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KINDLE Ù Crow Flight Þ Susan Cunningham Behavior of crowsAs she enters Felix’s world and digs further into the data behind crow behavior Gin uncovers a terrible secret And the wrong decision could eual disaster suar What is it about mysterious boy with shaggy hair that attracted girl even the sane one One of YA mystery I guess or is it just a product writers like to recycle because it have an attraction to itThe story was about Gin who got put together with Felix to work as a team in their computer modeling class they start spending a lot of time together This is where the love story begins but sometimes their relationship felt a bit unrealisticThe story and writing was decent Not enough to pull me in just enough for me to finish reading it The plot surrounding the crows was new to me Usually people use pigeon Nothing new to me when it came to technical stuff being an IT graduate and allOkay to be honest I was interested in Hannah finding a boyfriend via Love Fractal an app Gin was working on

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PDF Î BOOK Crow Flight é MBJUK ô The curious flight patterns of crows lead a teen computer programmer down a path of mystery and romance Gin trusts logic a little too much She even designs programs to decide what to eat and how to spend her time All that changes when she’s paired with a new transfer student Felix on a computer modeling as The curious flight patterns of crows lead a teen computer programmer down a path of mystery and romance Gin trusts logic a little too much She even designs programs to decide wh ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review When I reuested this book I thought it sounded cute and the idea of a book about studying the flight patterns of crows intrigued me for some reason I ended up liking this book so much than I expected and what a pleasant surprise This book was exciting romantic clever and so much It is told from the point of view of an extremely intelligent girl named Gin who loves to create computer programs for her every day life from what to wear to how to spend her time everything is meticulously planned from the programs she has created to eliminate the normal stress of decision making Without the little problems Gin is able to focus all her efforts on school and getting into Harvard where she can become the computer programmer she has always dreamed of becoming So with her senior year planned out perfectly to get her into her dream college and with everything going as planned leave it to her best friend and a class that should have been her easiest yet to throw her a curve ball that could change all her plans and programs Life has a funny way of giving us all the unpredictable and poor Gin wasn't ready for what life had in store for her Be it good or bad she has to choose whether to throw her programs aside and go with her heart Or forever wonder what could have been if she had only taken that chanceThe most important part of this book are its fantastic characters I loved Gin and her brainy outlook on life I also really appreciated the fact that even though Gin was constantly focused on school and work and her computer programs she still had a beautiful best friend who kept Gin active in school and getting a social life even against all computer program odds And my gosh did I love Felix These characters were all so well fleshed out I felt like I was a student in school watching the drama unfold before my very eyes they were so real to me The technical terms that usually tend to bog down stories with so much computer science in them such as this book weren't as overwhelming as I thought they would be I am by no means a computer genius hell I feel accomplished when I can figure out how to get HTML formatting to work much less creating entire computer programs to run my life So when things start to get too technical I can usually feel my eyes beginning to glaze over and my mind starts to wander to different realms and I find myself rehashing what I had for lunch and wondering whats for dinner its a long and constant struggle this love for food that I have I digress I'm happy to say that there were no wandering food thoughts in this book though because there was a happy balance of technical talk with a lot of simple explanations that helped the reader know without having to be in the know I felt like at the end of this book I could jump right into computer hacking 101 and do pretty good Just kidding I'm still struggling with the italics in the first part of this review But we'll just pretend like I learned something because I sure felt like I didI couldn't put this book down from the sweet love story the ever interesting crows the family drama and so much there was never a slow or dull moment I was so wrapped up in the characters and all that was going on it was easy to find that I'd read most of the book in one sitting I definitely think that this will be a book that can be enjoyed by all types of readers in all types of genres It was different from everything I've been reading lately but it was still such a fun and refreshing read

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Crow FlightAt to eat and how to spend her time All that changes when she’s paired with a new transfer student Felix on a computer modeling assignment to explain certain anomalies in the 275 Stars I was provided an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewGin is starting her senior year in high school and the only class she's excited for is computer modelling She is already very good in it since her father has been making models since forever and so has she Her models tell her how to dress and what to do they dictate every part of her life Everything changes when she runs into Felix She is immediately attracted to this strange popular boy who seems to hang out with crows When her modelling teacher partner them up Gin can't believe it she's so sure she'll never be able to focus with him aroundThis was a hit and miss for me I didn't really like Gin nor did I relate with her The only characters I somehow empathized with was her friends Lucas and Hannah and then again not really I really didn't like Felix and was very disappointed with the endingI was mostly bored throughout the book I didn't really care about most of what was happening It felt slow and a bit messy I guess that must have been because I couldn't find it in me to like Felix Everything would have been fine had I liked himSince I didn't like him I really wasn't rooting for their relationship and I found it a bit rushed and unnatural And I found myself not being interesting in the computer parts all that much eitherI guess this really wasn't for me but I'm sure others would love it