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ePub Í How to Stop a School Shooting ebook ✓ B.K. Dell ✓ New from bestselling award winning author BK Dell Shane McCormick has lost every battle he’s ever fought and those failures have left him wallowing at the bottom—angry resentful heartbroken and homicidal Armed with his uncle’s AR 15 there is onlTh each new setback her premonitions become haunting The lives of innocent children are at stake but is Keisha in over her head? BK Dell tackles a difficult subject with a firm and skillful hand How to Stop a School Shooting is an inspiring story of good conuering evil and love overcoming hate Grab a copy of this new novel today You will escape your worries and stay up reading late into the nigh I won a free copy of this book from the publisherauthor on a Goodreads giveaway Thank youI had no preconceived ideas before starting this book I'd never read the author before I found the book to be very interesting There were twists I was not expecting And there were some things that happened that we never found out the final outcome All in all I liked this and would recommend to read it

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Ing games and listening to Elvis But when Keisha touches the hand of Shane McCormick she receives harrowing visions of carnage that is yet to come Now it’s up to Keisha to prevent a tragedy but she doesn’t know who she can trust She has no other choice but to get close to the killer and discover what he’s planning Nothing in Keisha’s life has prepared her for this type of darkness and wi BANG Then a whole bunch of shots Madison Perkins was leaning over her dead BF Michael HudsonThere was a pool of blood everywhere around them Madison would not see another day Others were Jessica Keller Peyton Daryl Christopher Long John Hodges survivedKeisha Adams all the other students were running until they could get away from the gunfire The SWAT team had their weapons drawn Officers were leading their dogsBlood white sheets over bodies screams crying were everywhere Shane Marshal McCormick had dropped out of Jefferson HSWhat happened to Aubrey? What were Molly Edwards BFF Keisha discussing? Mrs “Mamma Bear” Moore AP Government teacher class was having a huge discussion on the 2nd Amendment Louis Blair was to debate Keisha on the matterBrody Tanner had been suspended from Jefferson HSThe school was putting on a Frankenstein playMrs Moore oversaw the production Igora Shelly Victoria Frankenstein Shane Keisha Levi Molly were the actors What were Malik discussing?Brody returned to Jefferson HS Shane was there to greet himPrincipal Higgins Officer Downs were interviewing them both What were Brody his HS thugs Daryl Long Gary Watson Tim Perry Doug Carter John Hodges up to? Every school in the world should have a program in place that deals with senseless killings of staffstudents Warning This book contains graphic adult content or violence which is only suitable for mature readers It may be offensive or have potential adverse psychological effects on the reader I did not receive any type of compensation for reading reviewing this book While I receive free books from publishers authors I am under no obligation to write a positive review Only an honest one A very awesome book cover great font writing style A very well written HS thriller book It was very easy for me to readfollow from startfinish never a dull moment There were no grammartypo errors nor any repetitive or out of line seuence sentences Lots of exciting scenarios with several twiststurns a large set of uniue characters to keep track of This could also make another great HS thriller movie or better yet a mini TV series Pretty long but I wil still rate it at 5 stars Thank you for the free author; Goodreads; MakingConnections; Making Connections discussion group talk; Digital Services LLC; book Tony Parsons MSW Washburn

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How to Stop a School Shooting New from bestselling award winning author BK Dell Shane McCormick has lost every battle he’s ever fought and those failures have left him wallowing at the bottom angry resentful heartbroken and homicidal Armed with his uncle’s AR 15 there is only one thing left that Shane wants in this world to set the record straight Keisha Adams is happy She’s a simple girl who likes watching movies play When Keisha bends down to help Shane a victim of bullying she gets a horrifying vision of six specific students in the cafeteria being shot and killed by Shane McCormick She is terrified and helpless as to what she should to do Then this story becomes a heck of a roller coaster ride that soon reveals that you should take the time to get to know someone before you judge them People and visions are not always who or what they appear to be This awesome story had so many twists and turns to interest all young adults Which is the reason I am offering this book to my tenth grade students as an Independent Reading Choice this year During a lesson on why writers use foreshadowing to move the plot forward I mentioned couldn't stop talking about this book and now my students are all excited to read it As I slowly read it this week in order to create their written assessment of the novel I became excited about the Book Chatdiscussion that will follow We tend to shy away from this topic fearing we will give them ideas Well the recent loss of so many innocent lives tell me it is way too late for that We need to listen to our teenagers then discuss with them their feelings of angerrage their frustration and their out of control need for revenge BEFORE it gets to the tragedy level B K Dell developed his characters to the point of reader connection as well as reader deep concern I deeply cared about what would happen to these young people I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Copy of this book Goodreads Winner and I am so glad I did Thank you