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A woman with the desire to heal A lord with a shameful secret And a contract that binds them together Wishing to follow in her father's footsteps EVELYN PROCTEN has always tended to those in need Despite social convention the only future Evelyn can see for herself is that of a doctoruntil she is called to Farnworth Manor to tend to the young viscount's sister who finds herself unmarried and with child Unfortunately her stay at Farnworth Manor once again throws Evelyn into the path of Lord Ashwood a man she has loved from a distance for many years A man who has never looked at her twice A man who disapproves of her professional ambition As far as society is concerned RICHARD DAVENPORT VISCOUNT ASHWOOD is a cold hearted and uncaring man Although he does not overly care for socie. 🎁 FREE on today 5142019 🎁

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Oppressed and Empowered Loves Second Chance Series Damsels and Knights #5Ty's opinion of him he cannot deny that there is truth in their assessment Nevertheless Richard knows his duty and would never act against propriety However the whispers retreat into the background when his unmarried sister reveals to him that she is with child Determined to maintain her secret Richard keeps her locked away at Farnworth Manor Still in order to ensure his sister's well being he is forced to call upon the one woman who has always been able to melt the ice from his heart Will he be able to resist her Or will he succumb to her tender heart and share with her the one secret that has always determined his life To say I loved Oppressed Empowered is an understatement It had all the right facets of a perfect historical romance – angst mystery danger awakening love an. Review previously published by The Smut ReportHeat Factor winterCharacter Chemistry they communicated wellPlot redundantOverall nopeEvelyn Procten is the village doctor’s daughter and has been training with him since she was young Doctoring is her calling Now she’s in her 20s her father is ailing and they’re planning for the future which involves her marrying her father’s apprentice who is both sexist and arrogant but also unskilled and lacking empathyRichard Davenport is Viscount Ashwood and his family manor is close to the Proctens’ village Ashwood is supposed to have a form of high functioning autism such that he is unable to interpret people’s expressions and intentions so he is reserved and most people believe him to be to be cold and unfeelingAt the outset the story is projected as being about a woman doctor who’s very skilled but who living in a man’s world will never be able to achieve her potential Nevertheless she will persevere because medicine is her calling and who needs a man anyway This thread unravels uickly although is periodically picked up a few times in the story but really Evelyn adjusts to not being a doctor uite readily when it comes to the point And the point is that Richard and Evelyn’s fathers had arranged a marriage for them when they were much younger so E becomes Lady Ashwood approximately halfway through the book Apparently they were already attracted to one another but they had different life trajectories until they learn of their fathers’ agreement so they’re both super angry about it for about 20 pages before simply capitulating Because honor Never mind the hypothetical engagement between Evelyn and the Dr’s apprentice which was mentioned very early and then left to trail behind the rest of the story in the dust And also never mind E and R secretly have the hots for each other but let’s not let that get in the way of the being angry at the fathers and the honorThere are three points of conflict all somewhat tied together First Evelyn is a doctor and wants the independence to be a doctor first love second and the title of “wife” for its own sake not at all Second Evelyn wants to have her skills and knowledge as a doctor respected especially by Richard Finally Richard’s sister is unmarried and pregnant which means that if she doesn’t want to face social ostracism she’ll need to remain secluded until the baby’s birth and then give up the baby to an adoptive familyThe story is driven by the sub plot of Richard’s sister Claudia attempted to elope was left behind by her spineless intended husband when his brother came to fetch him and subseuently got drunk and had sex with a stranger which left her compromised in a pretty big way She is a vivacious and social young woman so the ostracism that would follow her after the birth of an illegitimate child would be akin to death for her Richard is trying to protect her for her future and Claudia is chafing against the restriction of having to hide her pregnancy which is the whole conflict between brother and sister when the story begins Somehow this struggle for Claudia’s happiness transforms from her own careless social selfishness to a heart wrenching trauma of a mother losing her child which at first seems wholly projected onto Claudia by Evelyn Honestly Claudia acknowledges in chapter 6 of 45 so pretty early that Richard’s decision is good for her so she basically comes across as a petulant young woman who made her own impetuous bad choice also acknowledged by the lady and refuses to live with the conseuences both in the short and long term If I were Richard I would also be like WTH is wrong with you Claudia And Evelyn why are you the most naive woman on the planet for thinking an unmarried noblewoman could have a child out of wedlock He’s way nicer about it than I would be thoughJust a ua

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Oppressed and Empowered Loves Second Chance Series Damsels and Knights #5 Free download ô 5 ¶ A woman with the desire to heal A lord with a shameful secret And a contract that binds them together Wishing to follow in her father's footsteps EVELYN PROCTEN has always tended to those in need DD happiness found I was just sad to see it come to an end Rural Reader Review This book is based on a brilliant idea that forces one very gently to look at things through someone else's eyes to feel what they feel emotionally and to understand in a small way what it is like to have Asperber's Syndrome and what it is like to live with someone with this syndrome I truly loved everything about this story Zena Review Bree doesn’t disappoint She addresses issues without hesitation Lady physicals unmarried pregnancy and I loved this tale of Evelyn and Richard 2 souls that cry out to us Bree does a stellar job again I read it in one day thank you for your wonderful way with words FELICITY Review Also check out Bree's A Forbidden Love Novella Series which is FREE with Kindle Unlimit. SETTING Two women’s stories are developed one the daughter of a doctor trained from youth to be a physician learning all of her father’s skills and all she could by reading; the other a flighty young woman sister to the current Viscount who becomes pregnant after a run to Gretna Green which fails to produce a marriage certificate as the groom’s brother intercedes before the ceremony The 2 young ladies Evelyn and Claudia are brought together when Evelyn and her father come to attend Claudia after a fainting spell Despite vast differences in training skills character and social status both women face similar problems in working out their own lives in the early 1800’s—women are under the power of men not free to make their own decisions and careers in the general view of society To effect change men’s minds have to be convinced one man at a time How will Evelyn gain the trust and respect of Richard Claudia’s older brother who initially does not want her to care for Claudia What will it take to earn the respect of an arrogant new apprentice to Evelyn’s father Will Evelyn be able to find love and a husband and STILL be viewed as a competent physician in the community And what of Claudia’s child must it be surrendered to another couple to escape the disgrace of being a bastard Will Claudia even have a voice in what is to become of the childCRITIUE Once again Ms Wolf has executed a stunning novel wrestling with complex social issues of the day She masterfully woven a story depicting women struggling for the right of self determination in the 1800’s Yet there is something in this novel an attempt to view the life of a young man struggling with Asperger’s syndrome at a time when such a problem had no name nor any particular recognition by the medical community or by society It is with Evelyn’s love and her attempt to understand Richard that the self protective shell he has built around himself is cracked allowing Richard to enjoy life to a fuller extent The writing is excellent the storyline superb—leaving us hungry to know’and then what happens’ Of course such a cliff hanger will have it’s followup in another story The depiction of how difficult it was and often times still is for women to be looked upon as having the same level of competence a man has is right on target The ualities Evelyn shows of uiet confidence and careful observation truly are important ualities in any practicing physician So with excellent writing a true grasp of the difficulties of women physicians and pregnant single women in the 1800’s we have an outstanding novel for our enjoyment