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The Scopas FactorAgo from St Kitts hoping to put everything behind him But his girlfriend Diana has other plans and although he has no interest in the job opportunity she presents him in a small northern California town no less he wants to please her Upon his arrival in Weedley he's caught up in a kidnapping and two murders A visit to Di. Vincent Panetierre’s novel The Scopas Factor is an exhilarating and fast paced thriller novel that is an overall enjoyable read thanks to a one of a kind and multi level plot The story primarily follows Michael Hegan a Chicago based police detective who finds himself unexpectedly entangled in an international and multi generational intrigue Hegan is supported in the story by a motley crew of fascinating and enigmatic characters who weave in and out of story lines to create an absorbing web of mystery Panettiere’s novel is entertaining to read and merits four stars due to its uniue and innovative plot and the thrilling surprises that Panettiere skillfully pulls out at every turn but it does have some areas where it could improve and become a truly amazing workPanetierre’s novel begins with an instantly absorbing scene in a Thai refugee camp in 1990 where readers will be struck by Panettiere’s poetic writing style and beautiful descriptions of nature and people The novel then switches gears to the present with police detective Michael Hegan and his spirited companion Diana as they travel from Chicago to rural California for a possible job interview Through a series of peculiar events Hegan soon finds himself halfway across the world in southern France following a dangerous trail of a lost artwork that many are willing to kill – and die – for In France he finds much mystery and danger than he ever could have anticipated and readers will happily tag along with Hegan as he dives deeper and deeper into the world of international criminals Admittedly the twists and turns that the story takes are highly unlikely and reuire readers to stretch their minds beyond a reasonable belief but no one wants to read about regular run of the mill lives anyway do they Just accept that you will never find yourself in the same small French town with a gorgeous Laotian American woman who will fall instantly in love with you and is a fabulous chef to boot and enjoy the ride The Scopas Factor excels by creating a uniue and complex story unlike anything I’ve ever read before At some points it feels reminiscent of other popular thriller and mystery novels but Panettiere does not fall into the trap of clichés and “gotchas” as many others do He keeps the plot fast paced fascinating and surprising with never a dull moment on any page The three hundred pages of The Scopas Factor fly by and as I whisked to the end I was disappointed that it had come to an end but glad to reach the conclusion of such an exhilarating workWhere the Scopas Factor could improve would be by spending time developing its central characters Panettiere spends the most time with the star Michael Hegan but even after reading the novel in its entirety I felt as if I only knew Hegan on a superficial level Hegan’s romantic relationships felt eually superficial and I struggled to believe the passion in the scenes that Panettiere wrote The novel contains many fascinating supporting characters – my favorites include maneater Alexis mysterious Yvette and the ever hilarious ever British Thornie – but their personalities felt only skin deep In spite of that though I think that The Scopas Factor is a worthwhile and uniue read that is sure to entertain

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A Hmong story cloth a Revolutionary War battle flag forged Picassos and a Russian drug dealer finding the link between these disparate elements is the challenge Mike Hegan faces in The Scopas Factor the latest mystery from Vincent PanettiereAfter his last investigation ends tragically Detective Mike Hegan returns to Chic. You can read all my review on Blog Books Teacup and Reviews35 StarsThe Scopas Factor was a second book in Mike Hegan mystery series Book was revolved around primitive art forgery Laosian history and drug smuggling that tangled main character – detective Mike Hegan in complex case Book was filled with twist and turns some tense scene and little bit romanceI haven’t read first book so I can tell there wasn’t much I was missing from first book and can be read as standalone Writing was okay at first but as I read I could see it improving by the end of the book It was third person narrative from multiple character’s perspective The narration style setting and plot was different and interestingIt started in 1990 with Hmong woman running from communist insurgents terrorizing village They were assisted by the Americans during Vietnam War While staying at refugee camp she recreated horrors of war by sewing a cloth depicting the events she witnessed She hid it in secret compartment of her lean to The cloth that took old woman’s life and put her daughter Mos and her family in danger even after 25 yearsWhy cloth was so important why the Skaggs was after it why Tom and some other people had ‘Don’t Trade On Me’ flag and why they had letters from Ambassadors of America signed by Rene Sabotka who was Sabotka how he was related to cloth and why he wanted it All these uestions made the book interesting and I was curious to find out how Hegan was going to solve the mystery of story clothFirst few chapters gave overview of history of story cloth Tom Fritzgerald and Hegan’s