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Esn't know how to stop it At times she's not sure she wants to Until she stumbles across a family mystery surrounding the disappearance of her great aunt Angelica years earlier During h. I'm certain this book would be classified as a young adult novel but I believe it would appeal to people of all agesThe narrator is shy insecure 13 year old Zylia Moss who struggles with being noticed at school and at home and fears she is literally disappearing She describes each member of her family and their three story house which is home to her parents six siblings and her grandmother who had recently been diagnosed with dementia By the second chapter she had transported me back almost 60 years and I began to view the world through her young eyes How remarkable and a bit scary to return to those long forgotten feelingsI believe it's unnecessary to provide a summary of any storyline for the joy of reading is for each of us to discover it on our journey through the pages However I must share that I found the author's interpretation of dementia both creative and somehow comforting Misty Mount has a talent for creating characters that are well developed and likable; with dialogue that is appropriate and convincing; which allows the writing to flow effortlessly Her gift of tenderness to every detail is clearly evident in this bookThere's no going back now Ms Mount for you have left your stamp here in this worldDefinitely recommend5 stars

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The Shadow GirlEr uest to unravel the mystery Zylia discovers she's able to cross the boundary and enter the in between world Now it's up to Zylia to save herself before she's trapped in between forev. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Shadow Girl as I edited it—the story was riveting well written and perfectly paced I think readers of all ages can relate to Zylia especially those of us who were thirteen years old at one time and those who will be thirteen at some point in the future I mean what thirteen year old hasn't had at least some awkward moments But for some of us our shy and uiet personalities make us feel a special bond with Zylia who gets virtually ignored and trampled on almost daily—except for those rare moments when suddenly everyone is looking at the perfectly wrong moment Yikes Zylia's invisibility is both a blessing and a curse—if only she could use it to her advantage And at times she does but the best part happens when it leads her to solve an old family mystery that's left plaguing her grandmother Not only does Zylia uncover the answers and make some friends along the way she searches for and finds herself in the most unexpected of ways Zylia's story will draw you in and not let go—until the final satisfying words You may even find yourself checking your reflection in the mirror a few times to make sure you're not disappearing as well

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review The Shadow Girl 103 Ò Shy thirteen year old Zylia has always known she was different Most teenagers feel unnoticed and unseen but for Zylia it's something much worse She's disappearing from this world and doesn't know how to stop it At times she's not sure she wants to Until she stumbles across a family mystery surrounding the disappearance of her great aunShy thirteen year old Zylia has always known she was different Most teenagers feel unnoticed and unseen but for Zylia it's something much worse She's disappearing from this world and do. Why This BookThe concept of a shadow has always been a fascinating subject and when I saw it in the title of a book I wanted to learn I chatted with the author on Goodreads a few times about her life as a writer uickly finding myself even intrigued I got a copy of the book and then saw she was having a blog tour – by the virtue of luck I got myself included as part of the team which I’m incredibly grateful for and dove head first into reading the book And I’m so glad I did what a strong and solid young adult mystery and coming of age novel to spend a few days withApproach StyleI read this 300 page novel in early January via Kindle Reader on my iPad It contains twenty eight chapters and took about six hours to read over three days The story is told with a first person point of view and a perspective focusing on the main character Zylia a 13 year old girl who feels like no one can see her There’s a fine line in the story that will make you wonder if there are any magical elements going on in the background but it truly makes for a breathtaking transformation as you live through everything Zylia experiencesKey ThoughtsThe story is simple but it is captivating It's a psychological character study and Mount has done a tremendously wonderful job to keep us interested with only small simple and ordinary events happening to her family Kudos for making something truly introspective feel so warm and other worldly as the same timeMount completely captured the life of a 13 year old girl not that I would truly know what that is but that it’s definitely what I imagined it to be Readers see everything from her point of view in a way that makes you feel like part of the action Whenever I wanted to be angry with Zylia’s siblings or parents they do something to re balance the euation so I adore them again The family dynamics in this book are extraordinaryThe tone is perfectly set It is somewhat ominous but not in a dark way It’s written with a light touch that makes you keep thinking what's gonna happen here I need to know and I hope she’s gonna be okay Don’t hurt my Zylia Since this is spoiler free I will not tell you what happens you have to go read it for yourself Just trust meOne of the strongest areas is Mount’s use of language narrative and dialogue to tell the story The words she’s chosen make you think deeply The book gives you an understanding of the uestions we all ask ourselves at different ages and what we choose to see or not see when we interpret other people's actionsI definitely see Zylia as becoming a beloved character by readers 95% adored and maybe 5% frustrated when she slinks too far into the no one sees me depths which is completely the way a young teenager would feel it’s absolutely necessary to draw the emotions out us so it belonged Zylia reminds me a lot of Leisl from The Book Thief All the different things she encounters really show a day in the life of a young girl learning how to find her voice which will absolutely pull readers in and allow them to compare situations to their own lives or worry whether they've done the same things to others exactly what a great book is supposed to doSummaryThis is a book you want to take a chance on especially if you’re a young adult reader or love when books take you on a psychological journey Check out my blog tour post for this book as well as the links to over 15 other special reviews posts at