the uickest way to do that is to put himself on show People would pay to see a man only 12 inches tall Maria arrives at his home offering him an alternative to show him a world he’d long hoped existed but was afraid to dream of A place where there were homunculi and he wouldn’t be the only one He’s whisked off to where he not only encounters his own kind but also finds himself in love in danger and on an adventure I enjoyed the concept and the plot but I didn’t feel any connection with any of the characters which meant I was less engaged with the story It almost feels as if too much information was suished into a short storyA More Likely OdysseyThis is uite an enjoyable reimagining of Helen of Troy as told by Odysseus to Nausicaa and Demodocus Odysseus awakes on the island of Scheria half starved and battered from his shipwreck where Nausicaa daughter of King Alcinous and ueen Arete finds him and gets him cleaned up Nausicaa and Demodocus ask him his story before they’re willing to present him to her parents What follows is divergent from Odyssey and I’m not sure if Helen is being maligned or honoured as a cunning piratebusinesswoman Either way it was an entertaining readBetween life and oblivionThis is a really short story where Lord Byron is essentially in a waiting room between life and oblivion Various poets pass through the room I’m sure I missed the point on this one tooA matter of perception in three partsI didn’t understand this on my first read through because there were too many names and times zone for the story to solidify in my mind On the second read through everything became clear in what ended up being an entertaining and pleasant story time travel It opens with Ellen who considers herself an old maid never having found someone to love At around 40 she meets James Griswold and marries him Her happiness is short lived when he dies in a freak accident She retreats to her family’s property “The Magic Dress Shop” where time stands still for her Forty years later she leaves the shop leaving her great nieces there with strict instructions not to touch anything to see her dying twin sister When she returns the girls Emily and Alison have had fun trying on shoes hats and coats with time and body swapping effects Fanny and her reluctant ghostsThis is the second part of the previous story and features the return of Alison and Emily Alison crawls through a doorway in the courtyard of “The Magic Dress Shop” to find herself outside her school just as she gets run over by a ghost school bus In her classroom nobody can see or hear her but her phone still takes pictures Suddenly a frontier woman dressed in fringed buckskin with a rifle and two revolvers appears in the classroom Loaded for BearIn part three Emily and Alison are playing with a skipping rope in the courtyard when suddenly they find they’ve swapped bodies Convincing Aunt Ellen is surprisingly difficult so they resort to showing her what happened I enjoyed the concept and execution of this story in all its wackinessJourney to AbsentiaSet in rural Kansas in the late 1800s what follows for the rest of the anthology is a series of short slices of life with and oddness to them until they start connecting Old Doc is at the centre of each story even though he’s not necessarily featured in them They tell of his collected friends both human and animal and some of his adventures encountered Their antics are entertaining fantastical and also with some pathos There are about 11 segments to this story Book received in exchange for an honest review

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review The Candidate and other stories 100 ´ Meet Professor Alfred Jules Ayer a famous philosopher noted for his atheism his disdain of all things metaphysical and his reverence for logic in “The Candidate” After suffering a heart attack he finds himself in the Greek Underworld He never expected an afterlife and the fabled abode is nothing likeUsh postmortem refuge is anything but when it soon becomes a type of Hell in “Between Life and Oblivion”Discover the true story of Helen the famous face that launched a thousand ships in the tale “A More Likely Odyssey”Within these pages you’ll be taken on journeys beyond imagining You’ll meet characters and explore familiar worlds through different eyes Look beyond the hedg. This short story collection by Samuel R George is uite a uniue blend and certainly must have been uite challenging to write In fact in the hands of a less skilled author it could have been uite disastrous as the subject matter is so thought provoking and complex A philosophical and even existential blend weave through the narrative which I found to be utterly compelling and hard to put down I look forward to future offerings from the author with eager anticipation and I really hope it is in novel form to see how he tackles a larger tome

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R captained by lizard manIn “Harold” you’ll meet a homunculus who is certain he is a one of a kind a freak of nature Imagine his surprise when he discovers an island populated by thousands of his kind There he finds adventure love and danger He must face thugs his size sinister large people a dangerous house cat and a plethora of perplexing situationsIrresolute poets find their pl. A spectrum of immensely entertaining storiesLouisiana author Samuel R George earned his degree form Colorado University Boulder and now writes short stories and novels published in both book format and chapbooks and magazine and review publications The themes of these stories are both varied and unusual the unifying link being the author’s impeccable prose and ability to entertain the reader with bizarre takes on time history parody strange creatures and credible characters leading the reader into situations and concepts that defy reason The opening story The Candidate featuring a philosopher visiting the denied after life sets a fine tone; from the opening lines ‘Cavorting eating drinking; so devotedly and systematically did I carouse the overall feeling was one of rhythm However I was dancing with death I bopped I boogied I tap danced my way right into an ambulance which brought me to University College Hospital in London I remained there for several days and felt better But apparently hell bent I waltzed with annihilation once again Too headstrong to eat the hospital food I went instead for fare smuggled in by my co conspirators A slice of smoked salmon lodging in my throat took me from mere pneumonia to cardiac arrest’ It is that admixture of well crafted prose and strange concepts that makes this collection singThe other included stories are Harold a homunculus with perception problems A More Likely Odyssey Helen of Troy’s legend refigured Between Life and Oblivion revisiting famous poets A Matter of Perception Fanny and Her Reluctant Ghosts Loaded for bear and Journey to Absentia – a perfectly superb and lengthy story divided into sections with subtitles that offer insights to the impact of the tale How Doc Acuired a Chimpanzee Named Lincoln One Last Reuest Smith and Jones aka Jones and Smith Romulus Kanthaka and Lincoln Exodus The Awakening of Doctor Smother Romulus is Sent Home The Death of William Hawkins How the Peyote Kid Got His Name What Happened to the Bandito Juan Garcia When He Crossed Paths with Old Doc in Matamoros How Old Doc Met the Illustrious Comte de Saint Germain What Befell Ruth Marie When She and Doc Became Hopelessly Captured by Juan Garcia and His Gang Lincoln and the Peyote Kid Get Trapped in the Cave and The Boy Was Not What He SeemedReading this collection of short stories is not only immensely entertaining the stories also shed light on concepts and legends that challenge the reader to think