life as detective of Chicago Police Department how he was now on sabbatical after returning previous mission and on the case of two murders and a missing story clothHegan was clever his deductive skill was great and I liked how he cared for people around him Initially he was suspicious of Thornie but once it was cleared their team was remarkable I enjoyed conversations between them Thornie was my most favorite character in the book He was hilarious British that made the book lively and eased the tension of the mysterySide characters David Alexis LeNoir and Thornie were eventually introduced I liked to read their part in the mystery that helped to gather the pieces of puzzle Yvette’s life story and her relation to LeNoir was intriguing and I liked how she reconnected with her lost family All characters were flawed and realisticDrama murder kidnapping smuggling with many twist and turns made me read till the end of the chapter A statue by Scopas and Hegan’s skill was the turning point in the book Climax was good Last 30% of the book fast paced real interesting and tense filled with action little surprises and better writing I liked the way mystery was concludedWhy 35 stars Now there were few things that kept me distracted and from fully enjoying the story I enjoyed first chapter but from second to seventh chapter first 100 pages it didn’t held the same interest and pace maybe because of narration style which was little confusingI couldn’t feel the characters There was focus on plot than characters I didn’t care for any of them Though Hegan was main character I feel like I don’t know much about him and his romance with Yvette was also superficial The way they met and their love at first sight felt unrealisticI couldn’t feel the thrill of mystery until last 30% of the bookOverall it was interesting and uniue plot and mystery with twist and turns I would have loved the book if it had depth in characters and gripping narration Note I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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READ & DOWNLOAD Õ The Scopas Factor É A Hmong story cloth a Revolutionary War battle flag forged Picassos and a Russian drug dealer—finding the link between these disparate elements is the challenge Mike Hegan faces in The Scopas Factor the latest mystery from Vincent PanettiereAfter his last investigation ends tragically Detective Mike Hegan Ana's family in San Francisco only serves to deepen the mystery as her father might be the link to a gang of antiuities thieves that might have something to do with the crimes in Weedley And when Diana's father disappears Hegan takes off for Antibes in southern France where he discovers that the mystery has only just beg. The book is nothing short of exciting mysterious and electrifying The events are dramatized well making the reader visualize every action on the ground Vincent Panettiere writes fascinatingly and was able to catch my interest from the start The author takes us to Ban Vinai Refugee Camp in Thailand at the beginning of the book The year is 1990 and we are introduced to the Mud Woman I found the Mud woman to be intriguing Her character seemed interesting because at the beginning the reader is informed that no one knew her name or age She was amusing Despite being among the many nameless people on the trek that was fleeing the Laotian army the mud woman was distinct in her own ways She spoke less and one could see the sadness in her eyes I read her story with empathy up until she reunited with her daughter Mos I love that the author wrote about this woman It helps the reader have a perspective of how things are run in some refugee camps; isolation misery depression loneliness and hunger are some of the things refugees face The reader is able to learn a lot about the mud woman's story Lessons I took from her include perseverance and prudenceThe plot of the story gets better after the first chapter One encounters unexpected twists as they read on meeting new characters and being virtually taken to different locations Detective Mike Hegan was a favorite in the book The man was skilled in his profession acted as reuired and was always focused I loved that I identified him as a protagonist Detective Hegan’s life was adventurous The cases he took his investigations and his personal life are what made me enjoy the bookDetective Hegan’s final investigation did not end well with him He left St Kitts to Chicago hoping to forget everything This was however not the case as he was met with drama I was not prepared for the action that followed Murders kidnappings and his girlfriend’s father’s shady links are some of the things he never thought he would be dealing with Detective Hegan is among the characters who perfectly executed their roles in the book“The Scopas factor” is an attention grabbing book Though the reader is taken to different parts of the world one could see that the stories are somehow connected The author did well with the development of the plot and the characters’ roles I loved reading the mystery as it made me eager to read what was to followVincent Panettiere is a great author His writing style is laid back and the reader follows through every story he puts out The paragraphs were well arranged in that one was able to comprehend the current events without having to go back for reference The Scopas Factor was written for readers who enjoy thriller stories detective drama crime mystery and murder themes I would recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading a book that is action packed