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New from bestselling award winning author BK Dell Shane McCormick has lost every battle he’s ever fought and those failures have left him wallowing at the bottom angry resentful heartbroken and homicidal Armed with his uncle’s AR 15 there is only one thing left that Shane wants in this world to set the record straight Keisha Adams is happy She’s a simple girl who likes watching movies play. When Keisha bends down to help Shane a victim of bullying she gets a horrifying vision of six specific students in the cafeteria being shot and killed by Shane McCormick She is terrified and helpless as to what she should to do Then this story becomes a heck of a roller coaster ride that soon reveals that you should take the time to get to know someone before you judge them People and visions are not always who or what they appear to be This awesome story had so many twists and turns to interest all young adults Which is the reason I am offering this book to my tenth grade students as an Independent Reading Choice this year During a lesson on why writers use foreshadowing to move the plot forward I mentioned couldn't stop talking about this book and now my students are all excited to read it As I slowly read it this week in order to create their written assessment of the novel I became excited about the Book Chatdiscussion that will follow We tend to shy away from this topic fearing we will give them ideas Well the recent loss of so many innocent lives tell me it is way too late for that We need to listen to our teenagers then discuss with them their feelings of angerrage their frustration and their out of control need for revenge BEFORE it gets to the tragedy level B K Dell developed his characters to the point of reader connection as well as reader deep concern I deeply cared about what would happen to these young people I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Copy of this book Goodreads Winner and I am so glad I did Thank you

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How to Stop a School ShootingIng games and listening to Elvis But when Keisha touches the hand of Shane McCormick she receives harrowing visions of carnage that is yet to come Now it’s up to Keisha to prevent a tragedy but she doesn’t know who she can trust She has no other choice but to get close to the killer and discover what he’s planning Nothing in Keisha’s life has prepared her for this type of darkness and wi. I debated on whether to give this novel 4 or 5 stars I usually reserve 5 stars for stories I feel are flawless While this story definitely held my interest from beginning to end it was not without a few downsides in my opinion First the good Once I got past the first few pages of the story which began with a bullying incident and a glimpse into the dark mind of one of the main characters the pace picked up the mood changed and it kept me captivated the entire way through The character development was superb I believe and relatable Keisha the only black girl in an all white school longed to fit in but not to the extent that she'd sacrifice her values or her own personality to make people like her Even though she might not have always done the right thing the lesson is clear that there's always something each one of us can do to make a difference I immensely enjoyed reading the evolution of her friendship with Shane The author brilliantly installed the perfect combination of humor and depth I found myself laughing out loud and rooting for the characters throughout the book Even though the story's main focus seemed to be the relationship between Keisha and Shane the suspenseful uestion as to whether the school shooting would be prevented continued to linger in the air There is much in this book that I feel would make good book club topics but would be spoilers if I wrote them in this review The ending for example I feel leaves the reader with uestions and causes speculation There were a few things in this story that I didn't exactly care for The writer freuently bounced back and forth between points of view of the characters in the same scenes It didn't take away from my enjoyment of the story but it did break up the flow a bit while I tried to keep track of whose head I was in at any given moment Also there was the long speech regarding the Second Amendment I know this topic tied into the plot however it felt like I was being preached at in a couple of parts of the story It's not that I disagree with the points being made but I'm reading the book to be entertained not persuaded to adopt a point of view That point along with a couple of parts that I felt were bordering on being racially offensive were the reasons I thought about lowering my rating However the fact that the story held my interest from beginning to end left me thinking about the characters long after I finished the book and evoked a variety of emotions in me must count for something Therefore all can be forgiven for writing such an entertaining story with a powerful lesson in the end

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How to Stop a School Shooting review ↠ 3 ¼ New from bestselling award winning author BK Dell Shane McCormick has lost every battle he’s ever fought and those failures have left him wallowing at the bottom—angry resentful heartbroken and homicidal Armed with his uncle’s AR 15 there is only one thing left that Shane wants in this worlTh each new setback her premonitions become haunting The lives of innocent children are at stake but is Keisha in over her head BK Dell tackles a difficult subject with a firm and skillful hand How to Stop a School Shooting is an inspiring story of good conuering evil and love overcoming hate Grab a copy of this new novel today You will escape your worries and stay up reading late into the night. AmazingThis book gets better and better as you rad itYou are drawn into the world of a young mans darkness and the power that tries to keep him there but the power of love and guidance from God shows you that even though we stumble at times and loose our way once we let the light of Gods love in to our hearts that His light is stronger than anything out thereThanks for the awesome read