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Read & download ☆ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Û Roe Horvat It was supposed to be just sex Famous last words Tyler doesn't overthink pleasure and avoids complications He knows it might be stupid to get involved with his closeted boss but the temptation is too great At first the cold and beautiful Joel Sandstrom seems to loathe Tyler's guts Except one late. I wanted to worship him Firstlyfor those who don't normally read the Author's note at the beginning I advise you to read it hereThis is hotI mean seriously hot BUT it's not just gratuitous sexit's important to the storyAs the Author states physical pleasure shouldn't be wrong and who you loveexperience love with is your choiceStarting a new book by this Author is like ChristmasThe anticipationthe excitementthe knowledge you're going to get something pretty special and when you unwrap that present and it's everything you hoped forTyler and Joel couldn't be differentTyler is outcomfortable with who he is and hallelujah for a parent who is supportive and pretty damn special in his motherI loved herJoel is just the oppositedeeply in the closestfor reasons which are explainedIt's not just his sexuality he's hidden but who the man he is deep insideThe floodgates are about to be opened when an encounter one night with Tyler leads to something neither man expectedEnemies to lovers It's about Joel fighting his attraction to Tyler I unlocked the cage and the beast broke out He was spectacular This is highly eroticand sensual but don't be fooled it's also a beautiful love storyThe writing is so compellingI was totally swept up in Tyler and Joel's storyThe story might start of with hot sexual encounters but it finishes with so much two men who kind of rescue each other and turn out to be just perfect together “Thank you” he said “You have no idea how much you’ve changed my life More favourite uotes It was what made me come to him again and again—these glimpses of the wild creature inside the clean cut man made me want to unravel him lure the beast out and see what it could do when set free He looked pointedly at my hot pink T shirt which featured the sign “Plastic is Fantastic” A kiss The longest deepest single most erotic kiss of my life My baby was gorgeousWe were euals He held me just like I had held him a minute ago And it almost didn’t matter who was there in the room with us who was touching us Highly Recommended Review copy provided

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Free read Þ The Other Book 109 Þ It was supposed to be just sex Famous last words Tyler doesn't overthink pleasure and avoids complications He knows it might be stupid to get involved with his closeted boss but the temptation is too great At first the cold and beautiful Joel Sandstrom seems to loathe Tyler's guts Except one late night at the office h E lonesome man and it's a heady feeling What if he could set Joel free and give him peace of mind When Tyler realizes how much Joel needs him he doesn't regret breaking his own rules Gay erotic romance Contains explicit scenes and sexual interactions between than two partners For adult readers on. And all I felt was deep joy a basic soul warming happiness I finished this amazing book hours ago and I still find myself re reading my highlights I feel like re reading this whole book because for me it was PERFECTION It might sound crazy but I feel like this story comes right from my most hidden fantasies This author put into words exactly what I wanted in a book It's exactly what makes my heart skip a beat Or ten It's everything I finished this book so many hours ago and I remember the loss I felt when it ended To say I didn't want it to end is an understatement Again I feel the need to mention English is not my native language and lately I struggled while writing my reviews Now I do too because I'm afraid I can't do it justice I just can't This book was SO good I feel like re reading it just so that I can get another dose of happiness And hotnessThis book is addictive But the best kind of addictive It's PERFECTIONI really don't know how to gather my thoughts and make sense I feel like shouting with all my force THE OTHER BOOK is the best book But I also need to prepare you this isn't fluffy romance this isn't the holding hands and bringing flowers on a first date type of book This story is about exploring your sexuality learning to feel free enough to do what you wanted in bed but never dared This is HOT as all hell and beyond It's pretty hardcore for those who only read mild sex scenes I've read many books with amazing potential great plot but the erotic part wasn't doing anything for me I've read books in which the main characters were super attracted to each other BUT the author failed in making US the readers FEEL their connection This is not happening here The Other Book is in a league of its own Maybe because the author is just THAT GOOD in making the reader FEEL the attraction between the characters their lust their need the acceptance