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reader Î The Confectioner's Truth ´ Kindle Edition ↠ Better the devil you know than the devil you don't A deadly new enemy rules Alesia with an iron fist—and an unnatural interest in the magic of the Confectioner's Guild Betrayed by one of their own Wren and her few remaining allies flee Maradis to secure whatever aNd enough of her own shattered heart to take back her home from those who hold it hostage? Or will her magic prove too tempting a morsel for her enemies to refuse Don't miss this thrilling conclusion to the Confectioner Chronicl The Confectioner’s Truth is the final book in The Confectioner Chronicles by Claire Luana It is the final gorgeous cover and the final magical visit that we will get and I am so book depressed When I first started this series a few months ago I immediately got swept up into this world that Luana had created so vividly and I have been enad ever since The way these covers scream magic and adventure the story lives up inside with an incredible world building I almost felt as if I was within the novel itself something I absolutely love The magic action and adventure continues for Wren a couple weeks after the second book The Confectioner’s Coup I would highly recommend that you read these books in order including the preuel because this is as mentioned a finale to a series We meet a lot of new characters get some new romances unexpected tears and a conclusion to remember I can’t wait to see what will come next from Claire Luana I am sure it will be outstanding

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Es flee Maradis to secure whatever aid they can findBut new dangers and old ghosts lurk around every corner forcing Wren to confront truths she thought she'd buried deep long ago Will Wren be able to piece together an alliance a May be spoilers aheadIs this a joke? That was the stupidest thing I have ever Hale literally betrays everyone Kills an innocent man Virgil and nobody cares? I'm curious why he couldn't stab the creeps throat in even when he didn't kill Wren Why wait? Since apparently most of the soldiers weren't even going to fight them All he did was cut off Pike's arm to be a hero when he could have just killed the guy He loved Wren and wanted her to be safe yet he turned her over in a heartbeat The poison is hurting him and he just wants it to stop so gives creep her name Only later to realize that she is already out of the country Woof Lucky break there Next person It is genuinely Ella's fault her mother is dead She sits there complaining the entire time how she doesn't like taking care of herself when she was the one who did her stupid face and didn't say anything when Wren warned her about the attack Poor Ella She's alive and has to do something on her own Maybe she should have had her throat shot out like her mom Jokes about the stupid ring leading Wren to Lucas It was all a convenient happenstance that she was able to figure it out She has luck but pretty sure that stuff didn't work 90% of the time so that was pretty stupid of him to rely on it The gifts were actually on the extremely weak side so I'm not sure why the king is all into them The way I saw it the only use of them was grinding them up When they all ate up the infused items and went to fight they were hardly better off at all The whole part with Ansel could have never happened He was pointless except to kiss her and have her not pull away as uickly as expected Her past that was so hard that she couldn't tell Lucas about was stupid Horrible things happened to other kids A perv guy puts her hand on knee She runs away which is right but what traumatic experience did she have to hide? So as a sum up Hale should have been killed Lucas shouldn't have decided he could trust Hale just because Hale didn't want to chop up people Ella should have had at least a moment to realize she is worthless By the end I would have been ok with only Pike Trick Thom Cally Lucas and Wrenmostly surviving

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The Confectioner's TruthBetter the devil you know than the devil you don't A deadly new enemy rules Alesia with an iron fist and an unnatural interest in the magic of the Confectioner's Guild Betrayed by one of their own Wren and her few remaining alli Another favorite Another great Luana adventureRTC