of their urges And God how they give inKnowing English isn't the author's native language I can only bow my head to the great use of words It was like everything was pouring from his heart So smooth so realistic So hotThis book was amazingly written I absolutely adored all the characters Minus Joel's dad of course I felt like strangling himWe get enemies to lovers And what is sexier than enemies at work the boss and his employee even if he was just a freelancer Their banter was delicious Nice tie Matches the ice in your chest After finishing the first chapter I thought THE BEST FIRST CHAPTER EVERAfter the second one I felt the same And so on It just gets better and better I got super curious about Joel's cold attitude and his reasons After the third chapter I was needing a break because the hotness was out of this worldAnd I absolutely MUST mention Christopher and Adam because they were the cherries on the top It's like I am so in tune with Christopher I can almost feel the adoration he feels for Adam I can glimpse Adam through Christopher's eyes When I see them together to me it's like a celebration of life Tyler Ty He was so caring so protective so supportive I only want to make you ecstatic I want to make you forget everything that's hurting you to protect you from it even though I know I can't I still want to try Having a foursome in a book where the main couple isn't already super solid is tricky Or it would have been But this brilliant author created such perfect scenes I just couldn't I couldn't NOT love them Especially Adam of course Ty I have never been so fucking horny in my entire lifeYeah I think it's Adam Whatever sex crazed demon has possessed the guy its powers are immense To wrap this up because I really didn't expect to write so much when at first I didn't even know where to start The Other Book is definitely a book you NEED to read if you are into smoking HOT MM stories if you're looking for some mysterious boss Add a super sexy couple ready to play and also a beautiful ending There is some angst but it's at minimum I just knew Tyler was strong enough in not letting Joel to fall apart Oh and the buzzing intruder at the end was just exuisite 😁Do yourselves a favor and pick this one up on January 30 2019 I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC from the author and I am grateful beyond words If you haven't figured it our yet I am a BIG fan

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The Other BookNight at the office his reasons become clearand his control breaks Every time they touch Joel's stony face comes alive harsh lines smooth out and for a minute he looks serene Happy even Just sex dirty intense spectacular sex During their covert encounters Tyler discovers the power he has over th. 45 erotic starsOH MY GAAAAAAWD THIS BOOK IS HOOOOOOT I bent down and caught his upper lip between mine I nipped at it once then his lower lip and he opened up for me his tongue meeting mine The first taste A kiss The longest deepest single most erotic kiss of my life It is EroticIt is sweetFirst of all don’t ignore the warnings if they put you off don’t go in if you can handle all that Then by all means READ THIS BOOK I unzipped swiftly and took my hard cock out stroking it rolling my foreskin back with my fingers Joel watched mouth open He tried to lean closer but I held him by his hair“Fuck” he muttered “Oh Joel you cock hungry slut” I said That is only a tiny glimpse of itThe writing is very solid and really good it flows from page to page and was hooked from the moment i read the first chapter couldn’t stop and didn’t want it to end The book is short but has a lot of feels The relationship starts out as sexual then develops into something It was amazing to read and found it very believable MC 1 Tyler Our main narrator unapologetic out and proud loving guy with a very high sexual appetite He is so supportive and patient with Joel I really love him MC 2 Joel – Tyler’s boss Smart charming deep in the closet comes off as cold but deep down he is just craving his prick father’s affection and a very bossy bottom Loved him too I loved how Tyler helped Joel accept himself We have another couple as secondary characters Christopher Tyler’s best friend and his boyfriend Adam These two add some sauce to the story and heat factor The chemistry is out of this world from the moment we are introduced to Tyler and Joel I could feel their connection sexual emotional physical and everything in between The sex scenes are so hot Like HAWT The author made me feel the connection between these men the passion and sex The sex Did I mention hot “Baby what do you want”“Tyler” he breathed confused in his sex haze“It’s intense I know Slow down for a minute”“Yeah Fuck Tyler I want” “Joel” I said loudly He nodded“I need to be there when you come That moment is mine Okay”“Yes” Cold Shower Cold ShowerThis is my first time reading a book written by Roe and I have to say He has a uniue writing style I will definitely be looking for ARC kindly received from the author in return for an honest review